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Season 11 Ep 4
Here, I opened it up. now ya'll talk! :D ds/User_files/48c1e0215c15d25e.
12 messages
01-30-11 02:54 AM
Season 11, Episode 2
Wow, I thought the producers did a great job with the theme, the little engine that could. The Losers on the Ranch were truly the underdogs, and
13 messages
01-30-11 02:10 AM
Season 11 Ep 3
No one else watched? :-) Not a lot of info on the new trainers but they seem tough; no slacking off with them around; seem to use
13 messages
01-24-11 02:13 PM
Season 11, Episode 1
Hmmm. Why isn't Jbug here yet? It's not like she's got anything to do for the next four weeks. :) I still love Bob & Jilli
17 messages
01-08-11 03:09 AM
Finale - Tonight!
Tonight's the night! Who is your pick for the third finalist, and who will win the top prize? How many weeks do they have left aft
13 messages
12-20-10 02:54 PM
Jillian Michaels has announced that the next season will be her last. She stated that it's time to concentrate on family for her! Sounds as thoug
3 messages
12-17-10 04:20 PM
Where are they now?
Even though I FF'd through some of this (Sunshine!), I still enjoyed watching. Sam & Stephanie: Did she really not know he w
2 messages
12-15-10 02:00 PM
Dec 7th episode
Couldn't wait for Boo or Jbug. I have one thing to say - If America picks Elizabeth over Ada I'm going to be highly irritated. %
13 messages
12-14-10 08:33 AM
November 30 Episode
Goodbye Mark. Goodbye Brendan. I was sad to see Mark go, not particularly sad to see Brendan go. I am finally rooting for someone. Wel
5 messages
12-04-10 01:37 AM
Nov 23rd Ep
For some reason the makeovers didn't look as drastic this year as in some seasons past. However, I [i] almost[/i] didn't recognize Ma
2 messages
11-26-10 12:14 PM
November 16th
Still need to catch up - too busy with homework, etc. and only watched the weigh-in. Yay for Ada. She reminds me of Kae from a few seaso
4 messages
11-21-10 08:48 PM
Nov 9th
I did a lot of fast forwarding....but I got the main parts. I hate it when the teams/pairs are decided by one person. And why didn%2
9 messages
11-12-10 06:17 PM
Production Shut Down
Per [i]The Biggest Loser has shut down production because of a labor dispute, reports. Filming
3 messages
11-10-10 05:46 PM
Nov 2nd
Cut us to 1 hour so we could then watch election results? hummmmm......okay, right. Interesting visit to the marines. BTW
9 messages
11-05-10 07:37 PM
October 26 Episode
Another I skimmed through - except to look at and drool over Curtis Stone of course. :) So the weigh-ins all come down to one person%2
8 messages
11-01-10 09:33 AM
October 19 Episode
So I actually watched. Well kind of watched. I sarted at 9:15 and finished by 10 - the joys of the DVR. Interesting episode. I think I
5 messages
10-20-10 01:30 PM
Oct 12th - Ep #4?
Surprising attitude change about "the game" by Jillian & Bob. Guess they finally accepted that part of this whole thing [b]is[/b%
4 messages
10-13-10 10:27 AM
October 5 Episode
Here we are with our third episode. Are we liking the new changes? Do we hate them? I'm slowly getting to know the Loser
7 messages
10-08-10 07:55 PM
September 28 - Episode
A lot of people arrived at the Ranch. They were joined by two wild cards. The contestants were full of excitement for about 5 minutes.
14 messages
10-02-10 10:53 PM
Sept 21 - Ep 1
Someone's slipping up! No thread yet for the new season? 1st I felt sorry for the one left behind at each city. That was hard; to
12 messages
09-29-10 08:09 PM
If you need a summer bright T-shirt fix...
...VH1 took the basic concept, threw in a major twist, and then improved just about everything in existence over the original -- at least for the
0 messages
08-03-10 01:45 PM
May 25 - The Finale ECST [View All]
ECST = East Coast Spoiler Thread. 7:00 PM CT If you don't want to know what is happening - right here & now - LIVE, don't come in her
55 messages
06-16-10 10:13 AM
Daruis or Koli, who are you voting for and why?
We only have one day left before the finale...I can't wait! I am curious to see how people are voting for the final third spot... so tell me.
3 messages
05-25-10 04:17 PM
May 18 [View All]
Home Visits The Marathon The Weigh In The Vote Go ahead :-) d
27 messages
05-25-10 04:05 PM
May 12 Episode
Ok... I couldn't wait for JBUG to start the post! Hope I doing this right! :) This was a good espisode, but a lot of flashbacks
18 messages
05-17-10 04:22 PM
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