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"TAR13 Fans, Time to Vote! (Week 6)"

Posted by dabo on 10-31-08 at 10:11 AM

The Rules!

1. Put the name of your choice for this week's bootee IN THE SUBJECT HEADING! This is really easy. Just erase the bit where it says "Re: Tar13 Fans etc." and replace with your vote, i.e. "Toni and Dallas." This makes it easier to tally votes quickly and accurately.

Nicknames are tougher to tally unless they're really obvious without actually reading your vote, so please save the nicknames for inside your post and only use their proper names in the subject header. (Please note that if there isnít a team name in the subject heading, the vote will likely not be counted because itís time-consuming to go through every post and count the vote in there.)

2. Non elimination episodes. If you feel there will be a Non-Elimination Leg (NEL) put down "Non-Elimination -- Team name" in the subject header to tell us who you think will finish last. If you feel there will be a continuation of this leg (Superleg) put down "Superleg" in the subject header.

3. Reply ONLY to this post! Curves on vote threads are bad. We like a nice straightforward vote thread around here.


If it just so happens that you want to change your vote for whatever reason, REPLY TO YOUR OWN POST! Your new post heading should read for example "VOTE CHANGE: Andrew and Dan".

4. THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD! Do not treat it as such! There are plenty of places on the Spoilers/Speculation Forum to debate the merits of people's arguments. Feel free to explain the reasoning behind your vote, though.

5. Have fun!


Terence and Sarah (Dating couple)
Andrew and Dan (Nerdy frat boys)
Toni and Dallas (Mom & son)
Nick and Starr (Brother & sister)
Kelly and Christy (Brunette divorcees)
Ken and Tina (Married, but separated)


EP 1. Arthur and Anita (Hippie couple)
EP 2. Anthony and Stephanie (Dating couple)
Ep 3. Mark and Bill (Geeks)
Ep 4. Marisa and Brooke (Blondes)
Ep 5. Aja and Ty (Dating couple)

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"NEL except Ken&Tina"
Posted by dabo on 10-31-08 at 11:55 AM
Ken and Tina quit and we never get to see them again except in the opening credits.

TARs first actual Ostens.

Posted by ARnutz on 10-31-08 at 07:33 PM
They've bumbled around enough.

Alt. vote: NEL - and the FART boyz come in last. *sigh* please, no.

"Non-Elimination Kelly/Christy"
Posted by vince3 on 10-31-08 at 08:44 PM
Same reasons as last week: We're due, and it'll figure that these two b!tches get saved by the NEL.

"Non elim: Andrew/Dan"
Posted by Max Headroom on 10-31-08 at 08:50 PM
After a string of next-to-last finishes, these two finally finish last... and it's a non-elim.

"Non-elim Terence/Sarah"
Posted by Loree on 11-01-08 at 04:46 PM
There has to be a non-elim now. And with my luck Terence and Sarah will get saved by it.

"NEL: Terrence/Sarah"
Posted by KwietOne on 11-02-08 at 07:18 PM

"Andrew and Dan"
Posted by Seana on 11-02-08 at 07:52 PM
I don't think there will be a NEL this time. And A&D simply can't keep up.

I was thinking last week that we were due for a shake-up, which we did have. I kind of thought that Ken and Tina would go first to worst, which was srong. Oh well.