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"Player Speculation"
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01-02-03, 04:24 PM (EST)
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"Player Speculation"
I was thinking since all we have in the way of spoiling so far is speculation that we may try and figure something out by analyzing the players.

Kathy she seems most likely to either win it all or be the Mole. She is the only one who is a fanatic of the reality show genre. She is the most likey to form a coalition in the early going of the show if she is not the Mole, but who would she pick? I personaly think she would pick someone who would help her get to the end. The only candidate I think she would go for is Michael Boatman, he seems to have the intelligence to pick up on the game quickly. If she doesn't get into a coalition we can consider her a good mole candidate.She is also th only one with a full date of birth on her profile

Stephen The only other player with any reality show experience (Fear Factor). He might be a candidate to win based on the fact he has a competitive spirit. Reasons he may be the Mole: name recognition and he did star( or was in a movie) in Usual Suspects not really a clue but I thought it was interesting.He also has just his birth month listed as his date of birth. Probably means nothing like Kathy's date but interesting none the less. He is also the one that the target audience demographic knows the best.

Frederique Doesn't seem high on anyones list as either a winner or the Mole which might make her very UTR as the Mole. Not many people give her a chance, she is listed as either number one or number two on everyones list of the first ones to go, Most of the speculation is based on the fact that she is a supermodel.

Eric Another likely candidate for Mole based on the fact he is/was the only one with a show on ABC. He is the youngest of the players so he may have enthusiasm on his side.

Kim Is high on the early to go list for most everybody. This is based on the fact that she was a last minute replacement and that most of the characters she has played weren't the brightest. She may form a coalition with Michael based on race or be edited to look like it based on past reality show editing.One fact that is interesting on her bio is, she was the only one who put down she enjoys traveling to Hawaii, the sight of this series

CorbinThe one with most recognizable name other than Stephen. His chances of being the Mole are good based on name recognition. He is the oldest so that may make him not as likely to be the Mole based on the fact that the oldest gentleman was the Mole last time

Michael is a leading candidate to be both the Mole and the winner on most people's lists. He has the most speculation about him going into the first episodes.there are many theories based on Race, smarts and some visual clues in the official sight.

Ahmad is the host, lets hope they don't pull any weird crud and make the host the mole.

What do you guys think? we are less than a week away and their hasn't been much spoiling. Do you agree? disagree? have better speculation lets hear it.

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