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"possible spoiler about Jesse; background information about Graham "

Posted by observer on 06-24-08 at 09:17 AM
I read some information about Jesse on a board that was passed along from another board.

Jesse might have gone on the show to promote his friend's snowboarding/skiing gear.
That might be the real reason that he didn't want to kiss DeAnna: not that he's shy... the show for him might just be a commercial.

Jesse might have gotten caught texting his girlfriend. I thought it was odd that in the preview, Jesse declined the overnight date in the fantasy suite. Maybe it's because of his girlfriend. I don't think they would mention Jesse getting caught texting his girlfriend on the show.

Also, I read that Graham wanted to leave, but the producer's convinced him to stay for the rose ceremony... and make it look as if it was DeAnna's choice not to give him a rose.

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"RE: possible spoiler about Jesse; background information about Graham "
Posted by Loree on 06-24-08 at 10:29 AM
Yes, I heard those things too. I think they had to remind Graham of the contract he signed with the show. He had to show up for the rose ceremony. But he had the letter ready because he knew he was going home. He wanted out. And I think that is why DeAnna was so upset. It wasn't even her choice.

I heard that Jesse's girlfriend is a married woman. I do believe he came on the show for the exposure.