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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 2 - "Time's Up, Guys""
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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05-29-07, 08:20 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 2 - "Time's Up, Guys""
Survivor Live Excepts: Sandra Diaz-Twine

The screen shows Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, hosts of Survivor Live on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Helloooo, Survivor fans, and welcome to the first installment of this season of Survivor Live; I'm Dalton Ross, and my co-host is the lovely Jenna Morasca.

Jenna: Last night's episode showed everyone, or at least it showed us here, that this group of Survivors is all business, and this season won't be like the crop of All-Stars I was marooned with.

Dalton: Why do you say that?

Jenna: Nothing against the crop of players I was up against, but the dynamic was completely different, and I think a lot of people got hurt unnecessarily. Boston Rob and Lex haven't spoken in a few years because of it, and even Ethan's unhappy about the things Lex did. But this time? I see the rivalries here as ready to work themselves out once everyone's off camera, and life as we know it goes back to normal.

Dalton: You might be right. Here with us is our first guest, the first casualty of the game, the talented Sandra Diaz-Twine.

The camera pans out to show Dalton, Jenna, and a television screen showing Sandra, who is wearing a light blue blouse.

Jenna: Sandra, would you say our assessment is pretty accurate? Not a lot of hard feelings?

Sandra: Well, I've seen a lot here, and I don't really know what all has happened, but I think it's a pretty fair thing to say. Everyone on my tribe was all business.

Dalton: Why did they vote you out? I don't get it; the vote went from Yau-Man to Ami to Rafe back to Ami and ultimately to you.

Sandra: I don't get it, but I saw how Paula engineered my ouster. I had no idea that was what happened. I knew I was on the block when we went to Tribal, but I was sure Jonathan had my back, and I was sure Yau-Man would have my back. I thought I at least had a tie.

Jenna: Did you ever find out why Jonathan flipped?

Sandra: I have no idea. I think Ozzy telegraphed his plan and claimed that he had five votes. Yau-Man and Jonathan flipped, but Rafe and Maria stayed with me.

Dalton: Does that bode well for the seven who voted you off? Are Rafe and Maria in trouble?

Sandra: Part of the reason I was voted off was because I already won my season. Anyone who already won is in big trouble, and as far as winners go on my tribe, there was only me and Maria. When I went to my tribe, people already had me pinned down as the loudmouth who was bad in challenges.

Jenna: Is that fair? What have you done since your first time out?

Sandra: I should have stayed the same way; I won. This time, I worked on my fire-making, and I worked on challenge strength. I actually did pretty well in that challenge, and people told me they were a bit surprised.

Dalton: They still voted you off, though.

Sandra: Sadly, I wasn't watching my back. I thought I was safe, but there was something I hadn't counted on, and that was the same thing that cost Tina in her first season.

Jenna: That was that you won your season.

Sandra: Exactly. Tina was the obvious choice, since she was one of two winners, and they didn't want to vote off Ethan. They couldn't vote off Maria.

Dalton: Now, you were considered for the first All-Stars. Put yourself in, say, Shii Ann's position. How do you do?

Sandra: Even if I got voted off first here, I was glad I didn't do that season. For starters, I probably would have bitten Lex's head off, and frankly, when they wanted Colby off, I can guarantee you I wouldn't have gone for it. Lex would have been crippled, and I might have had to pull a deal like what kept Amber around. I don't want to be in that position.

Jenna: What was your reason for saying no to the first All-Stars?

Sandra: I was still sick; I had parasites. I would probably have been out very early, about the time you left.

Dalton: This time, you went on the show, though.

Sandra: And I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love the game of Survivor, and if they had waited a little longer, I would have gladly taken Jenna's place. I mean, I understand your situation at the time, but my situation was the opposite.

The Show Begins air date 02/14/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...twenty former castaways returned to play the game one more time, and the start of the game was familiar to a few players.

Jeff: Some of you might recognize the setup here.

Ian: A little too well, Jeff.

Jeff: There are two necklaces waiting for you. One will go to the first man, and one to the first woman, who can reach shore and claim them. These are immunity necklaces; they are valuable.

Jeff (voice-over): In potential danger for being former winners, Tom from Palau and Maria from Japan claimed the necklaces, but just like in Palau, no one knew what they were actually good for.

Charlie: So on the season they did this twist on, two people got eliminated right off, and we picked for tribes.

Maria: Charlie, if we do that, you're my first choice.

Charlie: And we need to make sure Tom doesn't take you, Danni. I want us on the same tribe.

Jeff (voice-over): Ami and Maria became the show's first pair of rivals over sports allegiances.

(confessional) Maria: So wait a minute. My first rivalry on the's about my hockey allegiance?

Ami: At least my team doesn't look like they're wearing toupees on their uniform.

Maria: Right, because that hideous maroon looks so much better. Enjoy being out of the playoffs again.

(confessional) Ami: When that annoying little bitch from Buffalo gave me hell, it was on.

Jeff (voice-over): The players learned on Day 3 that their destiny was already written, and they were assigned to tribes already.

The camera shows Jeff immediately turns to a tribe wearing blue buffs, consisting of Maria, Ami, Danielle, Paula, Sandra, Ian, Jonathan, Ozzy, Rafe, and Yau-Man.

Jeff: You guys are Ta'aroa, named for the Polynesian god of the sea.

Jeff turns to the other group, consisting of Tom, Charlie, Chris, Terry, Yul, Cirie, Danni, Harriet, Parvati, and Twila.

Jeff: You guys are Fati, named for the Polynesian god of the moon.

Jeff (voice-over): The tribes went directly to the immunity challenge, where a costly mistake by Ami cost Ta'aroa some time.

Maria: What the hell?

Danielle: I thought we had it!

Rafe: I did too! Who didn't get one!

Jeff (voice-over): Sandra tried to rally Ta'aroa back, but it wasn't enough.

Jeff: Fati wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): Ami wanted Yau-Man out, but Ozzy changed her mind and they targeted Rafe.

Ozzy: He cost us the challenge. I'll get as many people in on it as I can.

Ami: You do know it was my fault we lost the challenge.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula, however, wanted to target past winner Sandra, even though her reasoning didn't fly with some people.

Paula: That loss was Sandra's fault; she's completely helpless.

Ozzy: If we vote off Sandra now, we lose a lot of leadership.

Paula: What leadership? You're not making any sense.

Jeff (voice-over): Maria targeted her arch-rival Ami, but even with Rafe in her back pocket, she was unsuccessful, and Sandra became the first person voted out.

Jeff: ...the first person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II...Sandra.

Jeff (voice-over): No one played an idol, so Sandra was out.

The camera shows Jeff snuffing Sandra's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Nineteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 2 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 05-29-07 2
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

05-29-07, 08:27 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 2 - "Time's Up, Guys""
REPORT: 'Survivor: All-Stars II' Wins Time Slot

UPI News Service, 02/08/2008

The sixteenth installment of CBS' "Survivor," featuring 20 former players, easily won its time slot for the entire 90 minutes it aired.

"Survivor" attracted 21.5 million viewers, almost the same number that watched the "Survivor: Japan" finale. In its first half-hour, it earned a 17.9/26 rating, handily defeating a new episode of the NBC comedy "My Name Is Earl," which got a 11.0/16 rating.

"Survivor" even defeated stalwart ABC drama "Grey's Anatomy" in the half-hour in which the two shows overlapped; "Survivor" got a 19.1/29 rating to "Grey's" earning a 14.3/21 rating. Around half of the entire nation's viewing audience tuned into one of those two shows.

Since the show is still being produced, "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett could not be reached for comment; however, CBS president Les Moonves was reported to be "very pleased" with the show's resurgence.

However, no comments were released regarding the show's future.

Back from commercial.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Night 3. The tribe is paddling into camp for the first time. Though the act of returning the immunity necklace was not shown, Maria is no longer in possession of it.

Rafe: Well, none of us were the first one off.

Ozzy: Hey, none of us will be second off either.

Jonathan: I've been on an underdog tribe before. Any tribe is beatable.

(confessional) Ian: I remember in Palau when the tribes were first picked; the other tribe thought they had us right where they wanted us. But Tom and I dominated, and I think Ozzy's every bit as tough as Tom was. Too bad he actually has competition.

Danielle: So where do we start?

Maria: It's too late to get much of anything going. We can try, but I think we should just make ourself comfortable here for the night and then build a shelter tomorrow.

Paula: I don't know about you guys, but I think we need to get something going tonight; I don't care if it takes us all night.

Maria: We're not staying up all night just to exhaust ourselves. What if there's a challenge tomorrow?

Paula: And what if there isn't? We don't want to waste perfectly good shelter-building time even if there is, and if there isn't, we can crash in the morning.

Danielle: Should we take a vote?

Ami: I'm for building the shelter now.

Maria: I don't like the idea.

Ami: That's because you're a whining crybaby who won't do any work.

(confessional) Maria: I was not about to stand there and let that tramp Ami question me. She already knows I can't stand her, and now she sides with Paula just to try to make me look bad.

Yau-Man: We need rest. The fact is, no matter what we do tonight, it won't be enough, and we need daylight if we want to do any project without being at full strength.

Paula: Hey, I feel fine.

Yau-Man: Give it a little time and you won't. I was on an underdog tribe, and every bit of energy we got went to sustaining ourselves.

Paula: And you kept losing. I want to win.

(confessional) Yau-Man: Paula wants to burn the candle at both ends, and I guess I can understand that, but it's not my strategy. And I hope it doesn't split the tribe down the middle.

Jonathan: So what do we vote? Work now or work tomorrow? I think Paula and Ami want to work tonight. I have a solution, though.

Paula: Talk to me.

Jonathan: Let's get what we need for tonight, and if we still have energy, we can keep going.

Paula: All right, you blasted me with a fair compromise.

(confessional) Jonathan: I was damn tired when we got back from Tribal. No food and minimal water for three days will do that. And I knew fire wouldn't come easy. So I tried to talk Paula into letting us sleep and work in the morning in a way that didn't make us out to be a bunch of misfits who were trying to undermine her. The simple fact is, Paula is one of these people who needs to lead and needs to be respected.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 4. The shelter is mostly complete and looks sturdy; a fire is burning underneath a pot.

Harriet: Damn it feels good to be a winner.

Cirie: You got that right.

Tom: Well, get used to it, people; this is every bit as good a tribe as the one I was on in Palau, and I think we can go all the way together.

(confessional) Harriet: On one hand, I can get by at Tribal Council. I've proven that. On the other hand, it's a nice feeling to know I don't have to.

Charlie: So what do you say to throwing the next challenge and getting someone out?

Harriet, Tom, Cirie, and Yul stare at him increduously.

Charlie: Nah, I'm kidding; I hate losing.

(confessional) Cirie: Charlie has a really odd sense of humor. Yes, I know he was kidding about throwing the challenge. But if you're not used to him, he's really hard to take, and really, I can only take him in doses.

Danni (to the five mentioned): Hey guys, what's for breakfast?

Tom: The other tribe.

(confessional) Yul: It's nice to be a winner. But I'm afraid we're getting too cocky, and if we start acting like a bunch of punks, I'll have to rein the tribe in a bit.

The camera shows Yul talking to Parvati.

Yul: You're not going to let this success go to your head, are you? I'm happy to keep winning and everything, and I set out to win every challenge, but we can't let our success get the best of us.

Parvati: Relax, man; we won one challenge. Right now, Tom and Charlie are just kidding around.

Yul: I just want to make sure that it stays that way, and we stay focused.

(confessional) Parvati: Yul's a bit of a spoilsport. I enjoy cracking jokes with everyone and tooting our horn. I don't think it's appropriate to be a downer.

The camera switches to Manui Island, where a shot of two sets of bleachers next to two tribe flags is shown.

Jeff (shouting): Come on in, Fati!

The Fati tribe files in single-file led by Terry; Parvati is the last person to enter.

Jeff (shouting): Come on in, Ta'aroa!

The Ta'aroa tribe files in single-file led by Paula; Ami is the last person to enter.

Jeff: Fati getting their first look at the new Ta'aroa tribe. Sandra voted out at the first Tribal Council.

The Fati tribe exchanges a few random mutterings and odd looks. The tribes take a seat on the bleachers.

Jeff: Let's get to today's challenge. I'm sure that hunger is setting in for many of you already. Today's challenge will test just that. You will fill out a lineup card with each tribe member's name next to a number one through nine. You will then hand that in to me, and your number corresponds to the order in which you will go. It will also dictate who your opponent is. In each match, you will go head-to-head to see who can consume a food item from a past season of Survivor more quickly. The first person to do so and show me an empty mouth scores a point for their tribe. The first tribe to five points wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The tribes look on anxiously and say that they do.

Jeff: Well, to help alleviate that hunger, the winning tribe will take back with them--

Jeff lifts a blanket off of a table to reveal something.

Jeff: gear. Fins, a snorkel, a mask, a Hawaiian sling, some fishhooks, and a couple of poles. In addition, you will receive a bag of rice. Use that rice wisely. Also, Ta'aroa, since you don't have fire, if you win, you will receive it. Everything make sense?

The tribes nod and mutter in approval.

Jeff: Fati, since you have one extra member, you're sitting someone out. Keep in mind that the same person cannot sit out immunity. Who's it going to be?

Parvati: I'll sit out.

Jeff: Parvati's sitting out for Fati. Everyone else will appear on their tribe's lineup card. Fill those out.

The camera shows fast-forward shots of the cards being filled out.

Jeff: The first round, we have Tom for Fati taking on Ozzy for Ta'aroa. Here's how it works. I will draw a ball out of this bag that corresponds to a season. That season will have had a food challenge in it. Here goes with the first selection...

Jeff reaches in and takes out a ball that corresponds to the Australian Outback season.

Jeff lifts the lid that is in the back row in the middle to reveal...cow brain.

Jeff: This is four ounces of raw cow brain. You must eat it all and show me an open mouth to win. Survivors ready? Go!

Tom takes the entire cow brain and attempts to shovel it into his mouth; Ozzy bites off a piece and chews it quickly.

Jeff: Two different strategies at work here. Ozzy's taking it slower and more deliberate.

Tom appears to struggle with his section while Ozzy takes the last bit into his mouth and works quickly.

Ozzy opens his mouth and Jeff looks in it.

Jeff: Ozzy scores a point! Ta'aroa up one to nothing!

After Tom spits the remaining cow brain out, the next two people take their spots.

Jeff: We have two old rivals squaring off. Twila going against Ami. This time...

Jeff reaches in and reveals Survivor: Africa.

Jeff: ...we're drinking cow's blood. Tom and Ozzy got the brain; you guys get the blood. This is pure cow's blood; no milk is added to this. It is an eight-ounce glass. Whoever can finish it and show me an empty mouth scores a point. Survivors ready? Go!

Twila takes her glass and immediately begins chugging it. Ami doesn't even look at it.

Jeff: Twila going to town on this challenge. Ami wants no part of it.

Twila slams her glass down and open her mouth.

Jeff: Twila scores a point! Fati ties it up! Ami didn't even offer any competition!

Ami: I'm pretty sure there's something in the Bible against drinking blood.

Twila: Since when do you pay attention to that?

Ami: Hey, there's some parts I like and some parts I don't.

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: Now we have Terry going against Jonathan.

Jeff reaches into the bag and pulls out Survivor: Marquesas.

Jonathan: Oh hell.

Jeff takes the lid off to reveal two bowls of fafaru.

Jeff: Fafaru is probably the vilest substance we've ever served on Survivor. I know it smells the worst.

Terry: Do we have to bob for it?

Jeff: No, you can use your hands.

Jonathan: So my hands and my breath can smell like horse piss.

Jeff: No argument here. Survivors ready?

Jonathan: No, but I'll do it anyway.

Jeff: Go!

Jonathan takes the piece of fafaru and holds it in his hand; he holds his nose with the other. Terry quickly puts it in his mouth and starts chewing; Jonathan gags as he puts it in.

Jonathan chews steadily, but his mouth appears to be getting smaller. Terry swallows and opens his mouth.

Jeff: Not quite, Terry. You missed a piece.

The camera focuses on a small piece of fafaru that fell in the dirt.

Jonathan swallows his piece and shows Jeff his mouth.

Jeff: Jonathan scores! Ta'aroa's back on top!

Terry: Damn, damn, damn. And I would've eaten the dirt, too.

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: Next up is Yul against Paula.

Jeff reaches in and pulls out Survivor: Thailand. The plate corresponding to Thailand reveals...

Jeff: We have boiled tarantula for you guys.

Paula: I f---ing hate spiders.

Yul: I've eaten weirder things. Just be glad it isn't alive.

Jeff: Survivors ready?

Paula looks as if she's about to be sick.

Jeff: Go!

Yul bites the head off and immediately starts nibbling the legs off. Paula takes what she can out of the back.

Jeff: Paula having trouble with it. Yul going right to work!

Yul works on the midsection while Paula tries to avoid the legs.

Yul finishes and shows Jeff his mouth.

Jeff: Yul scores a point! Fati ties it back up!

The next two Survivors go up.

Jeff: OK, we have Charlie going against Danielle.

Jeff reaches in and takes out the ball for Survivor: Palau.

Ian: Well, there goes what I could do.

Jeff: These are balut, or partially formed duck embryos. You will have to eat three of them as quickly as possible. Survivors ready? Go!

Charlie stuffs on in his mouth all the way while Danielle bites one in half and chews it. At about the same time Danielle puts the rest in, Charlie does the same thing with his second.

After finishing, Charlie shows Jeff his mouth.

Jeff: Charlie scores a point for Fati! It's three-two now for Fati!

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: We have Chris going against Rafe.

Jeff reaches in and pulls out Survivor: Borneo.

Jeff: And you guys have insect larvae to eat. Four each, but unlike last time, they're dead. Survivors ready? Go!

Rafe shoves all four larvae in his mouth, but one falls on the ground. Chris eats them one at a time.

Jeff: Rafe forgot one!

Rafe bends back down and, without even wiping it off, shoves it in his mouth and soon shows Jeff an empty mouth.

Jeff: Rafe scores a point for Ta'aroa! We're tied again!

The next two Survivors come up.

Jeff: Next up is Cirie against Yau-Man.

Jeff reaches in to reveal Survivor: Amazon.

Jeff: Their larvae were dead. You guys aren't so lucky. This is a beetle larva, and it's alive. Survivors ready? Go!

Yau-Man takes it in his mouth and swallows it whole.

Jeff: Yau-Man scores a point! Ta'aroa goes back on top!

The next two Survivors take their spots.

Jeff: We have another old rivalry; Harriet going against Maria.

Jeff reaches in to reveal Survivor: Fiji.

Jeff: We have pig snouts. Two each. Maria, if you finish faster, you win reward. Survivors ready? Go!

Harriet takes a big bite out of hers while Maria takes a smaller bite. Maria chews slowly and tries to get it down; she stuffs the last bit of snout in her mouth as Harriet starts on her second snout.

Jeff: Harriet working quickly! She doesn't want to slow herself down!

Maria gets to the second snout, but Harriet opens her mouth.

Jeff: Harriet scores! We're all tied!

The last two Survivors go up.

Jeff: It all comes down to Danni against Ian for all the marbles. And there's one season left.

Jeff takes out the ball for Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Jeff: Straight from the smoothie bar, this one has bleeding clams, rock oysters, sea water, and octopus. The first to finish wins reward. Survivors ready? Go!

Danni immediately chugs her smoothie; Ian does the same. Danni begins to gag, however, and Ian pauses.

Jeff: Ian getting a little nervous! Danni might be getting sick!

Danni then resumes chugging, and before Ian knows what hit him, Danni sets her glass down and opens her mouth.

Jeff: Danni's done! Fati wins reward!

Danni: I had to do it; I wasn't beating you straight up. Good game.

Ian walks away dejectedly, ignoring Danni.

Jeff: Fati, this fishing gear and rice will go back to camp with you guys. As for you, Ta'aroa, I've got nothing for you. Head on back to camp.

Images of Fati celebrating dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

05-29-07, 08:28 AM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 2 - "Time's Up, Guys""
Blog Entry: 02/09/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

OK, so far I have only one thing to say about Episode 1.

I. Hate. Ami.

For someone who was so incredible in her season, she's turned into a total screw-up in this one, and it's affecting my girl's tribe. Maria lost the first challenge because Ami forgot to unhook the raft. And if that isn't bad enough, Maria has to suffer two more days - minimum - because Ami won't touch cow's blood. Hey, all her tribemates tried. Maria did all she could with those pig snouts. Yes, she lost to a much older woman, but from what I heard from everyone at the Reunion, she's been getting stronger because she knew All-Stars was right around the corner. So has everyone.

Except Ami. Her only marketable skill is to make coffee, and just how does that translate into Survivor? I don't know, maybe someone should ask Dreamz.

Ami needs an enemy. She needs someone to make her look good, and she needs someone to rally around. She will try to capitalize on the 7-3 vote last week, and if she does, I hate to say it, but Maria's in trouble. Ami's friends with the most powerful person in the tribe, and Maria's friends with...Rafe? Now, Rafe's a nice guy, from what I've heard, but I'd rather be friends with Ozzy.

Maria, if you hear this and it's not too late, remember this. Sandra won her season by being obnoxious, vile, and useless in challenges. You won your season by being naked, provocative, and clueless. I suggest doing the same thing this time. Don't change a thing.

Love always,


Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 4. The tribe arrives at its beach with a crate of fishing gear in tow.

Tom: So who here enjoys fishing, besides me?

Terry: Give that over here.

Charlie: Uh-uh, Hawkeye. That fishing gear's mine. I'm a Navy man and I know the water.

Terry: Hey, I was in the Navy too.

Cirie: If you two don't quit bickering, I'll take the fishing gear and make both of you useless.

(confessional) Terry: In my season, I was the provider. And in this season, I'm not about to sit back and let some newcomer who barely made the jury try and take my job.

Tom: Why don't you guys let me fish? I don't want another rivalry here, and I know how volatile Charlie is.

Charlie: What the hell, man? Me? Volatile?

Tom: Anyone who picks a fight with Yau-Man is volatile.

(confessional) Charlie: OK, he got me there. Really, though, I like Yau-Man. But I wasn't about to let Tom, Terry, and Cirie run me out of the game.

Terry: Look, you don't need to be out there. Plain and simple. I will fish. You go do something else.

Charlie: I was the provider, too. We all were. You're just insisting on it because you're a stubborn jerk who thinks everything has to be your way.

Terry: I deal with enough people to know when I'm right. I was right about the war, and I'm right about--

Charlie: Excuse me? The war? Don't even get me started on--

Terry: Don't tell me you're one of those damn peaceniks that thinks we need to get the hell out of--

Charlie: I know a bad idea when I see one--

Terry: And yet you still want to go fishing?

(confessional) Tom: Neither one was backing down. Here are two strong-willed men my age who have a strong opinion, and frankly, I know better than to get between them. So I just walked away and took the fishing gear, and neither of them seemed to notice.

Terry: The bottom line is, it's stubborn attitudes like yours that get our soldiers killed. They have nothing to look forward to because of you. You're just plain wrong, and you have no regard for your fellow man.

Charlie: I believe in what I believe in, and I sure as hell wouldn't ask my son to go over there and die because the President has some personal vendetta. And another thing - I don't need to listen to a loud-mouthed bully. Not you, not the assh--- that's running the country. Good day.

Charlie walks back over to camp and begins to carry firewood.

(confessional) Danni: I don't know which of them I agree with, but frankly, Charlie did the right thing, because I think Terry would have slugged him if the fight escalated.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Night 4. The nine Ta'aroa are hard at work constructing a shelter.

Jonathan: What all do we still need? Any more palm fronds?

Yau-Man: We need a floor.

Ami: Floor's not a priority. I want a roof over our heads; it's supposed to storm.

Paula: And you like sleeping on the wet ground?

Yau-Man: All I know is that we need as many palm fronds as we can get for right now, because we don't have fire.

(confessional) Yau-Man: On my season, we had to get up early to suck the water off the leaves. I think we will have to do the same again.

Danielle: Let's do the floor tomorrow; I'm exhausted.

Paula: You're always exhausted. Go do something productive.

(confessional) Danielle: Paula's a hard-ass. She's very hard to work with, and even harder to live with. She has to be the taskmaster, and if it's not her way, she has a huge issue with it.

Rafe: Do we have enough stuff on the ground?

Ami: I miss the hammock we had in our season. We need some of those.

Maria: If we had a floor, we wouldn't need a hammock.

(confessional) Ami: I get sick of Maria trying to upstage everything I have to say. It's as if she has to shut me down no matter how good my point is.

Jonathan: I'll say it right now. Ami and Maria need to stay away from each other, especially in closed quarters. I will not have this tribe divided; we won't win anything that way.

Ami: Fine then. I propose that we unite to get rid of Maria at the next vote.

Maria: Have fun with that, bitch.

(confessional) Paula: At this point in time, I am getting really sick of this whole rift between Ami and Maria. The nice thing about it is, though, that it buys me safety for at least one more vote.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 5. Some members of the tribe are already awake; others look exhausted and disheveled.

Rafe: Well, we need a floor, but we need energy to get to building that.

Danielle: I don't know how I slept, but I did.

Jonathan (tired): That's better than me.

(confessional) Ozzy: We slept on the ground last night with no shelter, and I don't intend to do that again. Well, OK, we had a shelter...sort of. It didn't hold up too well, and it felt like there was none.

Paula: So how should we start on this?

Yau-Man: I wish we had a cave or something.

Paula: Well, we don't. So should we start now and have it lifted off the ground? We have all day.

(confessional) Ian: It came time for us to start building the floor to the shelter, you know, so the shelter actually does us some good. And hopefully we can fix the roof as well.

The camera shows the Ta'aroa tribe constructing a shelter and appearing to get somewhere with it as the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 2 - "Time's Up, Guys""
REPORT: First credible spoiler out of "Survivor"?

UPI News, 02/10/2008

According to, an anonymous tip has released the actual boot order from the current season of "Survivor" - and one boot in, it's dead-on.

According to this boot list, the population of Loser Lodge early on is dominated by Ta'aroa membership, with only two Fati failing to make the merge - said to be at 12.

That master list says that the show's first triple-boot is scheduled for immediately after the merge and that Terry will be the only Fati booted in that - Ian and Danielle are out as well.

"The first big twist from here on out is an astonishing lack of twists - the first eight episodes will play out normally, and then three boots will take place in one episode."

The anonymous tipster says that the jury will begin with those boots and that the final four will be Ami, Charlie, Cirie, and Parvati, with Charlie being the last one booted. The only unreliable thing beyond that was the identity of the winner.

"I'm picking Cirie, but I can't rule anyone out," says the anonymous tipster.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 6. A fire is burning and a pot is dangling from it. Cirie is tending to it.

Cirie: Well, Tom's a hell of a fisherman. (shouting) Hey Tom, we need more fish!

(confessional) Tom: I am definitely aligned with Cirie. I would go all the way to the end with her, even if it means I lose. Now granted, if I have to cut her loose at some point to win, well, I'll do it, but for now, she's in my plans. I had a final two goat last time. I could easily be a final two goat this time.

Charlie (dropping firewood at Cirie's feet): Here, I got some fish for you.

Cirie: Those aren't--oh, I get it now.

(confessional) Charlie: If I get to the end, I want to be sitting next to someone who already won. So far, the prime candidates are Tom and Danni, so if I can weasel my way into an alliance with them, we might have a shot at running the show.

Charlie (to Cirie): So the way I see it, you, me, Tom, and Danni all need to watch each other's backs. We can bring in some people temporarily for voting purposes, but as long as we stick together, we can pretty well guarantee ourselves a good place in the game.

(confessional) Cirie: When Charlie approached me with an alliance proposition, I knew he was doing it for one reason, and that was to get Terry to scramble. Let's just say I don't have any problem with that idea.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 6. There is conspicuously no fire; the pot hangs above an empty fire pit.

Danielle: We have tree mail, guys!

The tribe gathers around to read the treemail.

Danielle (from Tree Mail): Three by three, you will fight on the sea, do your best to stay afloat. The last to be sunk surely won't be dunked, but the others must face the vote.

Paula: Boating, huh? Where have we seen this before?

The camera switches to just off Manui Island, where the black Survivor flag stands next to Jeff.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Both tribes file in, with Fati carrying the immunity idol.

Jeff: First thing's first - Tom, hand it over.

Tom returns the idol to Jeff, and he sets it back on a small table.

Jeff: Immunity, back up for grabs. Let's get to today's challenge. You notice behind you that the flag of Survivor: Pearl Islands is flying. Well, that's where this challenge is from. Each tribe has three boats tethered to a platform. On my go, you will use whatever means you can to sink the other tribe's boats. You have oars, and you can use those. You have steering implements, and you can use those. Also, each boat comes with a grappling hook that can be used to unhook stoppers in the boats. When a boat sinks or becomes inoperable, the occupants are out. The first tribe to render the opposing tribe's boats inoperable wins immunity. For the losers? Tribal Council tonight, where someone will be the second person voted out. Fati, you have one extra member, so you're sitting someone out. Parvati sat out last time. Who's sitting out this time?

Cirie: I will.

Jeff: Cirie's sitting out. Everyone else, swim out and climb in a boat.

The camera shows the Survivors swimming out.

Jeff: This is for immunity. On my go, unhook your boats. If you get to a count of 10 and are still attached, you're out. Survivors ready? GO!

A silver Fati boat carries Charlie, Danni, and Yul and it sails out quickly.

Jeff: Charlie, Danni, and Yul on a mission! They're headed straight for someone!

Soon, their boat is on a crash course with Danielle, Ian, and Paula. Charlie starts clubbing the other boat with his oar with limited success.

Ian: Gimme the hook! I have an idea!

Ian reaches out and tries to unstop the silver boat; as he does this, Danni pushes his boat away and it starts to spin. Ian falls back into the boat.

Jeff: Ian takes a nasty spill!

As he falls, he lands on Paula, who's squished into a tight spot while Danielle falls over the edge.

Jeff: Danielle's in the water! She needs to get back in!

Danielle grabs the edge and tilts the boat; as she does, Yul tries to tilt the boat in her direction with an oar. Paula tries to fight him off with a steering implement.

Jeff: It's an oarfight! Danielle still not in the boat!

The boat flips over, tossing Ian and Paula out.

Jeff: One boat down for Ta'aroa!

Charlie, Danni, and Yul paddle away while Tom, Parvati, and Twila attack Rafe, Maria, and Jonathan. Rafe knocks an oar out of Twila's hands while Maria grabs a plug.

Maria: Going down, suckers.

Jeff: Fati's in trouble! Maria's sinking them!

Twila attempts to plug the boat, but the boat begins to sink.

Twila: Damnit, we're screwed.

Jeff: Fati down a boat as well! Ta'aroa back in it!

Rafe: OK, onto the next...wait, I can't steer.

Maria: Let me try...wait, why is it wet in here?

The three turn around to see Charlie standing and holding a grappling hook.

Charlie: Time's up, guys.

Jeff: Charlie sank a boat without them even noticing! Ta'aroa's down to just Ozzy, Ami, and Yau-Man!

Charlie paddles his boat over to assist Chris, Terry, and Harriet. Their boat appears to be losing ground to Ozzy, Ami, and Yau-Man.

Jeff: Help is on the way for Fati!

Danni takes an oar and starts pounding the side of the boat while Terry pounds the other side. The boat rocks, and Ami struggles to maintain her balance. Ozzy falls out of the boat.

Jeff: Ozzy's in the water! I suggest he swim to shore!

Yau-Man unstops Charlie, Danni, and Yul's boat, and it starts sinking. Ami gets up to battle the other boat.

Jeff: We're down to a three-on-two here! Ta'aroa, you're still in it!

Ami stands on the boat's edge to try to flip the Fati boat. As she does this, Chris pushes down on that edge and the boat flips over.

Jeff: Ami helps sink her own boat! Fati wins immunity!

The Fati on shore celebrate uproariously while the Fati in the boat exchange high-fives. The soaked Ta'aroa swim silently to shore.

Soon, all ten Fati gather on the beach.

Jeff: Fati, no Tribal Council for you tonight. This is your third challenge win in a row. Ta'aroa, unfortunately, I can't say the same for you. And for the first time, everyone at Tribal will be vulnerable. Head back; I'll see you tonight.

Images of the celebrating Fati dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 2 - "Time's Up, Guys""
Blog Entry, 02/10/2008
Authored by: Derek Forrest, bigblueclassof2009

Well, here's the good news at this point: My dad won't be the first or the second person voted off. And here's the bad news: Paula might be.

Paula seems to be in some measure of control on her tribe. If not for her, Rafe would be out, not Sandra. Well played, Paula; Sandra's trouble if you let her get far. Then again, so is Ami, and she's in with the king of Ta'aroa.

But then again, being king, queen, or emperor at Ta'aroa is a little like being the ruler of an overmatched nation about to go to war with England. The leaders have targets, and Ozzy has the biggest. He's also overmatched. Ozzy can't do it all himself, and my dad has help.

But I have just one thing to say: Dad, keep your distance from Terry. People already think you're weird enough. Your little four-person alliance is good, but it's no good if Terry makes a power play. And he could do it, too.

Also, someone needs to issue a tribe switch pronto so Dad can be tribemates with Paula again and maybe even get out of those gaudy silver buffs. Seriously. Who the hell thought silver was a good color for a tribal buff? It's as if they stole the buffs from a private collection of a crazed Oakland Raiders fan. Makes me glad hockey's my sport and that my team wears respectable colors and, unlike Ami's team, is in first place. Too bad Nashville's still on our tail.

Back from commercial.

Angakauital Island, neutral camp, Day 6. The Ta'aroa tribe arrives defeated on the neutral beach with a half-constructed shelter.

Jonathan: I hate it here.

Maria: Relax; this will be the last time we see it for a while.

Rafe: We need to win. We're down three challenges already and we don't even have fire. Not even here.

(confessional) Paula: In my season, one tribe lost two challenges right off. Thankfully, that wasn't my tribe, and thankfully, they at least won a reward in the middle so they got fire. We need something like that.

Ozzy: Anyone here crazy enough to drink the camp water?

Ian: I'll pass, thanks.

Ami: Hey, we got another idol clue. Anyone know what the last one was?

Danielle (from clue): Like an actor turned real estate mogul, I have two Hotels and an Oscar. Between me and a cross one, count halfway and dig.

Ami: Huh? Is this clue even written in English?

(confessional) Paula: I solved it right away. Charlie and I did a lot of talking when we went out, and he explained the whole military alphabet. Two Hotels and one Oscar is really two H's and an O, meaning a water source. It took me a second to get the rest of it, but I did.

The camera shows Paula with a small digging implement between the water source, which looks a little like an underground well with a round lid, and two trees that cross in the middle.

She digs for a minute in the dirt and uncovers something wrapped in fabric. Upon untying it, she unearths the idol, which is in the form of a Panamanian voodoo doll not unlike the one found in Exile Island.

Paula (from clue): Congratulations. You have found the hidden immunity idol. You can use this at Tribal Council to save yourself from the vote.

Paula kisses the idol and puts it into what appears to be a pocket.

Paula: Hello, final four.

Paula replaces the fabric in the ground and covers it back up; she hears shouting from camp.

Maria (shouting): I don't have a problem writing your name down at all! To hell with strategy and all - I flat-out want you gone!

Ami (shouting back): The feeling's mutual! One of us is going, and you know it!

Maria (shouting): What do you want to do, round up your little posse and get me out? Oh sure, Ozzy is on your side, and what he wants, he gets! I suppose he told you to throw the challenge, too!

Ami (shouting): What the hell would you know about that?

(confessional) Maria: At that point, I had a wonderful, awful idea.

Maria (to Paula): I just overheard Ozzy and Ami talking, and the two of them threw the challenge to get rid of me.

Paula: I have bigger news.

Paula takes out the idol and shows Maria.

Maria: Get out of town.

Paula: It's a backup plan for right now. Now that I've shown you, I want an alliance.

Maria: Do you have anyone else?

Paula: You and Sandra were two votes for Ami--

Maria: Rafe was the third, and I almost had Jonathan.

Paula: That's five. Ami's history. Have you spread the rumor about them throwing the challenge?

Maria: Just to you.

Paula: Don't say a word about it. I will get Jonathan.

Maria: I will get Rafe.

The camera switches to Ozzy talking to Ami and Danielle.

Ozzy: So the plan is to get Maria out?

Ami: It's about damn time.

Danielle: I'll talk to Ian about it.

(confessional) Ozzy: At the last minute, I hope to switch things up a bit. I want Jonathan gone, not Maria. Frankly, that scrambling little minority of Rafe and Maria is nothing to us; we have seven people, and we can afford to cut a potential troublemaker loose. My plan is to convince Ian that this is what we need to do, and since they need our votes, they will go along with it.

Paula (to Jonathan): So we want Ami out.

Jonathan: Who's 'we'?

Paula: Me, Maria, Rafe, and my fourth.

Jonathan: You have a fourth? Who?

Paula shows Jonathan the idol.

Jonathan: Well, I'll be damned.

(confessional) Jonathan: The last time out, I aligned with Yul because he had the idol. This time, I have an even better thought. I need to blindside Paula.

Jonathan (to Yau-Man): Paula has the idol.

Yau-Man: Don't play games with me.

Jonathan: No, she really has the idol.

Yau-Man: No, really, don't play games with me. All you're doing is making yourself look bad by blabbing.

(confessional) Yau-Man: I know Paula, and I know she told Jonathan in confidence, and pretty soon, it will be all over camp.

Yau-Man (to Paula): Jonathan spilled the beans.

Paula: That son of a bitch.

Yau-Man: He's unreliable. But I'm in. You have four, right?

Paula: You, me, Rafe, and Maria. Rafe doesn't know anything yet as far as I know.

(confessional) Paula: Well, guess who's all-powerful now? On one side, we have Ami, Ozzy, Jonathan, and Danielle, and on the good side, we have me, Yau-Man, Rafe, and Maria. I wonder where Ian falls.

Ozzy (to Ian): The plan is to get Jonathan out.

Jonathan (to Ozzy and Ian): Hey guys. Come here a second.

Ozzy and Ian go to Jonathan.

Jonathan (quietly): Paula has the idol.

Ian: Well, that's all I need to know.

(confessional) Ian: It looks like Jonathan's with us. We could vote out Jonathan, sure, or we could vote out Maria like we planned. But now we need to blindside Paula.

The camera shows the sun setting and the Ta'aroa tribe's silhouettes walking into Tribal Council. Each of them gets a flame and takes a seat.

Jeff: Ozzy, what's it like to be on a losing tribe?

Ozzy: We're not a losing tribe. We're just a hard-luck tribe.

Jeff: By a 'hard-luck tribe,' you mean--

Ozzy: We lost all three challenges by very close margins. We almost win, but we never seal it.

Jeff: Jonathan, is that a fair assessment?

Jonathan: It might be fairer if we won, but yes, that's pretty fair.

Jeff: Is there any reason you guys can't get a break?

Maria: I can tell you why, Jeff. Someone in our tribe who shall remain nameless **sneeze**Ami**sneeze** Sorry, I seem to be catching a cold here...

Jeff: That's pretty bold, Maria. Why the accusation?

Maria: The first challenge, we lost because Ami forgot to unhook the raft. The next one we lost because Ami wouldn't touch the cow's blood. And now we lose--

Ami: You can shut your damn mouth anytime now. You lost to a woman in her fifties eating pig snouts. I could have beaten her with one hand tied behind my back.

Maria: At least I tried. I lost with an effort. You lost pitifully. You even threw that last challenge just to get rid of me!

Ami: OK, I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Besides, we all know you're buddying up to Paula ever since she found the idol.

Jeff's expression turns to one of shock.

Jeff: Paula, is that true?

Paula: First off, leave me the hell out of your squabbles; you're worse than my kids. Second off, I didn't have time to look for the idol, let alone find it. What the hell does an Oscar and two crosses mean to us out there?

Jeff: An Oscar and two Hotels.

Paula: Whatever the hell they were.

Jeff: So you're telling me you don't have the idol.

Jonathan: She has it. It's a little voodoo doll.

Paula: How the hell would you know? No one here knows what the idol looks like. It could be a coconut for all we know.

Yau-Man: Maybe someone finally found my fake idol.

The tribe, with the exception of Ami, chuckles at that.

Yau-Man: For what it's worth, if Paula found the idol, she hasn't told me. And I couldn't help but notice Ami's dead-serious tone when I said that. I think someone has a guilty conscience.

Ami: Maybe you're just not funny, Yau-Man.

Yau-Man: Maybe you left your sense of humor back at camp.

Maria: Ami wouldn't know what to do with a sense of humor or a hidden immunity idol, so I have no reason to believe she has either.

Ami: Shut your damn mouth or I'll shut it for you.

Maria: What? You want a piece of me, bitch?

Paula: OK, both of you, take it easy.

Ami: Big words from someone who's lying about the idol.

Jonathan: I'm sorry Paula, but I'm with Ami. You showed it to me, and then I described it to Yau-Man.

Yau-Man: Apparently I was sleeping when he described it to me, because I don't remember that conversation at all.

Jonathan: What, did you black out or something?

Yau-Man: I have a perfect memory, and you're full of crap.

Jeff: Well, we have a pretty heated exchange here. Let's see how it plays out. It is time to vote. Yau-Man, you're up.

Yau-Man gets up to vote; behind the curtain, he writes down a name that we do not see.

Next to vote is Ian; again, his vote is not seen.

After Ian, the next to vote is Jonathan; he votes Paula.

Jonathan (to voting camera): I don't like being made into a liar.

Jonathan goes and sits down; the next to vote is Rafe, whose vote is not shown.

After Rafe, Paula gets up to vote; her vote is not shown.

Next to vote is Maria, who writes down Ami's name.

Maria (to voting camera): Hopefully, this time it works. Bitch.

Maria walks back down and sits; Ami gets up to vote next, and she votes Paula.

Ami (to voting camera): You are serious trouble. I respect your gameplay, but that's why you have to go now.

After Ami sits down, Danielle gets up to vote, and her vote is not shown.

The last to vote is Ozzy, who votes Ami.

Ozzy (to voting camera): This vote is for you, Ami, not against you. I'm just stirring up trouble. The six is solid.

Ozzy goes and sits back down, and the camera focuses on Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff walks off, and the camera shows a nervous Paula; Jeff returns with the voting urn.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately, unless an idol is played on their behalf. I'll read the votes.

Jeff takes out a vote.

Jeff: First vote...Paula.

The vote is clearly in Ami's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Paula. Two votes Paula.

That vote is in Jonathan's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Paula. That's three votes for Paula.

That vote appears to be in the styling of Danielle.

Jeff: ...Ami. That's one vote Ami.

Ami: Figures.

The vote is in Maria's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Ami. Two votes Ami.

The vote is in Paula's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Ami. We're tied. Three votes Ami, three votes Paula.

That vote is clearly in disguised handwriting; it's Ozzy's.

Jeff: ...Paula. Four votes Paula.

It's unclear whose handwriting that's in; only Ian, Yau-Man, and Rafe have not had their votes revealed.

Jeff: ...Ami. We're tied at four votes apiece. One vote left.

Again, it's unclear who has that vote.

Jeff: ...the second person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars 2...

Jeff unfolds the vote.

He turns it around.

Jeff: ...Ami.

Ozzy (shouting): S---!

Ami: Are you for real?

Maria: So long, bitch. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Jeff: Hold on a sec. Let's see if there was an idol played.

Jeff opens the side pouch that is for idols...

...he turns it to the side...

...and lets the fold drop...

...and it's empty.

Paula: I told you I didn't have it.

Jeff: Ami, you need to bring me your torch.

Ami angrily grabs her torch and drops it in the holder.

Jeff: Ami, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Ami's torch.

Ami (shouting): You will NEVER win, Maria. NEVER.

Maria (smiling): I beat you. That's good enough for me. And by the way, go Sabres.

Ami flips Maria off as she walks off.

Jeff (to the remaining Ta'aroa): This tribe has a lot of anger that came out tonight. Maybe Ami's dismissal will resolve some of that. Clearly she didn't expect to go. Maybe one of you is next in that regard. In addition, your torches will stay here until you earn fire or make it on your own. Head on back to camp; I'll see you tomorrow.

The eight remaining Ta'aroa file out of Tribal Council in the dark as the credits roll.

Jeff (voice-over): Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Ethan: During the Cook Islands season, I commented on how unstoppable Ozzy was. It was as if there was an army of Ozzys in each challenge. No one could stop them. They were legion.

Well, that legion got the Ghost Rider treatment. Yau-Man planted that idea into Ozzy's head to vote Ami, pledged his vote for Paula in order to get the idol out, and then Ozzy committed the most boneheaded move in the history of the show. If he does what he's supposed to and doesn't get fancy, Paula goes home and there's no idol in Ta'aroa. Now, Paula can deny the existence of an idol until she's blue in the face, and an alliance of four is cemented into the game.

Ozzy's gotten out of worse, though. Remember the move that cemented him as a Survivor legend and showed the viewers that he does, in fact, have a lot to learn - he and his Aitu buddies lollygagged through the second Cook Islands challenge, read a book, climbed the obstacle course at a leisurely pace as if it were a playground swing set, stopped off to have tea, played a few games of bridge, wrote a Survivors Strike Back entry, booked a cruise to Hawaii, took that cruise, stopped off in Tokyo for sushi on the way back, did an interpretive dance of their experience on the show, and returned to lose the challenge...just a few seconds behind the Hiki tribe, I might add.

Ozzy had all this careful planning going into throwing the challenge, and it didn't blow up in his face until the final vote, when an extra friendly juror would have won it for him. Now he carefully plans to create a distraction after the vote and send the minority alliance on a wild goose chase, and lo and behold, the investment on his return happens right away. I've seen bold moves to get back into the game. I've seen good fortune get teams back in the game. But the Ta'aroa alliance of Maria, Paula, Rafe, and Yau-Man has Ozzy to thank for his massive stupidity. Seriously. What the hell was he thinking?

Jenna: Ozzy's move will have massive ramifications on the rest of the game. I am reminded of a time when I was in the Amazon. I was in an alliance of four, and we had control of the game. Not a care in the world. We were guaranteed to go to the end, and I pretty much had Final Two wrapped up as long as either Heidi or I outlasted Alex in the final immunity. That was the plan.

Then Alex went and blew it and told Rob he was out at the Final Four. Rob flipped, Alex went home, and we had to scramble to get back into it. That's not to say that we didn't; I mean, I won, didn't I? But we had to catch a break from Christy, and I had to put on an Oscar-winning performance at the final five, not to mention win two immunities. But the fast track to the end wasn't there, and the fast track to the merge is no longer there for Ozzy. His entire game is shot. He even wrecked it for Danielle, Ian, and Jonathan. Jonathan's probably the next Ta'aroa boot if they keep losing.

Ozzy needs to prove me wrong again to keep going, but he did it before. Last time, I didn't think he had a chance to make the final four. Well, he did. He could do it again, but he has to watch the target on his back.

Amy: My fellow bloggers have already tackled the insane move by Ozzy here, so I am off to a different topic - what's with all the rivalries out here? Terry and Charlie over politics, Charlie and Yau-Man over fire-building, Ami and Maria I would think they would argue over something a little more pressing, like, say, baseball, but I guess they're from the wrong part of the country for that, since neither Buffalo nor Denver has a major-league team. And no, I don't count the Rockies. Sorry.

This many personal rivalries didn't come out in the first All-Stars or any other season. I saw Jamie and Bobby Jon in my season. I saw Judd and Margaret. They didn't really last past the vote, though. The ones I see here may have potential to last past the game. With Ami and Maria, all that was really missing was a tirade about ADD. With Terry and Charlie, it's a shame we don't have luxury items, because I just know Terry would try to get Charlie to burn an American flag. The fallout of that would be, shall we say, insane.

Catharine: I feel a little left out of this; just because I didn't get far on my season, I don't make All-Stars. So it goes, I guess. Anyway, what is with the dominance of Fati? The producers drew these tribes up, and they haven't done such a bad job of it since...oh, say, the first All-Stars, when Saboga was the whipping boy for the other two tribes. At least the mismatches of Palau and Fiji were with tribes the players picked themselves. This is ludicrous. But at least it's mildly amusing to see the poor saps from Ta'aroa tear each other apart.

At this point, Ta'aroa is an underdog. They are overmatched. Three strong males and two that hold their own against two strong males, an unorthodox male, one male who holds his own...and Jonathan. On the female side, Danni, Twila, and Parvati are far better than Danielle, Maria, and Paula. Yes, the Ta'aroa females had a shot with Ami, but they just had to vote her off. Not smart, guys. And not smart on Ozzy's part, though I have to believe that the counter-alliance manipulated that. I have trouble believing Ozzy's as stupid as that vote made him look.

Back from commercial.

Jeff (voice-over): Next time on Survivor...the fire situation at Ta'aroa gets desperate.

Yau-Man: I hope this works like it did last time, and no damn clouds get in my way.

Jeff (voice-over): Things heat up at Fati.

Parvati: I'm a flirt, and I'll use that to my advantage any way I can.

Jeff (voice-over): And Ozzy gets tired of losing.

Ozzy (shouting, with tribe gathered): the day we end the losing and we go out and WIN!

Voice-over: Stay tuned for a new episode of CSI coming up next.

Ami (final words): I don't know what the hell happened. Either I got backstabbed or the plan didn't work. I'm not happy about being out this early. If I find out who did this to me, I'll hold them underwater for about two minutes. You're all just lucky I'm not on the jury, especially you, Maria.

5 votes Ami: Maria, Ozzy, Paula, Rafe, Yau-Man
4 votes Paula: Ami, Danielle, Ian, Jonathan

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