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"TAR11 Fans, Time To Vote! Week 2"
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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
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02-23-07, 01:07 AM (EST)
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"TAR11 Fans, Time To Vote! Week 2"
The Rules!

1. Put the name of your choice for this week's bootee IN THE SUBJECT HEADING! This is really easy. Just erase the bit where it says "Re: Tar11 Fans etc." and replace with your vote, i.e. Rob and Amber." This makes it easier to tally votes quickly and accurately.

Nicknames are tougher to tally unless they're really obvious without actually reading your vote, so please save the nicknames for inside your post and only use their proper names in the subject header. (Please note that if there isnít a team name in the subject heading, the vote will likely not be counted because itís time-consuming to go through every post and count the vote in there.)

2a. If you feel there will be a Non-Elimination put down "Non-Elimination -- Team (name)" in the subject header to tell us who you think will finish last.

2b. If you feel there will be a continuation of this leg (Superleg) put down "Superleg" in the subject header. You may also include a team name to indicate who you think will be in last place, of course.

3. Reply ONLY to this post! Curves on vote threads are bad. We like a nice straightforward vote thread around here.


If it just so happens that you want to change your vote for whatever reason, REPLY TO YOUR OWN POST! Your new post heading should read for example "VOTE CHANGE: Dustin and Kandice".

4. THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD! Do not treat it as such! There are plenty of places on the Spoilers/Speculation Forum to debate the merits of people's arguments. Feel free to explain the reasoning behind your vote, though.

5. Have fun!


Charla & Mirna (aka Team Mirna and Shmirna), cousins, finished 6th place TAR5.
David & Mary (aka Team Backwater Americans/Team Kentucky), married, finished 6th place TAR10.
Dustin & Kandice (aka The Blondies/Beauty Queens/Team Miss America), friends, finished 4th place TAR10.
Eric & Danielle (aka Team Mix'n'Match), dating, finished 2nd place and 8th place respectively as competitors in TAR9.
Joe & Bill (aka The Guidos/Team Guidos), life partners, finished 3rd place TAR1.
Kevin & Drew (aka The Festers/Team Festers), friends, finished 4th place TAR1.
Oswald & Danny (aka Team Cha Cha Cha), friends, finished 4th place TAR2.
Rob & Amber (aka Romber/Team Romber), married, finished 2nd place TAR7.
Teri & Ian (aka The Bunkers/Team Bunkers/Big Kahoonas), married, finished 2nd place TAR3.
Uchenna & Joyce (aka Team Most Likeable), married, winners TAR7.


The noshows.
John Vito & Jill (aka Team 9/11), formerly dating, finished 5th place TAR3.

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 TAR11 Fans, Time To Vote! Week 2   dabo     02-23-07       
   Kevin & Drew   vince3     02-23-07     1  
   David/Mary   Max Headroom     02-23-07     2  
   Kevin and Drew   CTgirl     02-23-07     3  
   Kevin/Drew   Cygnus X1     02-23-07     4  
   Kevin and Drew   Road Kill     02-23-07     5  
   Festers, Kevin and Drew   Flowerpower     02-23-07     6  
   Mirna and Charla   donracefan     02-23-07     7  
   Kevin/Drew   esquire     02-23-07     8  
   Kevin/Drew   mysticwolf     02-23-07     9  
   Kevin/Drew   justmyhumbleopinion     02-23-07     10  
   Kevin & Drew   ARnutz     02-23-07     11  
   Team Fester   Scarlett O Hara     02-23-07     12  
   Kevin and Drew   qwertypie     02-24-07     13  
   Charma and Mirla   Karchita     02-24-07     14  
   Kevin and Drew   EmmaHead     02-24-07     15  
   Kevin & Drew   Loree     02-24-07     16  
   Kevin/Drew   bobstew617     02-24-07     17  
   Kevin and Drew   michel     02-25-07     18  
   Kevin and Drew   dabo     02-25-07     19  
   Kevin and Drew   Iluvtheamazingrace     02-25-07     20  
   Keven and Drew   Snidget     02-25-07     21  

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