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Thoughts on episode 5
First off, I must again compliment the eliminated lady. Suzanne looked super. Wow, she has done so well, losing a total of 70 pounds! I am imp
3 messages
10-16-05 12:57 PM
Be on "The Biggest Loser"
NBC Casting Producer
3 messages
10-11-05 10:14 PM
I wanna be a loser!
How does someone apply to be on a reality show? I would love to go on the Biggest Loser. Does anyone know? Thanks! Katie
1 messages
10-11-05 10:08 PM
The Biggest Looser 2 Episode 5 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Please keep all the info to this thresd until midnight. The westies need to see the Loosers.
0 messages
10-11-05 07:33 PM
Thoughts on episode 4
Wow, Ryan looked pretty good in her update! It was great to see she had lost another 25 pounds since leaving the show. Good for her!
9 messages
10-11-05 04:23 PM
Official Episode 4 Summary: The Biggest Loser 2; Road Trip!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-06-05 AT 07:38 AM (EST)[/font] The show begins with a recarp worthy of a finale of [I]The
7 messages
10-06-05 07:09 PM
The Biggest Looser 2 Episode 4 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Tonights episode looks really really really good! They go to Vegasm and whats happens on the scale! Its looks like we'll be able to bash the fat
2 messages
10-05-05 11:55 AM
Thoughts on Episode 3
Another one under our belts. It's been interesting watching the dynamics between team members as we've gone along. I can't say as I w
6 messages
10-04-05 06:35 PM
The Biggest Loser 2 Ep. 3 Summary!
I've got it done! There might be some grammar mistake due to me being in a hurry! Don’t Be a Jerk because You’ve Lost the Mo
9 messages
10-02-05 01:26 AM
The Biggest Loser 3?
Does anyone know the website for signing up for The Biggest Loser 3? I've looked...I've even tried Googling it, to no avail. I'd appreciat
0 messages
09-28-05 03:18 PM
date of weigh-in
If the women had an extra day before the weigh in on episode 2, didn't they have one less day before the weigh-in on Episode 3? Am I missing so
1 messages
09-28-05 11:02 AM
Question Regarding those voted out?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-27-05 AT 10:14 PM (EST)[/font] I appologize if this has been answered before I am fairly new t
2 messages
09-28-05 09:52 AM
Thoughts on episode 2
Don't get discouraged girls, wt loss will rev up later when muscles start growing. Men have a much easier time losing wt. Anyway , some of that
6 messages
09-27-05 12:54 PM
Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance
Biggest Loser 2 Episode 2 Summary - Weight in the Balance Welcome to the second episode of The Biggest Loser 2. We begin this e
8 messages
09-25-05 12:35 PM
The Biggest Loser 2 Re-Air?
The last season of The Biggest Loser was re-aired on USA Network. Does anyone know if the same will be true of this season? I have tried searching
4 messages
09-24-05 04:53 PM
Episode 2 - East Coast Spoiler Thread
I'll start it even though I'm on the West Coast and won't be joining in.... Now, who wants pie??? http://com
16 messages
09-22-05 12:24 PM
Thoughts about the first episode
First of all, this looks like it will be a good season. Hooray for every single one of them for even being on the show. It takes guts to thrust your
15 messages
09-20-05 04:31 PM
Biggest Loser 2 Episode 1 Summary - The Weight is Over
[b]Hello everyone, and welcome to [i]The Second Biggest Loser[/i]. I mean,[i] The Biggest Loser 2.[/i][/b]
6 messages
09-19-05 02:45 PM
Biggest Loser
I know that #2 is re-aired each week. Also, I would like to see an episode of women and men who are a little "handicapped". Ya'know,
0 messages
09-17-05 09:50 PM
Episode 1 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
I'll do it for you, Estee.}> Don't know if you all title it this way. ds/User
24 messages
09-13-05 09:18 PM
Last Season?
I was wondering if there were any updates on last seasons contestants. You know How have they done in the Real World. After the Cameras were off and t
3 messages
09-13-05 05:50 PM
We have contestants, folks!
They've been announced. So what do you think? Men against women. Good idea? Who do you think will do the best? http://c
7 messages
09-04-05 07:31 PM
The Biggest Loser 2 house party
Hey, if you like the show "The Biggest Loser," you can host your own NBC premiere party... you get a DVD of the 1st episode plus a bunch of fr
0 messages
08-15-05 03:44 PM
Does Season 2 start soon.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-07-05 AT 01:28 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
3 messages
06-28-05 12:52 PM
Season 2
Anyone know anything about season 2's cast?? I think it should be increased to at least 16 people, maybe even 18. The Today Show said over 100
9 messages
06-17-05 04:50 PM
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