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"Chris and the Rejected Ladies"

Posted by CSHS79 on 03-04-15 at 04:52 PM
Relationships in ordinary circumstances are hard but on The Bachelor,they go to a different level. As much as you think you can prepare for the show, I don't think you truly can.It was especially true this season where feelings were at the forefront versus the fancy places the contestants went in prior seasons.

So when the ladies asked "we had a great connection but why did you send me home?", I can understand Chris's hesitation. How do you gently say what Chris obviously had to say? "Yes we had a great connection here in the bubble that is the world of the show but I don't think it can work in the real world." Now that is a hard thing for anyone to say and even more to accept.

Don't you agree?

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"RE: Chris and the Rejected Ladies"
Posted by Round Robin on 03-09-15 at 07:45 PM
If I were Chris, what I'd have said to Kaitlyn would be this: "Yes we had a great connection, but I also had great connections with Becca and Whitney. I can't pick 3 women, I can only pick one. Therefore I had to make a gut choice, and that was the choice that I made."