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"The Hills: LC Womancrushing"
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aids123 15 desperate attention whore postings
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04-17-08, 04:22 PM (EST)
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"The Hills: LC Womancrushing"
1) Audrina is just too nice to ever say know. And because of that LC is going to tweak on her real soon. This can only end badly.

2) LC has plenty of time to help out Whitney because she can only stare at that blank screen at Teen Vogue for so long.

3) Heidi is partying up a storm and Spencer isn’t going out. That is the exact opposite of how it normally is when men and woman take a break. Why doesn’t Spence call up his home boy Brody and rip up the town for old times sake? Can they be friends again already.

4) You know Whitney and Lauren are coming to this bar when they get off work.

5) I was wrong. But, even better, playboy Spence got his sorry butt off the couch. I knew that was too pathetic to be true. And then flirted up some random girls just to tick off Heidi, who almost had a heart attack breaking down his every move. Spencer’s Back!

6) Heidi storms off and disregards Audrina because of Spencer. Hmm, Heidi must really care about trying to hang out with the girls when all she can talk and think about is Spencer.

7) Heidi, if you are on a break, you can not tweak on him for ‘just talking’ to girls.

8) Audrina, “relationship vacation.” I like that term.

9) I give it two more episodes before LC quits Teen Vogue and signs on at Whitney’s new company.

10) It bothers me how hard they make Whitney’s job seem. Seriously, why don’t they plan this stuff ahead instead of waiting to the last second to make every damn decision? Why line up the models two minutes before going on the runway, why wouldn’t you start doing that with plenty of time to spare? Hey everyone, why don’t we congratulate Whitney on being able to line people up. Wow, I’m so impressed.

11) Crazy Flashback when Heidi just got in Spencer’s car. I remember it like it was yesterday, when Heidi tried to mess with Spencer’s mind by telling him she was pregnant when she wasn’t.

12) Brody is slowly getting fazed out of this show. Maybe, it’s because Brody might be getting his own spinoff.

13) LC is clearly taking that brunette’s job, they’ve gone over the top at foreshadowing this. It didn’t even take an entire episode before I was right in calling LC would leave Teen Vogue.

14) Just realized there has been zero boy drama so far this mini season for LC or Audrina yet? Very surprised by this. I kind miss Justin Bobby.

Previews: Holy Cow! That just happened, I write in number 14 I miss Justin Bobby and then the first part of the preview has Justin Bobby. Sometimes I amaze myself. The other part of the preview was ridiculous. LC looking for a house without Audrina is unfair, just because Heidi is taking advantage of Audrina’s niceness (yeah, I doubt it’s a word). Not to mention, she can’t just live with Lo, that would be the absolute worst move this show could make.

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