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"Upcoming Missions"
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04-05-01, 07:23 PM (EST)
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"Upcoming Missions"
I thought I'd start a remaining missions thread, which can be used as a reference, and can also be used to speculate about any of the missions.

As I posted in another thread, I think that this week's mission will be Operation MOTH, so I listed it first. The rest are in the order that they appear on the Boot Camp website. Obviously, I left out Operations ZOE and MESS, which have already been completed in Eps 1 and 2 respectively.

I think, based on the descriptions, that some of these missions are designed with larger groups in mind, while others seem like they would not function well without a small group... specifically mission HELL... I think this would not work with any group larger than 4 people... I think it will likely be the final mission. I've divided them as follows:
"Large Group Missions":MOTH
"Small Group Missions":RAD, HELL
"Any-Size Group Missions":HERO, REBEL

Anyway, here are the mission objectives and the maps for the missions...

Remaining Missions:

Operation MOTH (Episode 3, IMO)
(Move everything Over The Hill)
Must evacuate 4 casualties, 3 supply crates, 2 food stacks, 1 jeep and all squad members
Mission must be completed in one hour

Operation HELL
(Hostage Evacuation, Laser Labyrinth)
Infiltrate enemy building over land mine area
Negotiate laser labyrinth
Rescue hostages and evacuate via rooftop tyrollian traverse
Time to complete mission: 90 minutes

Operation HERO
(Hostile Environment RECON Operation)
Penetrate hostile territory
Follow map to recon top secret military installation
Overcome all obstacles
Complete mission in designated time

Operation REBEL
(RECON and Invasion Behind Enemy Lines)
Penetrate hostile territory
Cross minefield with out touching the ground
Deactivate minefield
Two hours to complete this mission

Operation RAD
(Repel And Destroy)
Infiltrate enemy territory
Rescue POWS
Rappel out of building
Detonate enemy watch tower
Time of mission: 45 minutes

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