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Parks & Recreation
I've seen several episodes of Parks & Recreation. IMO, the jury is still out. I watched it because I like Amy Poehler, but am unsure about t
7 messages
12-09-16 01:50 AM
Baby Borrowers - Social Experiment? [View All]
Has anyone heard anything on this show on NBC yet? They give babies to teens for a few days at a time to give them a dose of reality. Would you give
21 messages
07-10-16 02:33 PM
When We Left Earth
I guess this documentary/mini-series will belong over here since all the footage is from the NASA archives and therefore real. Did anyo
4 messages
07-10-16 02:32 PM
The Moment Of Truth: Season #2.
Which makes the first question (aimed at a network executive hooked up to the lie detector) into 'Why, dear gawds, why?'
2 messages
07-10-16 02:31 PM
NYC Prep?
No love for this show? It's so awful it's FANTASTIC. I can't find it anywhere on these boards. Can someone help? Or should I star
9 messages
07-10-16 02:30 PM
Shows with Depth
I came across this clip on youtube and thought it was worth watching: R0 the show loo
4 messages
07-10-16 02:29 PM
The Revamped Trading Spaces - Ex-spouse episode
I searched to see if anyone had posted about this episode, which aired last Saturday night I believe (01/26). I didn't spot any such thread
6 messages
07-10-16 02:27 PM
The OCD Project
VH1 is at it again. Good thing they replay their shows over and over and over again, huh? [
2 messages
07-10-16 02:26 PM
Amazons Wanted for Reality TV
Amazons wanted for Reality TV ! Fantastic news!! A Reality TV crew in Australia want to send in cameras to film Camp Amazon NZ during
The Jenga
6 messages
07-10-16 02:26 PM
Bravo's Most Outrageous Moments Show
Top 20 were as follows: #20. Project Runway 1, argument between Wendy Pepper and Kara Saun. #19. Showdog Mom and Dad, the
13 messages
07-10-16 02:25 PM
Celebra Cadabra
Which once again proves that the instant Ant decides he's holding the whip hand, he starts beating the viewers with it. Maybe it's the pain of
13 messages
07-10-16 02:23 PM
Paige Davis talks about her return to TLC's 'Trading Spaces' sive-paige-davis-talks-about-her-return-tlc-trading-spaces-6443.php
12 messages
07-10-16 02:22 PM
17 kids and counting on what? [View All]
The Duggars leave me speechless.I can't really stand their show yet I cannot look away when it is on.
32 messages
07-10-16 02:19 PM
Undercover Boss
Well, THIS seems interesting. I have to fill the vapid hole left by [i]Survivor[/i]. It premiers after the Super Bowl, so with that mu
4 messages
07-10-16 02:16 PM
Little People Big World Arrest! reported that the star of the show Matt Roloff was arrested for DUI last month. You know he seemed like a know it all but I didn%2
5 messages
07-10-16 02:15 PM
Thank God You're Here
I LMAO at this show last night. Joel McHale and Brian Cranston were hi-larious, especially in the superhero skit at the end. Monique also did quite
10 messages
07-10-16 02:14 PM
Tool Academy
Looks like the flip side of Charm School, but with peeps we haven't seen before. Just saw the ad for this. http://blog
20 messages
07-10-16 02:13 PM
"Outsider's Inn" Are you kidding me, already???
I always had the idea that Bobby Brown was, like, untouchable in the world of blues singers. But, YOUSA! Has he stooped as low as it comes,
5 messages
07-10-16 02:12 PM
Work Out, Season 2
Anyone watching this year? I got hooked on it during the season but I must admit I checked it out last year only because my name is Jackie as well.
Rebel Crown
13 messages
07-10-16 02:11 PM
Scream Queens
Didn't watch. Oh man, you so missed out on a trainwreck from hell :) I was actually happy with the winner. Maybe it's just the
2 messages
07-10-16 02:10 PM
Brovo TV has the best in my opinion reality Tv Shows, Shear Genius, Work out, they are both very interesting to watch?
8 messages
07-10-16 02:09 PM
Tabatha's Salon Takeover - How real are any of these shows?
Okay, so I watch Tabatha's Salon Takeover. Don't even ask why. It's on at the right place at the right time is all I can say. The thing
7 messages
07-10-16 02:08 PM
Solitary - One of the most interesting shows, but no board?
I was a little surprised not to find a board here dedicated to one of my favorite reality shows: Solitary (was shown on the Fox Reality channel)
Nuclear Waste
6 messages
07-10-16 02:07 PM
...come for the makeup artistry, stay for the nude models covered in body paint? Or was that the other way around? Actuall
6 messages
07-10-16 02:06 PM
Undercover Boss: Ratburger Inc.
It would normally be amazing to think that a company owner on this scale would consider five thousand dollars to be a lot of money, but let's be f
16 messages
07-10-16 02:05 PM
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