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"A Sad Farewell from kircon"
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suzzee 5279 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-01-14, 09:43 AM (EST)
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"A Sad Farewell from kircon"

I never thought this day would come. But deep down I knew it had to. We have been playing in a

dead site. Our caretaker has been missing for over a year. The signs have been obvious. The final

straw has been the hijacking of our site. And no response from Webby? I refuse to jump through

hoops to post and regain my mail. I could not stay logged on as it was. I have a very old computer.

I cannot afford to put my computer in the path of these thugs. Now or later. I donít understand the

concept behind the hack. Do they think we can convince the president to step down? Do they think we

have the ear of those who make the decisions? Can we stop the war? Any war?

I have loved my time here. I have grown so much. I have made many friends. Several I have met

face to face. I have used this site in my healing of my sonís suicide. I lurked for several years then

decided to post on his birthday and play KObrien_fanís game, PTB during the 2005 season. I knew

many of you, but now you were beginning to get to know me. I loved playing games. At the peak

of my game playing, I was playing over 10 games. The games seemed to help with the grief. I fell

in love with a few of them. Then all of a sudden, a host was needed for the PTTE game. The host

emydiís career took off and she didnít have the time. I volunteered and from S13 Cook Islands I


I became great friends with another host and the resident graphics artist. tribephyl. I call him Sir

tribe! Thanks for all your work for me, Sir! Together we designed great graphics.


I love the game of PTTE so much; I started hosting the game for other shows.

Pirate Master

The Amazing Race

The Apprentice



I hosted the 25th version this past season. There were 5 brave souls who played. Thank You All, from

the bottom of my heart! With all the spoiling over the last seasons, the PTTE game lost many game

players. I tried many versions to combat the spoiling. The last version I called Stealth Mode. I was

the only one to see the lists. I felt it worked.

I loved hosting for the past 15 seasons. My plan was to host to the end of Survivor. That did not


For the past 5 years, I spent a summer weekend with the reality stars. I would use my PTTE

write-ups for them to autograph. Now, it wonít be as personal. I loved watching them read about

themselves. The toughest one was Michael Bortone, S16 Micronesia. I wrote, ďNow maybe you can

shut your mouth.Ē He was hurt. He told me he was with a bunch of stupid people and could not keep

his mouth shut. I told him I was sorry and I understood. I spent the next evening with him and a

group jamming music. I liked this version of Michael. My best was Stephen Fishbach. He loved my

picture of him in a NY race and took a picture with his phone of which I took a picture of him.

I also brought back a version of the People of the Question Mark game. I called it SIQ! Survivor in

Question! I really had fun with this game.

I hosted this game for the past 5 seasons. There was no skill needed, just answer a few questions.

It was mainly editing questions. I think most people enjoyed it. Some great poetry came out of this

game also. Thanks to all who played

Another area, I was involved in was writing summaries. Back in the day, there were so many people

who wanted to write, you had to prove your ability. If you wanted to write, you needed to start on

another show.

I choose One Ocean View. A reality series that lasted 3 shows. I summarized the first two shows. My

first attempt at a summary: "One Ocean View Summary - Episode #101" which I posted August 06.


While waiting to write a summary, I started writing SOTSís. I enjoyed writing the first SOTS. I enjoyed

this form of writing. However, a few years ago we ran into a problem. People got upset that we were

ďspoilingĒ. In a Spoiling Forum! In a thread which was titled State of the Spoiling! Do you remember

this? There were many discussions. It never made sense to me. If you donít want to know about

spoiling, then stay out of this forum. So I stopped writing in this form.

By now, I was organizing the summary thread. Again, we started having a problem with writers. We

lost many of them. It was getting harder to get people to write. Thank you for all for stepping up and

filling in. Last season only two people finished their summaries. I donít know what happened? Webby

used to post them to RTVW. But not anymore. I donít think many people read them anymore.

So here we are. Our wonderful site has fallen into disrepair. Can it be fixed? Donít know. The only

thing I can do with this site is to lurk. Not my choice. I will check back to see if anything has been

fixed. I will not hold my breath. If anyone wants to host PTTE or SIQ feel free. I donít think there will

be many players. Everyone has the same problem as me. So this is how it ends, with a whimper. I

have enjoyed my time here and the friends I have made. Good Luck everyone. I love you all, Connie/


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Scarlett O Hara 3316 desperate attention whore postings
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03-17-14, 02:08 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: A Sad Farewell from kircon"
Dear Kircon,

How deeply saddened I am to read this letter! It just can NOT be! You must come back. I found a way and others have too. Just rejoin the site using your same name and get yourself a new password. Once you are in, you can change your password to the old one and all will remain the same. I promise you. Please come back!

Your friend always,

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