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biggest loser daily regime
im curious to know how many hours a day the contestants had to exercise, how many calories a day they consumed, did they do weight training exerci
diana jaroszewski
5 messages
04-19-05 00:40 AM
Congrats on Dave for winning the Reunion show
Wow if I was a betting man, I thought for sure Aaron would win. I'm amazed the slacker of the show won. I guess even though he slacked a littl
5 messages
01-19-05 11:57 AM
Reunion Show tapes TOMORROW!
According to, the reunion show tapes tomorrow, so the audience will know which loser wins $100,000 six days in advance!
5 messages
01-18-05 10:31 PM
why was Moe voted off?
I am confused- did they vote him off because they thought he could lose alot of weight in the last weeks and beat them?
11 messages
01-13-05 08:39 PM
Celebrity biggest loser show
Can someone tell me the name (and channel) of the celebrity biggest loser show? I heard that it started last night. I guess Ralphie Mae is on it
2 messages
01-13-05 04:40 PM
That was a very good show.
That was interesting how they tied there bodyfat lose into there total, which made for a good twist. I was not expecting that. Wow Ryan lost 12
0 messages
01-11-05 10:44 PM
Happy with the final three
I am really happy with the final three. Not so much Ryan as with Kelly and Gary, and not so much happy with Kelly as with Gary. I guess I'm real
3 messages
01-07-05 08:40 AM
And then there were three
I found that last show incredibly moving. I'm so proud of these people and I don't even know them! Drea and Lisa both looked so happy and thin
1 messages
01-05-05 11:03 PM
Role Reversal Day...
..was hilarious. Anything that blatantly sadistic [i]had[/i] to be funny. Watching the trainers get a taste of their own medicine, facin
2 messages
01-05-05 09:56 PM
I guess Kelly out next
It's obvious to me that Ryan and Gary made a final two pact from the time they got together to get Kelly Mac. voted out. Kelly M. would have to loos
2 messages
01-03-05 03:42 PM
Regular overweight vs. Obese
For next season I would love to see a team of just overweight people vs. a team of obese people. There is a definate split in the BMI chart at which t
4 messages
12-30-04 06:41 PM
This turned out to be a good show
I'm kinda surprised at this show, at first I thought it was stupid, because basically their exploting people to these crazy diets and excersize%
10 messages
12-30-04 06:29 PM
I'm Glad Lisa's gone!
She was too annoying and getting too negative towards others, I understand it was her fear of losing (the show) that made her that way, but sh
4 messages
12-21-04 02:40 PM
Lisa's Before and After
For anyone who'd like a second look at Lisa's *amazing* before and after pictures, go here:
3 messages
12-20-04 04:34 PM
who left last week?
I missed it!
2 messages
12-18-04 05:35 PM
Favorite and Least favorite remaining?
My favorite from the begining has been Drea. I really hope she can win this. I think she look amazing right now, I can only imagine what
4 messages
12-08-04 07:04 PM
They'll carry Mo to the end
Is it just me or is it obvious that that Mo will continue to be in the last two and everyone will continue to vote out the unfortunate who ends up the
6 messages
12-08-04 05:47 PM
After the merg.
The merg has happened and everyone is playing for themselves, or are they? Did not one of them say we are still a team and nothing has changed. Hm
0 messages
12-07-04 10:49 PM
Do you think the two tribes, er, two tubbies, er, I mean the two groups are going to merge like mashed potatoes and gravy next week?
7 messages
12-07-04 03:06 PM
Interested in writing a summary?
MTW and I have volunteered to write the first couple episode summaries. Anyone else interested? Just let us know. This is a great opport
15 messages
12-06-04 09:57 PM
does anyone have pics
Of the red team after the makeovers?
0 messages
12-02-04 10:42 PM
Looking forward to next week
I stopped watching the show after I found out it was only pound related weight loss that counted, but happened to catch a few episodes and now am ba
Canada Girl
1 messages
12-02-04 09:34 PM
Caroline Reye
What does everyone out there think of Caroline Reye[sp] hosting this show? She needs to be on a diet right along with the others. Someone need
17 messages
12-02-04 08:31 AM
Does anyone know how much weight Mo has lost so far?
I cannot remember how much weight Mo has lost total so far. Does anyone recall?
1 messages
12-01-04 02:03 PM
The Biggest Loser episode 5 official summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-27-04 AT 00:30 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
6 messages
11-30-04 06:35 PM
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