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"Home Survivor - Game Update"
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Original message

AvidRealityWatcher 202 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Network TV Show Guest Star"

05-21-10, 03:24 AM (EST)
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"Home Survivor - Game Update"
LAST EDITED ON 05-21-10 AT 03:51 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 05-21-10 AT 03:28†AM (EST)

ARW presents:
Home Survivor - Message Board Game

The Players:
HauntedOne, Tribephyl, Wallflower66, 5cats, vennui, travelor, suzzee, Survivor Maniac, VisionQuest, michel, Taffnic, kircon, Belle Book, vix pix, krissmiss2us, and your Host AvidRealityWatcher aka ARW.

I am sorry folks for the long delay, I do have the results of who has won, but before we get to that, I have one more matter to finalize.

Dear Tribe BOB Level 2 - Final 6 - Players,
Vix Pix, Michel, Wallflower66, tribephyl, suzzee, Kircon:

Well Final 6 Players your votes came in and here are the results:
1 vote Vix Pix
1 vote Michel
1 vote Wallflower66
1 vote suzzee
2 no voters

I tried to get 2 of you to vote even after the show was over, but was ignored or you thought it was too late to vote. Had you of voted, it may have been a totally different Final 5.

With these results being tied, the tie breaker is Vix Pix. Vix Pix your weekly score was lower than the rest and therefore you have been eliminated. I am sorry Vix Pix but the tribe has spoken.

That leaves us with 5 players left on Tribe BOB, with one Final Tribal Counsel Meeting. For the Final Tribal Vote the 5 of you will be asked to vote for 2 people not to lose, but rather you will be asked to vote for the winner. You are not allowed to vote for yourself. The votes will be combined and the one of you with the most votes will win Grand Champion.

So here we are. I know some of you have aligned yourself with others to help you get here. I know some of you had Special Immunity at one point or another. I know some of you avoided being voted out of Level 2 Play because of a tie breaker. I think all 5 of you deserve to be in the final 5.

Part of winning Survivor isnít just winning challenges, or social game, or even special immunity, its how you play as a whole. Sometimes its always excelling, but some Survivalists that have won, got their title riding on someone stronger than themselves. This leaves me wondering if you will choose the person with the Highest Overall amount of points, if you will choose someone from a former alliance, or someone that made it using their wits.

Before you make your votes to me in private, I think it may be best if you plead your cases here at Message Board Tribal Counsel. Take a moment and share why you think you should win Grand Champion. You are not allowed to reply to someone elseís plea. I give you till Saturday at 19:00 cst to plead your case, read the other cases, and then private mail me your 2 votes for a single winner. If you fail to vote, you will be eliminated from Tribe BOB, and therefore not eligible to win.

On Sunday Night I will post all the scores, and results of the questionnaire.

Ok I leave this in your hands. Who are you going to vote for? And who is going to win the Grand Champion Title?

Good Luck,


P.S. Check your private mail if you want to see what the scores are for just the 5 of you. Keep this information all your own until I have finally revealed all the scores. Thanks for your cooperation.

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 Hello Fellow Players and ARW michel 05-21-10 1
 RE: Home Survivor - Game Update Wallflower66 05-21-10 2
 ?? 5cats 05-22-10 3
   Thank you 5cats for your question. AvidRealityWatcher 05-22-10 5
 Good Afternoon Home Survivor Player... kircon 05-22-10 4

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

05-21-10, 06:35 PM (EST)
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1. "Hello Fellow Players and ARW"
I guess I'll get the ball rolling by saying that the vote for Grand Champion should go to AvidRealityWatcher. I've been on these boards for many years and he did things with his graphics that I simply didn't know could be done. I'm pretty sure I can speak for all of us and say the game was a lot of fun and your work very appreciated.

Before pleading for votes, I have apologies to make. If you received unexpected votes, more likely than not they came from me. I'm sorry 5cats and BelleBook but you were simply too strong to keep around.
Specially to Wallflower: I have to confess trying to get rid of you. You were on the Sandra bandwagon and that meant a lot of points in the bank.
I'm sorry for the lie.

I sent many PMs to form alliances with Tribe, Suzzee, Wallflower, Kircon and Haunted One. It was fun to work with the first 4 who have been long time friends on these boards and it was a pleasure to get to know Haunted One. That's what games are for.

If you guys vote for the most social player then I don't stand a chance going up against Tribe, Kircon, Wallflower or Suzzee, four of the nicest posters around.

If you vote on who put strategy in this game then I may get your vote. A game needs some scheming and, even if I didn't scheme alone, I hope that my messages made the game a little more interesting. Would there be 4 Odds in the end if I hadn't worked to make it happen?

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Wallflower66 2394 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

05-21-10, 10:55 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Wallflower66 Click to send private message to Wallflower66 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "RE: Home Survivor - Game Update"
Itís a pleasure and a privilege to make it to the finals with six people for whom I have the utmost respect. I admire you all for being such incredible competitors, and consider you all to be friends. I have always enjoyed playing Survivor games on these boards. I was a little leery of this one once we had to start voting people off, since I have had my feelings hurt playing this type of game before, and I do not like hurting other peopleís feelings, especially people whom I consider to be friends. Also, Iím not a very good liar, schemer, or conniver, which is part of the reason Iíve never applied to be on the real game of Survivor (well that, and the bugs, starvation, harsh conditions, etc. ;)).

I am totally shocked at how the last votes went. I fully expected to be the one gone instead of Vix. Up until a few weeks ago, when the votes for me first appeared, I had thought that I had a pretty solid alliance in my original tribe mates michel, tribe, and suzzee. So, when a little birdie told me that michel had likely been one of the votes for me, I was surprised, and skeptical. When I asked michel about it, he denied it (thank you, michel, for admitting that you lied to me, and apologizing for it). Then, the next week, it happened again, and I was tied for most votes. Luckily for me, both times I was saved from being voted out by having a higher game score than the bootee. So, those two weeks I survived by the skin of my teeth. Then this week, it happened once again! I knew that kircon was going to vote for me, because she told me she was going to, saying that it was because I was beating her points-wise (thank you kircon, I can respect that reason). I had sent her a pm (as well as tribe and suzzee) asking them to vote for michel, since I knew he had plotted against me in the previous two weeks. I was hoping suzzee and tribe might at least vote with me against michel, possibly forcing a tie in votes once again, and coming down to the scores to determine who would go. I never expected a four-way-tie in which I would once again survive based on my score! Whew! *wipes sweat from brow*

Although I can appreciate players (like Russell) who are able to backstab, and lie, and flip-flop alliances, in the game of Survivor, I have a lot more respect for gameplay that involves sticking to alliances, doing the best in challenges/scores, voting together tribally, and doing it fairly (score-based), especially when it is a game in which the prize is not a million dollars. As awesome as they are, bragging rights and siggies are not worth the risks of losing friends. If you agree, I hope that you will see fit to cast a vote for me as a Home Survivor. Loyalty was my strategy in this game from the beginning to now, and I am hoping to prove that it pays off in the end.

Will do my sucking up to the host after the game is over, since he's not voting ;)

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5cats 1048 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

05-22-10, 01:07 PM (EST)
Click to EMail 5cats Click to send private message to 5cats Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "??"
I didn't understand this game til the end. I only paid attention to the questionnaire, until you Losers voted me off. Now I'm wondering why we continue to play if we're not on Level 2. Any answers?
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AvidRealityWatcher 202 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Network TV Show Guest Star"

05-22-10, 02:29 PM (EST)
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5. "Thank you 5cats for your question."
To Answer your question 5cats:

The first part of the game is Level 1. All people can play Level 1. Nobody was ever kicked out of Level 1 Play. Level 1 was simply how many points can you rack up by the end of the season simply by answering the questionnaire. By the end of the game who ever has the most overall points wins First Place.

The second part of the game is Level 2. Only those that were in it from day one and had aquired points by then were able to play in Level 2 Play. Level 2 Play was to give an atmosphere of what it is like to actually be a Survivalist on the show. Of course you guys werent subjected to bugs, weather, and starvation. Who ever wins by a majority vote will become a Home Survivor Champion for playing along.

Really Level 2 Play is just a side game. The second part of the game was not intended to cause harmful feelings to anyone or all of you. The game is just supposed to be fun for all who are playing. If you were kicked out of Level 2 Play, it really doesnt mean anything as you were still playing Level 1 Play and had yet another chance to show your stuff and still come out on top.

So yes there will be 2 winners. One for Level 1, and One for Level 2.

I didnt have but maybe 1 or 2 emails telling me they had hurt feelings as a result of playing this game, and if you were, I am terribly, terribly sorry. This was all meant to be played as a fun past time. Something to enhance all of our enjoyment of watching Survivor on CBS.

Tomorrow I will be posting all the scores, the winners and have my "Banner/Trophy" awards ceremony posted for all to see.

I hope this answers why anyone would want to continue playing.


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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

05-22-10, 02:00 PM (EST)
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4. "Good Afternoon Home Survivor Players"
I want to thank ARW for the fun game. We have many talented host & hostesses. The games Sir Tribe comes up with are amazing. There are the classics: LOD, OP, PTB, Sir tribeís games, and my personal favorite PTTE.

With an entirely spoiled season, the PTTE was a clunker this year. Then along came ARW and his little Survivor game. I had no clue what was going on the first few weeks. I did receive a PM from Michael asking to form an alliance for later on. I thought about it for a while and thought it could work.

When team Bob was formed, I made my move to firm up my alliance with Michael. I also used strategy to get myself farther. I wrote to Michael: ďAssuming we both make it through this last vote, I think we need to pull in two more people. There are now 10 people. With 4 votes we could send home who we want. I know I could count on Suzzee. Do you have someone you could pull in? And count on to vote how you say? I think we need to try to keep from the top score. I feel that is how people will vote, if they vote. Life is busy and itís hard to keep track of all these rules. People forget. That will help us. ď

What I didnít know was Michael had alliances with everyone. You sneaky dog!

I then set up an alliance with Suzzee and added Vixen for my back-up. That would give us 4 +1 votes to keep us safe. I knew I would have an extra vote in Vixen. I did not know that Suzzee was in an alliance with Michel.

Vixen asked me how I could vote against Michel in the end? I told her because we had no final 3 pact.

As the game continued we would vote off the high or low scores to keep ourselves in the middle and safe from votes.

This game is unique because it plays on several levels. It was new. It was fun. But then I heard of people getting hurt feelings. I do not believe I did anything to hurt feelings. I did tell Wallflower I was voting against her. I love you but when it comes down to points, I will vote for the person who has more points than me to win a game. I was also confused on how you knew who was in my alliance. But now I know.

I wrote to Suzzee and Vixen : ďIt is a game, it hurts to lose but all lose except one person. I believe the object of this game is to win. I want to go to the end with you both and let fate decide. ď

So to end my plea, I believe you should cast a vote for me. I am the last Even standing. I formed alliances to get me here. I have been a worthy opponent.

Thanks for taking time to read and vote. Good Luck everyone.

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