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"F4, F3, Finale"

Posted by jbug on 09-12-11 at 09:07 PM
Missed the first half hour.
Saw the last few minutes of the challenge;
Michael & Holly won.
Then Ella & Kirk are sent home as doing the worst.

Michael & Holly get to choose which couple goes to F2 with them.

Agman says my new glasses make me look sexy!

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"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by jbug on 09-12-11 at 09:09 PM
Wow, that was surprising!
Even tho Michael & Holly think they could win over Kasey & vienna & that Graham & Michelle could beat them, they choose to send K & V home.
Vienna cries & sobs a.g.a.i.n.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 09-13-11 at 01:09 AM
Accidentally turned on the tv while it was playing....so saw part of the Blake and Holly segment (spoilers ahead...so don'tread on if you haven't seen it) Do you think that Holly gets off on the whole marriage on tv? It seems like she probably wouldn't have been as fascinated with this manufactured romance if there weren't cameras around. Guy without the bachelor cameras = disinterest.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 09-13-11 at 01:50 AM
I find Holly being rather disrespectful to Michael. Would you do that to someone you supposedly love? Ok, Michael could have called her 3 months ago...but I think he was just reeling from being broken up with in the first place and couldn't deal with it.... But, it's like she's just blatantly flauting in his face and just twisting the knife every time. Rather cruel. Great, you guys are in love... just quietly go about it and go find happiness together without the cameras. But, opening kissing Blake when she knows Michael will walk by or doing an on air proposal to be filmed, which she knows Michael will see them. Good riddance to Blake and Holly. I can't stand Blake and that smarmy look on his face.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by jbug on 09-13-11 at 10:37 AM
Haven't watched it all yet, but...

The whole Erica thing with her little glass gavel.....
how does she ever expect to impress a real man with her silly antics? She is NOT a princess; grow up! Chris should be ashamed for encouraging her.

With Jake on the couch:
The audience loved Jake; hated Vienna & Kasey. You could tell the audience reaction was eating Vienna up. I think they were believing Jake over her & she couldn't believe that anyone would dare not believe her. When they showed the clips of how ugly she & Kasey were, she made excuses; that it was all edited.
Kasey at least showed some remorse; he truly looked ashamed that he came across that way & said some of the things he did.
When he apologized to Jake, I thought Vienna was going to get up & walk out. Boy, I'd like to see the fight when they got home! Like one of the others said, the fighting didn't end when Jake left; those 2 have a volatile relationship (& I think it is Vienna - spoiled brat).

With Kasey on the couch:
Again he looked embarrassed & ashamed. He really wants people to like him; he thought his good side would be shown; not just the ugly parts. He did say he has a speech impediment that explains the sound of his voice.

Blake on the couch: Didn't look sorry about any of the things he did. If he apologized to Melissa, I missed it.
I thought the on camera proposal was too planned - duh.
I didn't catch when that happened. But Holly had to know something was coming up when the cameras showed up on a date.

That's as far as I watched. I needed a break.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by samboohoo on 09-13-11 at 11:12 AM
I haven't watched it all either. The whole show was downright AWKWARD!

Ames/Jackie: That was very odd, very strange. Ames looked so embarrassed and humiliated. Not sure what happened there. I've never seen Ames like that - even when Ashley basically broke his heart. I wonder what happened with Jackie. Obviously she is wondering the same thing.

Blake/Holly/Michael: Again, WTF. Yeah Blake, I'd really want to be engaged to Holly. I'm sure she's sure this time. Yep. And Michael. First time I ever really felt sorry for him. Really, a water or a commercial break would have been good at that point. I thought Michael handled that probably the best he's handled the situation all season.

I assume Kasey & Vienna are still together?

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Ants on 09-13-11 at 12:48 PM
LAST EDITED ON 09-13-11 AT 12:53 PM (EST)

AAARRRGGGG! They blacked it out in New England for a Patriots game. Thank Gawd for Verizon tivo (or whatever they call it) because it did record, except that it cut out at the end of the Tell All part.

I only got to see as far as Blake in the hot seat. What happened after that? I went to the ABC site, which tells you to download Adobe, etc. Well, I tried that a few times and it's not working. Is there anywhere else (y o u tube?) where I can watch the rest? Can you post a link?

I agree with Chris that Kasey is smart. I'm not saying I like him, I'm just saying that he was the master manipulator that everyone claimed Jake was. This was my only exposure to Jake and I can't say I dislike the guy. I didn't see him on DWTS and I only saw the out burst (don't interrupt me!) clip, so I'm not making judgments against him.

Poor Jackie. I really felt sorry for her. Ames didn't even look at Jackie. She kept turning toward him as she spoke, trying to make eye contact. He avoided her. I really wanna know if he was offered The Bach and that's why he dropped her.
"We were from two different worlds and it was better to end it sooner than later." Sure. Interestingly (and good for her), Ericka spoke up and said that Jackie and Ames DID have so much in common, so she was shocked to hear they weren't a couple anymore.

Blake? eh, I don't blame him for playing the game. Melissa? That's the prettiest I've ever seen her. She should hire that makeup artist.

Gia looks like I Dream of Genie.

So, I gather that Michael and Holly won. What went down with that? They showed a commercial about Michael being shocked. I'm pretty sure that has to do with Blake and Holly's engagement. I want to watch this. I'm so mad my tv didn't record the whole thing.


ETA: Did they announce the next Bachelor? Was he there? I thought I saw, on the net, that it was Ben.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Estee on 09-13-11 at 01:24 PM
Ben it is, the poor sucker.

As far as I'm concerned, this season was the same formula as the last: badly-scripted soap opera where only two actors got paid. Only this year, the script was more blatant, the twists were less believable, and caring about what happened to anyone went down to nil.

Put them on Wipeout. At least the amusing injury factor would go up. And let's face it: who wouldn't love seeing 95% of the crew do a triple rebound off the Big Balls?

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by jbug on 09-13-11 at 04:49 PM
try hulu - I watch a lot of programs on that; but have never tried to find this show there.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by jbug on 09-13-11 at 04:46 PM
I forgot about the Ames/Jackie part.
yes, I felt for him too & her.
Something about them being very different people;
but he couldn't put it into words.
Wonder about their backgrounds and if he felt the families wouldn't mesh?

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Ants on 09-13-11 at 06:13 PM
> I forgot about the Ames/Jackie
>yes, I felt for him too
>& her.
>Something about them being very different
>but he couldn't put it into
>Wonder about their backgrounds and if
>he felt the families wouldn't

Either that or he was offered The Bachelor (if Ben was gonna back out) and he figured he'd dump Jackie for more free world travel, nights in Presidential suites and 25 hot babes (instead of just one hot babe - Jackie).

I don't know if that's true. If he's telling the truth that it just wasn't right, he was right to end it sooner rather than later. If Jackie's supposition was right (noted above), he's a snake.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Ants on 09-13-11 at 06:47 PM
OK, here it is:


Scroll down to the last sentence. It says that Ames and Ryan were in the running to be the next Bachelor.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Round Robin on 09-14-11 at 01:59 AM
Chris has no shame about anything. None whatsoever. Nothing that son of a B does should surprise anybody.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Loree on 09-14-11 at 00:25 AM
Blake and Holly's engagement was such a set-up. Did Holly not wonder why the TV cameras were with her and Blake on their date? Then the big close up of the Neil Lane engagement ring. Pure product placement. They were probably promised a televised wedding if they let them film the engagement moment.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Round Robin on 09-14-11 at 02:21 AM
Holly said in an interview that was posted on this site that she didn't want to do a televised wedding, that it would be rubbing it in Michael's face after the surprise engagement. What I can't figure out is why ABC wouldn't do the decent thing and let Holly tell Michael about the engagement before the TV show. This whole damn Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad bull$hit pretty well proves that ABC has no conscience at all and are a bunch of greedy, evil, heartless money grubbers. Going on these shows after all the $hit ABC has pulled on them these last few years pretty much amounts to selling one's soul, but I guess there's no shortage of DAW's who will do it for enough money or a chance at love.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 09-14-11 at 03:48 AM
Ants, boy you missed the most interesting part.... the ambush of Michael. Sometimes when there's a game, the shows get pushed back and the timing is off...meaning the last 30 minutes get cut off because the tivo menu didn't adjust. You're better off downloading Mozilla and watching it from the ABC site. For some reason, it's easier to watch things through mozilla than the typical internet explorer. Otherwise, you can always try google tv, videosurf, hulu (as someone mentioned above) or amazon.

You would think that Ames would get confirmation that he is the bachelor before breaking anything off. Who knows with these show-mances? These people just present something on tv...we never know what they're like behind closed doors. I don't think Ames even has to wait for the show. Just from his fame from the show, he's going to have many opportunities. The girls you typically see walking the Grove mall are better looking than most of the girls on the Bachelor.

Whatever bad impression I had for Jake Pavelka was overshadowed by Vienna and Casey's bad behavior. They were so mean. You can see a person's character when they get a little power... Vienna and Casey's mean-spiritedness just made me feel sympathy for Jake. Whatever his faults, he had already given out the olive branch and they kept kicking him in the head.

The Bachelor producers, Chris Harrison and to some extent Holly's passive-agressiveness kind of set up Michael. Yes. They are all DAWs...but I think it starts with a little seduction. These ABC producers promise the moon show regular people this enticing chance of going on great adventures, be on tv and possibly find love. Once they get a taste, they get portrayed a certain way and get sucked in tryign to either prove that image wrong or keep it up. It's so obvious that the producers and Harrison were waiting for that on air sucker punch of Michael...as the audience groaned knowing what was coming next. Holly's kind of full of it...she says she didnt' want to rub it in...she's been doing it the whole time, first on the show then with the "on air" engagement....and then not giving Michael the heads up.

Ben's going to be one boring bachelor. The conversations between him and Ashley were some of the most boring ever filmed...very fast-forward worthy. Had hoped for a quirky Ames...or some super eligible bachelor that would make the competition more real rather than for the cameras.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Ants on 09-14-11 at 05:40 AM
What's the Grove Mall?

I agree about Kasey and Vienna, but Kasey did seem sincere in his apology. He watched himself on tv and realized how wrong he was.

I'll watch the first episode or two of Ben to see where they'll travel. I don't know yet if I'll bother with the whole season. I don't find Ben physically attractive at all (shallow, I know) and he doesn't even have a stimulating personality to make up for the lack of good looks. There must be something more there, something that we didn't see or he wouldn't have made it to F2. Maybe he's just not photogenic. Maybe he's better looking (and more interesting?) in person.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 09-15-11 at 04:12 AM
Have you seen Extra with Mario Lopez? He broadcasts directly from the Grove outdoor mall.... it's kind of a hip outdoor mall in West LA that people like to eat and watch movies. Arnold Schwartznagger was their with his son for lunch several times and his son interns there for some business.

At times, Kasey can seem endearing as when he owned up to his bad behavior....the problem is, contrary to, what he insisted at the show, he does have some meanness in him....especially when he was given power. It's not doing him any good to be involved with Vienna. She's just a mean person. It kind of reminds me of the 48 hour mystery where a boyfriend of a conniving girl influences him to do bad and he's a bit of the pupppet. Anyone notice that Rated R Rego was making fun of the way Kasey talks until Kasey admitted that he had a speech impediment and Rated R smile faded because it would be too mean to keep making fun of it.

Yeah, we should tell the Bachelor producers to get some extra eye candy for Ants (hey, there's no shame in it. ) What gets me is how few of these guys have good conversational skills....they say the same boring logical chatter. You go to parties and some of the eligible bachelors are funny and playful...but then you watch Ben and he's the biggest bore. I don't know if I can take him spending up 2 hours of a show talking about his feelings and the process. Well, I have an alternate theory...maybe, Ashley doesn't have good taste... we've seen some of the guys she was drawn to.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Ants on 09-15-11 at 08:10 PM
Mario Lopez is eye candy. He's such a cutie. No, I haven't seen Extra. Guess I'll have to now.

Kasey does have some meanness. It's brought out by being with Vienna.

Ashley's taste in men? I liked JP and Ames. I just didn't get the attraction to Ben or Constantine.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 09-16-11 at 05:32 AM
Did you see Mario's show H8r? Jake Pavelka tried to convince this girl that hates him to like him. I think they're replaying that again this Monday. Jake just desperately wants to be loved for this image he wants to portray.

There was one point where Kasey and Vienna were so mean to Jake that I felt really uncomfortable. The reality show is just some frivolous show to enjoy dessert to...so the meanness seemed a little too real.

I felt like Ashley's radar's pretty haphazard... I didn't see the attraction for Bentley... he seemed to be sleezy from the start...and some of the other men she kept around.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Round Robin on 09-15-11 at 01:25 AM
LAST EDITED ON 09-15-11 AT 01:28 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 09-15-11 AT 01:26 AM (EST)

The Bachelor producers are slimy, evil, greedy snakes, and Chris Harrison is a spineless, nutless son of a b!tch. The filthy ba$tard$ let Ashley get her heart broken over that Bentley slimeball, then they made her break Ben's heart by letting him propose, and now they let Michael get his heart broken on national TV, then the heartless $hitheads kick the poor guy when he's down by not letting Holly tell him about the engagement before the show. God, I hate those ba$tard$!

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 09-15-11 at 04:17 AM
Yeah, you're right. They're in the Bravo Real Housewives territory (I refuse to watch that show)... Seems really manipulative to just ambush Michael like that. I don't think Holly should be blameless.... She supposedly was in love with him and then sets him up for the biggest pain ever. Ok, even if we pretend that Michael isn't in love with her, it's still the ultimate humiliation to have that news broken to you like that...makes him look like a cuckold. He looked like he was punched in the stomach.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by Round Robin on 09-16-11 at 01:04 AM
Their only god is ratings, ratings, ratings. They would sell their souls to the devil for enough additional ratings points to let them jack up their ad rates, and I have to seriously question how much it would really bother them if they had somebody commit suicide, murder somebody, or wind up in the nuthouse after getting their heart broken due to the producers' bull$hit and/or Chris's spinelessness. I hope they vet these people for mental stability before they cast them, because after Bentley/Ashley, Blake/Melissa and then Blake stealing Holly off of Michael, not to mention Vienna's consistently bizarre behavior, I can't imagine these shows going many more seasons without somebody losing it and maybe going postal after getting their heart broken due to all the ratings driven manipulations.

"RE: F4, F3, Finale"
Posted by JoeGazillionaire on 09-16-11 at 05:47 AM
Yeah, I remember the episodes featuring Melissa as especially cruel.... they know that she's especially fragile and almost gleefully delighted in it. there's a point where I just felt sorry for her. I know she's highly emotional and she just feels out of control the way things never go her way. Blake treated her terribly. That ambush on Michael was just low.... I noticed this shift in reality tv where it's going in that Real housewives territory where they're just ambushing people, trying to push them emotionally to crack and try to stoke fights. It used to be more fun and frivolous and just pure eye candy fun. I refuse to watch Real Housewives because I feel like they're just exploiting ruining people's lives for the sake of short term ratings. A lot of people I know have stopped watching Bachelor because they've gone away from that original formula of having eligible bachelors genuinely looking for love with women who are the same thing.... They haven't had anyone go postal and murder someone....but they've already had contestants be incredibly cruel to each other and show that nasty side of human behavior... what gets me is how chris Harrison always acts like he's so above it all or on some moral high ground... By the way, one contestant on the show (West) was pretty much accused by his deceased wife's parents of foul play... Every rose ceremony, I kept thinking Ahsley please don't pick him...