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"If they were on Survivor..."
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Original message

Estee 55195 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-09-09, 09:22 AM (EST)
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"If they were on Survivor..."
...where would they finish?

My completely biased, semi-reasoned predictions for something which will never happen anyway. (Well, not for more than one or two of them.) And I'm not going through the entire cast, because it would mean trying to remember who they were.

Janice: first out of her tribe. Does no work around camp, expects to be waited on hand and foot, claims to be ill at every opportunity, and has Obsessive-Compulsive Challenge Quitting Disorder. As soon as they lose Immunity, she's out -- and they might throw it just to get rid of her.

John: late jury. I see him going around sixth place: he's got enough strengths to make it through the tribal stage (while specialized enough that he isn't perceived as a major threat), but he wouldn't be able to juggle the alliances he'd need to give him the end.

Daniel: last pre-jury boot. Too loud, too boastful, and way too vocally into 'the competition' and 'the game'. Few people could put up with it for long, and a couple more would realize that while his challenge win possibilities aren't all that strong, his ability to verbally poison a vote might be Top Five.

Sanjaya: mid-jury. A surprise challenge asset who also does a ton of work around camp, improves your living conditions, resources everything around him, and gets along with the entire crew? No way he doesn't make it to the individual stage -- and without an Immunity run, no way he gets any further than this. Too much of a jury threat: now we all know how Simon really felt.

Heidi: second out of her tribe. There should be enough general uselessness in one gathering to protect her through the first boot, and those found attractive can get three extra days. Her professed faith might even buy her some time. Then again, we have the Joanna Trail: it's well-marked and easy to follow, even if it never led to the Quit Boat before...

Spencer: second or third place. He could be an early boot very easily, or he could call in an extra boat -- but if he hangs on at all, could he find himself pulling a Dalton on steroids? Everyone's perfect F2 partner: just hope Heidi isn't on the jury and then wait for your 7-0. He could get towed through the entire game without having to do a thing just because he's so obnoxious, he can't win -- and then he wouldn't. But the real losers would be the viewers, who'd have to put up with this for thirteen full episodes. And we thought Coach was bad?

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 RE: If they were on Survivor... mindy23 06-09-09 1
 Survivor, Ayres Rock, Australia kingfish 06-09-09 2

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mindy23 1319 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Beef Jerky Spokesperson"

06-09-09, 09:57 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: If they were on Survivor..."
Estee, I'll still take Spencer, or Speidi over Coach ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! Well, maybe except Sunday, since that IS the Lord's day and a day of rest from all things irritating!

But other than that, nah, don't see him staying much longer, except I do see him forming a pretty strong alliance with Baby Baldwin, which could keep him in the game for a while. And if he'd learn to shut his trap, he could go pretty far, because he seems teachable. But if his wife gets voted out, that would be the end of him-he would become even more intolerable than he is now. And even more intolerable than Coach, without the pack of lies stories.

I really think Sanjaya could take the whole thing, mostly because he IS so darn cute and sweet, it would be hard to vote him out. He does everything without one single complaint-who wouldn't want to keep someone like that around, at least until F3?

D. Baldwin? Wouldn't put up with him more than the 2nd vote, 1st going to Janice, who should have never been there in the first place, doctor note or not! Give me a living break!!

I think Patti could end up taking in a good first or second with Sanjaya on her tail, and Torrie or L. D. bringing up the rear.

I honestly don't know where I'd put Sallie-sometimes he's ok, sometimes he's annoying. And we all know how VEGAN'S do on Survivor-not so well.....

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kingfish 16088 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-09-09, 01:43 PM (EST)
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2. "Survivor, Ayres Rock, Australia"
Janice: one week, then the dingos would eat her. They would soon spit her out when they realized plastic didnít taste good.

John: Would hang around to about F9, and be eliminated after Daniel B. starts a rumor that one of the final challenges would be a "survival of an incoming tide" contest, making him much to competitive.

Stephen: Between F14 and F10. A female Dugong would see him without his shirt and begin to obsessively stalk him, finally kidnapping him and taking him to her underwater cave. God would not provide him the necessary gills, and that would be that.

Heidi: Tied for first out. A pack of kangaroos would mistake her for one of their own young, and the Kangaroo matriarch would carry her off in her pouch. She would spend the rest of her life caring for all the little joeys in the world, because that's what God wants her to do.

Spence: Tied for first out. After announcing to all (after first thinking over what he would say) Spenser "Martial Arts Black Belt" Pratt would announce to all, in a rousing speech involving lots of chest beating and arm waving, his intention of rescuing Heidi, and run real fast in the opposite direction, not stopping till he sees his mommy.

Sanjay: Makes bracelets out of Platypusís tails, and sits beside Lou at F2 because no one really notices until F2 that heís really even there.

Daniel: F4. After winning a Privy cleaning reward challenge, Daniel makes a few untoward comments about the "equipment" on the Didgeridoo player during the aboriginal Dance/Music demonstration, and fails to return to camp. Forever.

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