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"Last Nights Show"

Posted by Aussiemama on 07-31-07 at 11:28 AM
I have to say that I was very entertained when the remaining women had to watch that video from Jayanna - talk about funny!

I really do not like Amander and I truly hope he does not pick her. He just seems to be more relaxed around Jen and she doesn't bi*ch about the others the way Amander does. She did it again to him last night because of the massages - whatever!

It was sad to see Megan go but she was too young for him (what is a partition - lol). Who would give up a free trip to Australia? I just want to see the Aussie scenery next week.

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"RE: Last Nights Show"
Posted by LisaPles on 07-31-07 at 12:33 PM
I agree with you about Amanda. She seems so insecure and I thought it was ridiculous when she (again) brought up one of his dates with the other women when talking privately with him. It seems to me as if they have nothing to talk about. I also have to say that her "look" really bugs me. I think she's trying too hard and making herself look older with too much makeup and overtweezed eyebrows. While I'm at it I'll also add that she needs to cut some of her hair because it's too long and doesn't look good.

You can tell Mark feels very relaxed around Jen. It's nice to see him comfortable and laughing and being himself. I was happy to see some chemistry happening between the two of them. I loved it when she asked him if he had fantasized about her!

Megan was such a loser to miss an expense paid trip to Australia and also for inconveniencing Mark and the other women with her immature meltdown.

I'm looking forward to tuning in next week. I think Amanda is no competition for Jen.

"RE: Last Nights Show"
Posted by woiwod on 07-31-07 at 09:04 PM
I agree with you that Mark seems to listen to gossip from Amanda but not from any of the others. Did you notice when Maria told him she was leaving he told her that he was going to ask her to stay, that would mean that he would have eliminated Jen, that was right after Amanda told him stuff that Jen said. Also about Megan's fear of flying---that is a very real fear and does not in any way indicate immaturity. I can understand that a 14 hour flight would be very tramatic for her and even the thought of it would make her physically ill. By the way I am not afraid of flying, do lots of it but people should try to understand how a person who is afraid of something would feel.

"RE: Last Nights Show"
Posted by catsnotkids on 08-01-07 at 09:03 AM
Amanda grates on me, but of course she is going to win. He seems to have picked her a long time ago.

"RE: Last Nights Show"
Posted by Loree on 08-01-07 at 06:33 PM
I think Mark was attracted to Amanda immediately. But he may be rethinking it. She is needy and jealous and a tattletale. Mark seems so much more at ease with Jen.