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"Does this work?"

Posted by whoami on 07-04-07 at 12:47 PM
Do any of the people who go on shows like this ever find the love they are looking for? How long do the relationships last?

With all the cameras and everything all set up for them and it not being a sample of what the real world for them would be like. Would it ever work?

I like the show because it is interesting for me trying to figure out who he is going to pick. Which is different then who I would pick.

just trying to get something going here

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"RE: Does this work?"
Posted by Snidget on 07-04-07 at 01:02 PM
There has been what, one marriage out of these dating shows?

Generally it seems that finding happily ever after usually doesn't happen, but it can be interesting to see how the person makes their choices during the show.

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"RE: Does this work?"
Posted by foonermints on 07-04-07 at 03:29 PM
At first I have a difficult time trying to tell the difference between the DAWs, who all quack similar inanities. As tribe has mentioned, everybody gets their paychecks and goes home, and the fauxmance discreetly dissolves later, as if anyone cared.

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"RE: Does this work?"
Posted by Agman2 on 04-07-16 at 10:43 AM
I know I don't care!