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"Race # 30 Finish Order"

Posted by michel2 on 01-05-18 at 08:59 PM
There is a spoiled finish order over at Survivor Sucks. It was taken from posters at Reality Fan Forum. It did have the correct first elimination so it looks right and it also includes the destinations. So, if you want to know, here goes:

Leg 1: Reykjavik, boxing-ring skanks booted (11th)

Leg 2: Antwerp, goat yoga hags booted (10th)

Leg 3: Tangier, F9 NEL for old basketballers

Leg 4: Saint Tropez, glorified binge eaters booted (9th)

Leg 5: Arles, old basketballers booted (8th)

Leg 6: Prague, violinists booted (7th) *

Leg 7: Harare, F6 NEL/TBC for unknown team

Leg 8: Harare, EMT twins booted (6th)

Leg 9: Manama, Lifeguards booted (5th)

Leg 10: Chiang Mai, F4 NEL for Debaters

Leg 11: Hong Kong, Indy cars racers booted (4th)

Leg 12: San Francisco, finalists - Ski Goddesses, Debaters, BB's Jody.

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"RE: Race # 30 Finish Order"
Posted by coldbrewer on 01-09-18 at 01:31 AM
It was kinda' entertaining reading comments on RealityFanForum and on Twitter complaining about the moderators keeping back spoilers in the final leg. Of course, they were "Jody" fans.

"RE: Race # 30 Finish Order"
Posted by michel2 on 01-24-18 at 11:03 PM
The route is right on but 9th and 8th place were switched... What about the rest?

"RE: Race # 30 Finish Order"
Posted by coldbrewer on 01-31-18 at 06:30 PM
The finish line was the USS Hornet in Alameda.