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It’s been years since I’ve made one of these lists mostly because it is pure folly; a list is never final or completely objective. With that in
12 messages
06-02-19 10:58 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38, Ep14 Finale: "I Can See The Big Bucks From Here" [View All]
In this perverted game of dodgeball, the pickup b-ball game where an offhand remark can leave you on the curb with only a rotten coconut husk
21 messages
06-01-19 05:53 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 4
Brutal week for me so was not able to keep up with the Board these past few days. Feel SOOOO bad for Michel who puts so much time into his James Joyce
12 messages
05-21-19 05:03 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38, Ep13: "Searching For A Busty Idol"
Last time Rick Devens proved that he wasn't going to fall for that "old banana in the tailpipe" trick again. [i]Rick:[
9 messages
05-15-19 07:43 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 13 LAST RANKING [View All]
OK, although I will always regard the ADS as a dastardly approach, it you’re going to do it THEN DO IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I can acknowledge
27 messages
05-15-19 07:39 PM
Be The Survivor" S38, Ep12 : Extinction Island Soaps"
Welcome to BTS Week 12. Unfortunately, your usual host, the inimitable EPMB (aka Executive Producer Mark Burnett, AKA Evil Prick Mark Burnett%
6 messages
05-08-19 07:41 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 12
Last week’s boot was personally motivated despite any Spin Doctor’s assessment about “biggest threat.” LOL. This week it was all about ganging
2 messages
05-08-19 07:31 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38, Ep11: "Fasten Your Oxygen Masks"
Warthog is on the warpath after his brutal decision to bump off Kelley. He may think that he rules his alliance, but he may also get Joffrey%2
14 messages
05-01-19 08:45 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 11
Alright, I’m posting this list 140+ hours [u]BEFORE[/u] the next episode airs. Does that officially change my status from hit-n-[i%5
8 messages
05-01-19 07:23 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 10
Well I’m sure butterfly watchers who get “chubbies” watching the social butterflies fluttering their wings back at camp were just as discontente
9 messages
04-24-19 07:21 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38, Ep10: "Blindside, Bloody Blindside"
After some of the marathon whisper-fest Tribal Councils lately, I have decreed that there will soon be a "Trial by Combat" feature for fut
3 messages
04-23-19 08:05 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 8
They should have stopped that IC...not because of Lauren passing out, but because of the ridiculousness of that silly challenge. Unless, of course
20 messages
04-22-19 06:55 PM
Survivors on The Amazing Race
There are three teams of former Survivors on the Amazing Race: - Rupert and his wife (Blood vs Water) - Eliza and Corinne
1 messages
04-21-19 11:01 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38, Ep09: "Y'all Makin' Me Cray Cray"
With Eric the latest contestant to see the Extinction Island Welcome Wagon, the legal firm of Warthog and Wentworth feel like things are final
8 messages
04-17-19 07:07 PM
Survivor 38 Player Ratings Episode 9:
It seems that Aruba is wasting a lot of time watching the NHL playoffs so I'll get this started. [center][b]You’re Spilling the
5 messages
04-17-19 06:54 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 1 [View All]
Well this goes down as one of the lamer Premiers. Only one hour didn’t help. With the standard two hours I generally have everyone’s name by the e
23 messages
04-07-19 11:58 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38, Ep08: "It's A Puppet Show"
Blended families are for the Brady's. As the remaining twelve contestants fight it out, Ron acts like a troll, challenges take their toll
1 messages
04-07-19 10:46 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 7
I had high expectations for this episode with a win-back-into-the-game challenge and the season’s first individual IC...but MEH. We would need to ha
12 messages
04-03-19 07:50 PM
“Be The Survivor” S38, Ep07: “Let’s Do The Twist” [View All]
Are you feeling the urge to merge? It’s time to call the bluff and drop your buffs as the Survivor contestants go through
24 messages
04-02-19 10:47 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38,Ep05: "Cocktail Weenies Pts 1&2"
We have two hours tonight which is good for boots, Extinction-ing and drama, but also creates chaos in the episode numbering department.
11 messages
03-27-19 05:59 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 5 & 6
I’m quite surprised Aubry was unable to pick up on Victoria not able to look at Aubry in the face while Victoria was lying through her teeth during
6 messages
03-26-19 09:46 PM
"Be The Survivor" S38,Ep04: "I Need To Do Some Dirty Dancing"
With Manu on something that looks like a Boeing stock nosedive, the time has come to drop the buffs and scramble the two tribes into three. %0
7 messages
03-19-19 09:53 PM
“Be The Survivor” S38, Ep03: “(Chicken) Breasts Are Going To Get Exposed”
Edge of Extinction or Breakfast Buffet? When we left Keith, he seemed to be hopping from foot to foot on a hot skillet. The big decision he
1 messages
03-11-19 03:05 PM
Survivor 38 Player Rankings Ep. 3
Any viewer who needed to wait until Ep. 3 to figure out which turn Keith would take should be punished with a lifetime ban from watching Reality TV. O
4 messages
03-09-19 07:05 PM
“Be The Survivor” S38, Ep02: “War. (Uhh!) What Is It Good For?”
When you’re a returning player, the target on your back seemingly leases space to a [i]second[/i] target, making you especially
17 messages
03-06-19 07:41 PM
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