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Be The Houseguest Roleplay Thread - Week 5 [View All]
Whoda thunk we'd become the most talked-about members of the SO house? I mean, we've been everywhere! The neighbor's bushes,
Cygnus X1
64 messages
07-10-16 03:46 PM
Rhonda Britten - Life Coach from Hell [View All]
Here is an account of someone who not only had bad dealings with Rhonda but Cassie, as well. Unsurprising, but still sad. I can't believe Rhon
24 messages
05-04-16 01:59 PM
What Is Life Coaching?
This quote by Tony Robbins pretty abundant sums up life generally. Change is inescapable in life. It's what move us forward, toward bigger and hig
0 messages
05-04-16 05:54 AM
Look in Spoilers for your answer. We don't want constant requests for recaps on here. Take a look in the Links Compilation threads for s
Cygnus X1
5 messages
12-08-15 03:21 PM
new starting over
Is anybody but me sick of the replacements for Starting Over. All of them have done horribly. The time frame in the mid-atlantic was crappy but I real
7 messages
05-04-15 12:34 PM
If anyone could upload Starting over eppisodes to youtube I would be very grateful!
Hi everyone, I don't even know if people come on this forum anymore. Though I found starting over late in season three i was a fan for a w
2 messages
03-03-15 03:19 PM
everybody is busy
I know everyone is busy, but those of you who really miss Starting Over would at least respond to the message boards, it might make a difference.
5 messages
07-07-08 00:11 AM
Where are they now?
Has anyone thought of a where are they now discussion? I wonder what some of the woman are doing. Don't you? If you have info or are a past Star
7 messages
12-17-07 03:18 PM
grumpy mom
I am so ticked off about no more starting over.I really want to know what happened to the woman that had the courage to enter the starting over house.
0 messages
11-15-07 03:35 AM
starting over show
Is this truly the end for starting over or will they do another show? I finally found this site to answer my question that if it was cancelled or no
1 messages
07-03-07 07:27 AM
Karinne Steffans blamed for Whitney/Bobby Divorce?
I just came across this story involving that ho-bag, Karinne Steffans, who was featured on Starting Over as a "mentor" to (the hooker) Chr
6 messages
04-02-07 10:56 AM
what u want 4 ur birthday
its mine today and all i want is to not be a mom and wife and cook and maid and not to serve coffee or hear people complain about the price of gas (
0 messages
03-25-07 02:45 PM
Starting Over Links and Message Board Compilation Thread [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-12-05 AT 07:25 AM (EST)[/font] Doesn't look like anyone started this yet, and Bebo said on
132 messages
02-13-07 10:01 AM
i village
I really hate i villiage. I am just hoping for another starting over show. It really stinks that the powers that be cancelled it. I learned so m
0 messages
01-06-07 03:50 AM
Attention New Posters
Starting Over has been cancelled. Please do not start new threads asking about the status of the show, why your station is no longer airing it, w
4 messages
12-03-06 07:38 PM
petition to save Starting Over
There is a web site called that has a petition to try and save "Starting Over". Even though it is no longer on the air, pe
0 messages
12-03-06 04:35 PM
starting over
i too am very curious what happened to one of my favorite shows 'starting over'.........i have watched it from the beginning and am very sad to se
1 messages
10-26-06 09:15 AM
What happened to PJ
Does anyone remember PJ? I wonder what ever happened to her leg???
0 messages
10-12-06 10:27 PM
Rhonda's Website [View All]
News flash! I just tried it and it's not there anymore. Is it just down or gone? Has she skipped town?! What if someone needs a hug?!
44 messages
10-10-06 06:39 PM
Rhonda's Gift Shop
For those of us looking to get a head start on Christmas shopping the Fearless Living Gift Shop is offering key chains for just $29.00! Good Lord%
8 messages
10-02-06 12:30 PM
Andy Paige Off To Bigger And Better Things
The word in Tinsel Town is that Ms. Paige has just signed on to do makeup for none other than Bozo The Clown. Andy's staff will neither confirm no
9 messages
09-27-06 04:39 PM
Starting over website?
There used to be a SO website where I could get to see what has happened to the graduates of the SO house but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone k
1 messages
09-22-06 04:22 PM
The End
I must admit that I am extremely sad at the demise of Starting Over. It was one of the only decent shows on the television wasteland. I'd love to
Lady Dark Moon
2 messages
09-20-06 01:11 PM
Come On Now, Where Your Really Surprised That It Was Cancelled?
This is a long post, please do not read if you do not like long posts. Dear Starting Over Fans: I cannot believe that anyone who h
2 messages
09-18-06 07:14 PM
Everyone lets get Starting Over on DVD
Go to register and vote for SO to be released on DVD PLEASE DO IT NOW.
10 messages
09-18-06 11:20 AM
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