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"Pirate Master PTTE"

Posted by kircon on 05-21-07 at 05:13 AM
Ahoy buckos, Captin Longbraid here. I hear scuttlebutt about a new MB show. Something about being a Pirate Master. Arg!

If you scallywagís would like to play a game, I will hoist the flag on my sea rover, the Rapunzel. And what is on that flag? Well, Sink Me! Itís:


Hereís the Code of Conduct for you squiffy, Flibustiers:

1. Every Pirate shall obey the Captainís command.
*List your prediction on who gets cut adrift for the entire season. Start with the first Marked Pirate cast adrift (#16) and end with the Pirate Master (#1).

2. All Pirates shall perform their share of duties aboard the ship.
*Maintain your list. Are your predictions correct? Well Sink Me! Are you getting Black Spots? Arggg! Feel free to change your list. Just swab the deck when yer done.

3. At the Captainís discretion, treachery is punishable by addition of points. *You will be given +5 points every week if you change your Pirate PTTE list. You may change the list as many times as you want, up to the deadline. The last list at the time of deadline will be used.

4. Pirates shall protect their own bounty. DO NOT EDIT AFTER THE DEADLINE OR I WILL GO WITH THE LAST LIST from the previous week. You may change your first lists as many times as you want, up to 7:59 p.m EDT on Thurs. 05/31/07. You will not be penalized for any changes made before the first episode airs.

5. All bounty shall be split according to the Pirate Master code. *You do NOT want points... they're bad. Every point counts against you in the standings, so try to avoid them.

*Points will be awarded to every pirate cast adrift in the game after each episode of Pirate Master. Points will be awarded as the difference between where you thought this week's cast-off would finish and where the they actually finished.

For example: You thought that Azmyth was going to be Pirate Master; he was cut adrift at 16. (16 - 1 = 15) That means you would receive 15 points for the week. You think that Azmyth will go at 14; he was cut adrift at 8. (14 - 8 = 6) That means you would receive 6 points for the week. Or ....you thought Azmyth was going to be booted at 16, and he was. (16 - 16 = 0. You would receive 0 points for the week.

6. Pirates shall take on the responsibility of preparing a timely list.
If you do not enter before the first episode, you will start with a score equivalent to 8 points per episode you missed.

7. Every Pirate shall have equal title to fresh water and strong liquors. Grab your pint of grog or ice tea and join us for the first season of Pirate Master.

8. Possession is nine tenths of the law. I be keeping all the lists in the Chest of Zanzibar until the final cast-off. There will be no hornswaggling

Here be your list of Pirates:

"We be brave, we be bold,
but with king's men starboard stern,
we be sure to not grow old".

Alexis Shubin

Azmyth Kaminski

Ben Fagen

Cheryl Kosewicz

Christa DeAngelo

Christian Okoye

Jay Hatkow

Joe Don "J.D." Morton

John Lakness

Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen

Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza

Kendra Guffey

Laurel Schmidt

Louie Frase

Nessa Nemir

Sean Twomey

Now is the time to be a pirate, Henry Steel can be proud of. Give no quarter while you post your list. I be off to the Rapunzel, to bring a spring upon her cable. Deadline is 1 minute before showtime, May 31, 2007

Are you the Pirate Master?

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"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by dragonflies on 05-21-07 at 02:17 PM
I suck at PTTE games.

My list is:

Christa DeAngelo (#16)
Cheryl Kosewicz
Alexis Shubin
Nessa Nemir
Kendra Guffey
Ben Fagen
Joe Don "J.D." Morton
John Lakness
Laurel Schmidt
Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen
Christian Okoye
Jay Hatkow
Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza
Louie Frase
Sean Twomey
Azmyth Kaminski #1

Tribe says I'm subtle but dangerous.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Magnolia_Rocker on 05-21-07 at 02:26 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-21-07 AT 02:48 PM (EST)

Ugh! I really don't do well at this game...(see AI and Survivor for proof). But, to see if I can keep my loser record for a three-peat here we go...

16. Kendra Guffey
15. Sean Twomey
14. John Lakeness
13. Nessa Nemir
12. Alexis Shubin
11. Cheryl Kosewicz
10. Ben Fagan
9. Joy McElveen
8. JD Norton
7. Christa DeAngelo
6. Laurel Schmidt
5. Azmyth Kaminski
4. Louis Frase
3. Jupiter Mendoza
2. Christian Okoye
1. Jay Hatkow

Tribey made me rock!

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by emydi on 05-21-07 at 02:28 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-21-07 AT 02:31 PM (EST)

um, where are the spoilers?

16. Alexis
15. Nessa
14. Joy
13. Joe
13. Kendra
12. Christa
11. Ben
10. Laurel
9. Ben
8. John
7. Jupiter
6. Christian
5. Louis
4. Sean
3. Azmyth
2. Cheryl
1. Jay--winner

Post to Emy's Emmy thread

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by mcrone on 05-22-07 at 03:54 PM
16 Kendra Guffey
15 Cheryl Kosewicz
14 John Lakeness
13 Christa DeAngelo
12 Sean Twomey
11 Nessa Nemir
10 Ben Fagan
9 JD Norton
8 Alexis Shubin
7 Joy McElveen
6 Christian Okoye
5 Jupiter Mendoza
4 Louis Frase
3 Laurel Schmidt
2 Azmyth Kaminski
1 Jay Hatkow

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by dreamerbeliever on 05-24-07 at 02:57 AM
LAST EDITED ON 05-25-07 AT 11:25 PM (EST)

Love that this is spoiler free almost as much as that pic of you kircon

1st Out - Laurel Schmidt
2nd - Nessa Nemir
3rd - Christa DeAngelo
4th - John Lakness
5th - Joe Don "J.D." Morton
6th - Azmyth Kaminski
7th - Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza
8th - Louie Frase
9th - Alexis Shubin
10th - Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen
11th - Christian Okoye
12th - Jay Hatkow
13th - Ben Fagen
14th - Cheryl Kosewicz
15th - Kendra Guffey
Winner - Sean Twomey

edited because I think there may have been lots of truth in Dad-eo's interview. Doubt if he's as slick as Jiffy pre-season. May edit again

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by kircon on 05-24-07 at 10:55 AM
That's Captain Longbraid Sir Dreamer! Tell your friends about our spoil-free site.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by dreamerbeliever on 05-25-07 at 01:25 AM
Uhoh, disrespected the PTTE Captain. 20 lashing for me (ripping off shirt), you may begin the punishment. Oh yeah, that's the stuff! BTW Captain Longbraid, will be editing my list at a later date because of the new interview from the host. Never said I didn't want to use info outside of my intuition, which has proven itself to be not so reliable.

And tribe, fun site! Real life name is now Pirate Bud the Bald. Think itís one of those ironic type nicknames. Like a big guy being called Tiny, cause one thing going for me is a full head of hair. Screen name is now Sea Monkey Bart. So I guess Iím now a sales gimmick named Bart.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by tribephyl on 05-25-07 at 07:15 AM
Sea Monkey Bart....?

For real? You woulda fit in nicely with the last season of LL. We had a seamonkey race. I'm sure you woulda won.

My IRL name, translated, is: Pirate Burt the Engorged.
And I assure you it's not one of those "Big guy called Tiny" things.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by dreamerbeliever on 05-25-07 at 03:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-25-07 AT 03:59 PM (EST)

Arr, so the tale of Pirate Burt the Engorged is true! Thought it was a fallacy.

"tribe's pre-show/original PTTE"
Posted by tribephyl on 05-24-07 at 08:05 PM
I was going to forego playing this game. Seems me and PTTE have a long and sordid past together and I wasn't sure if I was up to the challenge of picking and staying with an order of plank walkin'. Well, that was until I ran across my newest spoiler/speculation.

Okay. It's not really a spoiler, (more speculation...or cons-piracy) and I also realize that most of you will laugh at my new strategy. (Specially since I'm sharing it with everyone rather then hording it myself. Okay, really it'll be because it's a sure-fire path of PTTE disaster, a path you already know you shouldn't go down, but I can't make decisions on these pirate wannabes yet, so I'm looking for guidance of any kind.)

I ran across a website, some of you may actually be familiar with... the Pirate Name Generator. Whilest entering and compiling the Pirate names for all of the pirate master's cast, I happened to notice something. (Probably nothing. But When I'm starting with nothing, as noted, I will cling onto anything.)

First off....My "pirate" name is tribe phyl: Pirate Jaques the Disgruntled.
Ooo...I'm a pirate. And I'm French and disgruntled. (Sounds about right.)

But as far as the cast? Only two players came up as pirates. (Jupiter and JD)
And only two more came up as Cap'ns. (Christa and Jay)
The rest I divided into two categories. The 2/1 (or +) and the 1/2 (or X). Divided by the set up of their "pirate" name.
Those with 2 describing words before a first name and those with a single describer before a full name.

Here's how I divided them using their pirate generated names:

Alexis Shubin: Lazy Eye Jo +

Ben Fagen: Plank Monkey William +

Cheryl Kosewicz: Poop Deck Brandy +

Christian Okoye: Poop Deck Finn +

Kendra Guffey: Jelly Wrist Bianca +

Nessa Nemir: Fish Breath Faye +

Azmyth Kaminski: "Quadruped" Hidalgo Sparrow X

John Lakness: Androgynous Garrick Cutler X

Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen: Blind Deb Hornigold X

Laurel Schmidt: Stutterin' Uma Bonny X

Louie Frase: Rotting Baird Grimm X

Sean Twomey: Rancid Isaac Drake X

Joe Don "J.D." Morton: Pirate Ross the Fruit *

Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza: Pirate Anne the Malformed *

Christa DeAngelo: Cap'n Evelyn Leadblade *

Jay Hatkow: Cap'n Jim Beerbong *

Two cap'ns? Final 2?
I bet the pirates are the instigators of the most drama and might even be among the final 4. Or at least strong players to go against the cap'ns.
The Xs (or 1/2s) seem to be our dramatic crowd. Louie, Sean, Azmyth, John all look to be our "for purposes of drama" pirates.

And finally, the +s (or 2/1s)
I getting the least amount of vibes from these cast members.
My bet is they will serve as the early bootees plank walkers.

Of course, this could all be in my head too.
But just to add a couple more pirate generated names for reference?...
Cameron Daddo: Cap'n Argus Leadhead

Mark Burnett: Pirate Iggy the Badly Burnt

Things that make you go hmmm...

By the way, these names will be used as the basis for the new Be The Pirate Master dialouge game. Sign-ups Going on here.

Oh and as to my PTTE? (of which I almost forgot to do)

16. Christian Okoye (First Plank Walker)
15. Alexis Shubin
14. Cheryl Kosewicz
13. Ben Fagen
12. Nessa Nemir
11. Kendra Guffey
10. Louie Frase
09. Azmyth Kaminski
08. John Lakness
07. Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen
06. Laurel Schmidt
05. Sean Twomey
04. Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza
03. Joe Don "J.D." Morton
02. Christa DeAngelo
01. Jay Hatkow (Winner / Pirate Master)

"RE: tribe's pre-show/original PTTE"
Posted by emydi on 05-29-07 at 11:43 AM
I'm Jelly Legs Anita *boggle*

"RE: tribe's pre-show/original PTTE"
Posted by CTgirl on 05-29-07 at 12:54 PM
Have trouble walkin' the decks?!

"RE: tribe's pre-show/original PTTE"
Posted by Magnolia_Rocker on 05-29-07 at 02:50 PM
I lurv name generators.

Board name piratized: Saggin' Jowls Darby
RL Name piratized: "Machete" Mae Blythe <--Like this one!

Tribey made me rock!

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by ARnutz on 05-25-07 at 10:49 AM
What the heck. Here goes...

16. Christa DeAngelo
15. Laurel Schmidt
14. Nessa Nemir
13. Azmyth Kaminski
12. Kendra Guffey
11. Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen
10. John Lakness
09. Jay Hatkow
08. Cheryl Kosewicz
07. Alexis Shubin
06. Joe Don "J.D." Morton
05. Louie Frase
04. Ben Fagen
03. Christian Okoye
02. Sean Twomey
01. Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza ~ winner

I will probably suck at this.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Bravehart on 05-25-07 at 04:29 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-25-07 AT 05:48 PM (EST)

Ahr-be-dar Matee Kircon et al!

Well that wasn't a very long repite me mates.
Braveheart wants in on the haul! This pirate needs time to study me crew.

Here is the official link for the bios:


And a good Q&A re: pirates:


Mates, here is a good site for our jargon:


I know there'll be no hornswaggling round ere rite, else you be dancin the Hempen Jig!

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Agman2 on 12-08-15 at 05:50 PM
LAST EDITED ON 12-08-15 AT 05:50 PM (EST)

So......As someone already asked....which is it hart or heart. This is really bugging me even all these years later!

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by michel on 05-28-07 at 12:42 PM
I'm ready for a Pirate adventure:

16th - Laurel Schmidt
15th - Nessa Nemir
14th - Jupiter Mendoza
13th - John Lakness
12th - Christian Okoye
11th - Joy McElveen
10th - Azmyth Kaminski
9th - Louie Frase
8th - Sean Twomey
7th - Alexis Shubin
6th - Kendra Guffey
5th - Jay Hatkow
4th - Ben Fagen
3rd - Cheryl Kosewicz
2nd - Christa DeAngelo
Winner - J.D. Morton

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by adricharlie on 05-28-07 at 04:30 PM
I may as well give this a try as well:
Elicia "Jupiter" Mendoza - #16
John Lakness
Azmyth Kaminski
Christian Okoye
Laurel Schmidt
Alexis Shubin
Ben Fagen
Kendra Guffey
Cheryl Kosewicz
Joe Don "J.D." Morton
Sean Twomey
Christa DeAngelo
Jocelyn "Joy" McElveen
Louie Frase
Nessa Nemir
Jay Hatkow - #1

Courtesy of Tribe....

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by CTgirl on 05-29-07 at 10:55 AM
Avast, Gorgeous Jackie Morgan here. I be ready to cast off, go plundering and hopefully me score will not end up in Davy Jones' locker!

Joy (first off)

Shiver me timbers. My full name came out to be Fruity Xena Bonny. that's either a deranged pirate or a porn star!

"Corvis' PTTE"
Posted by Corvis on 05-29-07 at 02:03 PM
Pretty hard to guess this one, but here's what I got...

Sean Twomey - 1st out
Laurel Schmidt
Christian Okoye
Cheryl Kosewicz
Jupiter Mendoza
Nessa Nemir
John Lakness
Alexis Shubin
Ben Fagen
Christa DeAngelo
Joy McElveen
Louie Frase
Azmyth Kaminski
Kendra Guffey
J.D. Morton
Jay Hatkow - winner

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Georgianna on 05-30-07 at 12:39 PM

Pirate Portrait by Don Vernon

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by kircon on 05-31-07 at 11:17 AM
Do I understand correct? Laurel is first out and John is the Pirate Master? I love the look of your list.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Georgianna on 05-31-07 at 02:16 PM

Yes, you have it right. And thank you for asking.

John is, according to our new host, a very intelligent "loose cannon". Like Richard Hatch. He is also an exhibitionist. Like Richard Hatch. And, like Richard Hatch, he is an Aries in a contestant field that should favor natives of that Sign.

But, unlike Richard Hatch (or the more recent, and sedate, Earl), given my luck he was probably the first to go. Sad thing is, unless he reads this Board, he'll never know why ...

I'm glad you like the "look". I got a bit carried away. And I promise all the Virgo among us that I'll correct the spelling of Azmyth's name the first time I have to rearrange all those darned bones.

A few hours from now.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Glow on 05-30-07 at 01:48 PM
ugh. I am terrrrrrible at these.

Azmyth - winner

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by MJewel on 05-30-07 at 07:29 PM
My pirate generated names are for MJewel: Cap'n Abigail Mowhawk
For Krissy: Pirate Jan the Mauve
For Kristina: Pirate Eve the Rum-Swiller (Aren't they great names!)

ok...my PTTE List:

Kendra (First Out)
Jay (Winner)

(Girl pirate siggie courtesy of agman!)

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by whoami on 05-30-07 at 10:29 PM
#1:Azmyth (winner)

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by kircon on 05-31-07 at 12:10 PM
Here be my list:

16. Christa
15. "J.D."
14. John
13. Alexis
12. "Joy"
11. Laurel
10. Christian
9. "Jupiter"
8. Cheryl
7. Ben Fagen
6. Nessa
5. Louie
4. Kendra
3. Sean
2. Azmyth
1. Jay The Pirate Master

Thanks tribe for the wonderful name generating site.
My online name is: Pirate Jean the Off-White?

My RL Pirate name is: Cap'n Carmen Cannonballs
I will use this one. Thank you.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by dreamerbeliever on 05-31-07 at 01:23 PM
Let me be the first to say, nice cannonballs

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Bravehart on 05-31-07 at 03:18 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-31-07 AT 03:42 PM (EST)

Me crew is ready to walk the plank in this order, me tinks....

16. John
15. Christian
14. Ben
13. Laurel
12. Joy
11. Alexis
10. Sean
9. Christa
8. Jupiter
7. Louie
6. Azmyth
5. Nessa
4. Cheryl
3. JD
2. Kendra
1. Jay (winner)

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by kidflash212 on 12-08-15 at 03:15 PM
Heart or Hart. Make up your mind.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by cahaya on 05-31-07 at 05:23 PM
First list, likely to change somewhere along the way!

16. Joy (first to walk the plank)
15. Louis
14. Laurel
13. JD
12. Nessa
11. Sean
10. Alexis
9. John
8. Jupiter
7. Christian
6. Cheryl
5. Ben
4. Kendra
3. Jay
2. Christa
1. Azmyth (the Pirate Master)

Piracy on the high seas & hoisting of the Jolly Roger by agman

"KYGail PTTE entry"
Posted by dreamerbeliever on 05-31-07 at 06:51 PM
A wet behind the ears pirate made their PTTE entry in the fantasy game, so just bringing it over. It's post #90. My pirate nickname really should be "DB the Golden Heart"

I wanna play!
My list:

16. Laura S
15. Nessa N
14. Christa D
13. Kendra G
12. Ben F
11. Joy M
10. Alex S
9. JD N.
8. Christian
7. Jupiter
6. Azmyth
5. Jay H
4. Sean T
3. Louis F
2 Cheryl K.
1. John L.

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Wallflower66 on 05-31-07 at 07:12 PM
Aye, damn! Me thought I did this already!

Me list (Spoiler free! Argh!!):

16. Kendra
15. Laurel
14. Alexis
13. Sean
12. Joy
11. Alexis
10. Louie
9. Christian
8. Jupiter
7. Cheryl
6. Ben
5. Azmyth
4. J.D.
3. John
2. Nessa
1. Jay

Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

An Arrghman original

"RE: Pirate Master PTTE"
Posted by Agman2 on 05-07-15 at 10:41 AM
They're all going to walk the plank, just like the show.