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"New Prevention Magazine-Does it Reveal Final 4?"

Posted by WhiteHot on 11-26-08 at 08:54 PM
Did anyone see the issue of Prevention magazine. It was out over a week ago and featured Renee and Michelle on the front cover together, smiling and hugging.

Inside, Vicky and Brady are also together and revelling in their new shape, with Coleen featured too.

I thought maybe this proved that Amy, Ed and Heba would be the first to go, but first Brady, then Coleen, then Amy were eliminated.

Usually when they do the makoevers, PM chooses the shots for the magazine and clearly Renee and Michelle are looking Fab-u-lous. But is this just to throw us off? Why put out this issue a month before the finale?

With editing the way it is, Michelle and Renee are looking like winners, and we know at least one of them is in the final 4.

I also saw Ed in Men's Fitness and while he is considerably smaller, he is in no way the shape that Matt, Eric or even Mark were in by the end of their BL run. Makes me wonder.

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"RE: New Prevention Magazine-Does it Reveal Final 4?"
Posted by MKitty on 11-27-08 at 05:28 PM
Bizarre! I haven't seen it..but they obviously also used people that were already voted off if Colleen and Brady are in it. The show made it sound like only the final 5 or so are in it...but I wonder if Amy and Heba chose not to go in and they wanted more of a surprise during the final live time reveal?

Seasonal CATastic courtesy of Agman!

"Heba Pregnant?"
Posted by WhiteHot on 11-28-08 at 01:51 AM
My first thought was that the reason Heba wasn't in it was because she actually got pregnant like she's been saying she wanted to. It would be very much like 2 seasons ago in the 50 States season where Heather couldn't compete because she too was also pregant.