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"Jayanna gone!"

Posted by Glorygirl on 07-29-07 at 09:12 PM
This is awful,I think she was a winner,Amanda is one that is too needy..going off looking for them and plopping down in his tent GET HER OUT!

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"RE: Jayanna gone!"
Posted by susang on 07-31-07 at 01:08 PM
Jayanna was my fave among the 40s. Now I'm rooting for Jen. I didn't like Amanda from the beginning.

"RE: Jayanna gone!"
Posted by LisaPles on 07-31-07 at 02:36 PM
I started out liking Jayanna but then as the show progressed she really started to bug me. I didn't like the way she moved her head around when she talked and talked with her hands. Often when she spoke it sounded like a bunch of psycho-babbble. Like when she told Mark, thank you for "showing up" or something like that, I was thinking why doesn't she just shut up and relax. I think she wanted a relationship therapy session, not a relationship. I can see why Mark determined in the end that he didn't like her.
I don't like Amanda and will be disappointed if Mark chooses her. I don't think he acts like he is completely comfortable around her. I do think she is a little immature for her age.