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Help -- Does TAR have a "loser island"?
Please forgive my ignorance, but I have been having this discussion with my mother-in-law about what happens to the eliminated teams from the amazin
1 messages
04-06-02 04:56 AM
Non elimination?
Some believe next week to be the first of three, yet I remember posting an article here in which Phil the host said that all non elimination rounds
7 messages
04-04-02 08:04 PM
My thoughts on Amazing Race 2
In my opinion, this season's AR2 did not live up to my expectations. For a start, the editing is horrible. The music and the scene does not mat
18 messages
04-04-02 04:12 PM
Time Penalty?
I could be wrong, but shouldn't Tara&Will and Chris&Alex get penalized for taking that taxi from the airport? Didn't the clue say to take
2 messages
04-04-02 11:15 AM
Estimated Arrival Times at Lodge?
Well, according to the information in the show, came up with some of the times they arrived at Windhoek... Correct me if I'm wrong! %0
2 messages
04-04-02 06:08 AM
Episode 5 Thoughts
What do you guys think?
2 messages
04-01-02 07:48 PM
Thai Questions
Hey all, One Question (well, I have many, but save them for another post): With the teams heading to Thailand for tw
4 messages
04-01-02 07:14 PM
Blake vs. Wil and Next Elimination
We've all seen the previews about the Blake vs. Wil showdown. I'm curious as to who you all want to see put who in whose place. Personally I want
2 messages
03-31-02 10:17 AM
Another interview with Hope & Norm
The [ om_0321020034.html|Oak Ridger] did an interview with Hope & Norm and wrote a story titled
11 messages
03-23-02 04:10 PM
A champagne toast to the winners! (Episode 3)
Because Danny and Oswald could not enjoy their champagne (in coach), we toasted their victory for them!
9 messages
03-22-02 09:28 PM
Did I miss Mary drinking the salty smiley soda?
Did the producers show Mary drinking the smiley soda in the shanty town or did I miss it? (Gotta get that VCR fixed!) Darn, that is the one
5 messages
03-22-02 07:44 PM
My theory on the Grannies demise
Though this post is not itself a SPOILER, I will be using them to make my case. You have been warned. OK, this is my personal theory o
9 messages
03-21-02 07:44 PM
Two for three (comments on 3/20 episode)
Two for three. Boy I'm good. :) Just kidding. This was an interesting episode. Looking for Mandela's prison cell brought a bit
3 messages
03-21-02 11:48 AM
Spoiler - Episode 3
I know where the next leg is. Don't look further if you don't want to know. %
11 messages
03-19-02 01:56 PM
TAR: International Travel and Visa's
An unusual thought just occured to me last night: One of the principles of TAR is that the teams "have no idea where they are going"%
5 messages
03-19-02 01:44 PM
Where will they end up?
Hey all, VERYYYYYYY HUGE fan of both TAR and TAR2.....watched every episode of both and love it......but never got around to posting the
8 messages
03-18-02 00:44 AM
An Amazing Race Speculatory Thread....Oooooh
Well I don't even watch this show but I've decided to give it a try next week since it's after Survivor (I didn't know this week)
11 messages
03-16-02 09:01 PM
Episode 2. Amazing...
Wow that was one of the most exciting episodes ever...last 10mins....Watch those two teams go at it...I hoped they'd win from the beginning (blake
2 messages
03-14-02 01:31 PM
"TAR2" Contestant Analysis Now Up and Running at The Trades!
Mary Russell, who analyzed the first show throughout its entire run and gave the edge to Rob and Brennan, has whipped together a column on how she
3 messages
03-14-02 01:26 PM
Teams placing at start and finish of Ep.2
I think the way teams moved around in the rankings this episode really shows how crazy TAR2 is and will continue to be. Here's the rankin
Canada Girl
1 messages
03-14-02 12:01 PM
Thoughts on 3/11 episode
Teams I like: Tara and Will Blake and Paige Mary and Peach Chris and ? Deirdre and Hillary The Grannies %
25 messages
03-12-02 11:01 PM
Team Wilma Will not Make It
She's got the smarts and he's a big whiner. OOh lets pick a fight cuz he cut the line. Dude, you register as a team... you no show cuz you'r
0 messages
03-12-02 05:29 PM
No FF in this episode?
None of the teams went for the FF this time. I never even heard it mentioned by Phil. Maybe they intentionally didn't talk about it because nobody
3 messages
03-12-02 01:56 PM
No $$$ or Clock/Timer Shown
I guess we all know the answer to the question: Are they going to show us how much cash everyone has and a running timer of when events take place.%
Canada Girl
3 messages
03-12-02 11:45 AM
Tara & Wil walking past graffiti vidcap
I doubt it will be any use, but I vidcapped the following strip of Tara and Wil walking past a wall with graffiti -- maybe there's an off chance s
7 messages
03-12-02 09:32 AM
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