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Original Message
"TAR 16 Fans, Time To Vote: Ep 5"

Posted by dabo on 03-12-10 at 10:18 AM

The Rules

1. Put the name of your choice for this week's bootees in the subject heading.
This is really easy, just erase the bit where it says "Re: Tar 16 Fans ..." and replace with your vote, i.e. "Brent & Caite." This makes it easier to tally votes quickly and accurately.

Nicknames are tougher to tally unless they're really obvious without actually reading your post, so please save the nicknames for inside your post and only use their proper names in the subject header.

2. Non elimination episodes.
If you feel there will be a Non-Elimination Leg (NEL) put down "Non-Elimination (or NEL) -- Team name" in the subject header to tell us who you think will finish last. If you feel there will be a continuation of this leg (Superleg) put down "Superleg" in the subject header. Phil said 12 legs at the start of this one, right?

3. Reply only to this post.
We like a nice straightforward vote thread around here, mkay.

4. Vote changes.
However, if it just so happens that you want to change your vote for whatever reason, reply to your own vote post! Your new post heading should read, for example, "VOTE CHANGE: Steve & Allie."

5. Have fun!

Remaining Teams

Brent & Caite (Dating Models)
Carol & Brandy (Dating)
Dan & Jordan (Brothers)
Jet & Cord (Cowboy Brothers)
Joe & Heidi (Married)
Jordan & Jeff (Newly Dating BBers)
Louie & Michael (Detectives)
Steve & Allie (Father/Daughter)


Leg 001. Dana & Adrian (Married HS Sweeties)
Leg 002. Jody & Shannon (Grandmother/Grandaughter)
Leg 003. Monique & Shawne (Legal Moms)
Leg 004. NEL (Jordan & Jeff spared)

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"Jeff and Jordan"
Posted by esquire on 03-12-10 at 12:30 PM
I like them, but they are toast

Posted by Max Headroom on 03-12-10 at 01:07 PM
Hopefully Phil will get it right this time.

Posted by vince3 on 03-12-10 at 03:37 PM
Speed Bump + Blind U-Turn = Toast

"Bye-bye, Joe & Heidi"
Posted by Belle Book on 03-12-10 at 04:55 PM
Jeff & Jordan get the Speedbump, but you get the Blind U-Turn! That plus your knee injury sends you to Sequesterville.

Posted by ARnutz on 03-12-10 at 08:55 PM

"Joe & Heidi"
Posted by Loree on 03-13-10 at 09:18 AM
sticking with them till they are gone...

"Joe & Heidi"
Posted by dabo on 03-14-10 at 02:39 PM

"Jordan & Jeff"
Posted by Yogi on 03-14-10 at 05:41 PM
Jordan & Jeff

"Jeff and Jordan"
Posted by Flowerpower on 03-14-10 at 07:03 PM
Too much to overcome....