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"March 11"
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samboohoo 17173 desperate attention whore postings
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03-12-08, 06:04 AM (EST)
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"March 11"
LAST EDITED ON 03-12-08 AT 06:05 AM (EST)

Oh My. (*&)*& *(& P*(*)(*&(* *(& @##@#@%@#%@.

What? What are you asking? How dare you ask such a question? Can't you and all of America see that Brittany and Maggie are working so hard every day whining?


I guess the real reason Maggie and Brittany aren't losing weight is because their skin is so darn thick, and it keeps getting thicker.


All of the previous players sent home returned to the ranch for a shot at getting back into the game. There were some terrific numbers - even from the Green Team. And the White Team. Remember them? Remember thinking no way they do it. Well, they are off to a great start.

Curtis and Mallory (the Brown team) had really, really, good numbers. Curtis lost 100. Mallory was 67, I believe. But ultimately Mark returned (90 pounds), along with Ali (60 something) from Team Pink.

Ali looked incredible. And I was very happy for her because she really was the victim of game play. Yay Ali!!

Ali wasn't sure where she fit in. Since Mark was highest-percentage loser, he got to chose which team he wanted to be on. He chose Blue, of course. So Ali got stuck with Team Whine, No Cheese.

Brit, Maggie and Kelly were already feeling kind of low from losing Bernie, and Ali returning made them feel even more like crap. Jealous more like it (IMO) because Ali had done so well at home alone. Way better than they are doing at the ranch.

Ali was getting along with the guys. The girls didn't like that. And even during one meal, she sat with the boys. So Jillian made her go to the gym to see what she was made of. Jillian put Ali through a brutal workout. The other girls watched and gawked. Oh sure, they were on the treadmills, but I didn't see anything close to the 14s Jillian has them usually running. Ali proved to be tough.

The Challenge involved peddling on stationary bikes, which were hooked up to a strip of light bulbs. Every time you burned 10 calories, a light lit up. The goal was to get all of your lights to light up. The last two players in each round would be eliminated. Winner earned two votes.

Round 1: Kelly and Ali out.
Round 2: Brittany and Kelly out.
Round 3: Jay and Roger out.
Round 4: Dan wins! Yes, Dan. Even though Mark had won every other round. And I don't think it was a fluke.

Brittany and Maggie cried and whined some more. Except during Dan's weigh-in when he put up a 4. Then we saw a big smile on Maggie's face, but more of that in a moment.


I can't remember exactly what started the conversation. But Host Ali asked something about it being a hard week for Black with Bernie's departure and then the return of other players. Jillian then started a little cursing spell about leaving Brittany alone because she had had a horrible week. Host Ali didn't quite understand and started to ask again, to which Jillian completely lost it and shouted many, many things, I believe all beginning with "f." And mentioning something about there being no way in hell a girl could win.

Ali handled it well and moved right over to Bob, who had to spit out a bunch of babble about how much the trainers really care about the players, etc. I think Bob really wanted to fall on the floor and laugh.


Ali: 7
Mark: 7
Dan: 4 (Yikes)
Roger: 8
Jay: 5 (I think)
Kelly: 7 or 8 I think
Brittany: 2
Maggie 0

Remember what I said about Maggie. She was all smiles at the thought of Dan's 4, but ultimately, she and Brittany were in the bottom two.

Host Ali threw a jab back at Jillian about how, after all the talk before the weigh-in, a girl ended up being the biggest loser for the week.

So we go to the elimination room with Brittany and Maggie as the bottom 2. There are 4 Blue team, plus Dan's extra vote, plus Ali and Kelly.

At the most surprising elimination ever, the votes are . . . somewhere with Phil on a Super Leg.

Commence with the "f" bombs here. Okay, if you want to know who was elminated, read the fine print below. TV Guide already spoiled it by featuring one of the bottom 2 in next week's makeover episode.

ETA: I'll take a Blue Boys' Sob Fest any day over the complete and utter Whine Fest from last night.

Brittany gets a makeover, so Maggie must go. I wonder if Maggies throws herself under the bus because at home she has Jen, who surprised me by losing as much as she did on her own.

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