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Thoughts on Episode 11
I was only able to see the last half of the episode so my thoughts will be somewhat limited this time around. I thought it was great that
5 messages
11-26-05 04:48 PM
i need help
your show inspires me but i need help!
1 messages
11-24-05 02:11 PM
SUZY you are awesome
Suzy you are so awesome and cool! From the start of the show one could always see the true you inside. Your soul is pure and you really care about
Charlie Brown
3 messages
11-23-05 04:35 PM
figuring out weight loss percentages
how do you figure out the weight loss percentages
1 messages
11-22-05 07:45 AM
My husband loves Suzy!
Ok, we both do. She's so adorable and has an awesome attitude; but she was cute even before she lost the weight. Everytime the show comes on,
1 messages
11-21-05 03:06 PM
Matt and Andrea
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-16-05 AT 10:05 AM (EST)[/font] Last night as well as last weeks episode has begun to show a ne
6 messages
11-21-05 08:14 AM
Talk about the proverbial slap in the face . . .
I'm sorry but as far as I'm concerned Matt should have been eliminated this week. He is taking this incredible, amazing experience an
4 messages
11-20-05 09:41 PM
Quit bashing Matt, He wasnt even the first to manipulate
Everyone is bashing Matt for his weight gain and I have YET so see a single person make mention of Seth and Suzy. We can all agree that men
1 messages
11-18-05 06:20 PM
OK Let me start by saying I am so glad that Matt got a hircut I think he looks 100% better. I don't mind long hair on a guy if it looks good but i
11 messages
11-18-05 09:47 AM
Love the show? Please help!
Hi Everyone, I'm a huge fan of the Biggest Loser 2 and I'm writing about it for my masters thesis. It would really help me out if you
0 messages
11-16-05 11:41 PM
The B iggest Loser 2 - Episdoe 10 Summary - "Two Pounds and Nine Brownies"
The Biggest Loser 2 - Episode 10 Summary “Two Pounds and Nine Brownies” Welcome to episode ten of The Biggest Loser 2. We begin,
2 messages
11-16-05 09:06 PM
struggling with feelings
I was raised and I am raising my children to respect police, military, and firefighters for the job the sacrifically provide for us. A value
2 messages
11-16-05 03:39 PM
Biggest Loser Episode 9 Summary - Winners, Losers, and Gainers
Welcome to The Biggest Loser, week 9! The number of contestants is dwindling as rapidly as their fat rolls – only six Losers remain. We rejoin
6 messages
11-15-05 05:02 PM
Thoughts on Episode 9
Can you believe we're almost done already? It seems as though we only just met our Losers and now we'll have to say goodbye soon. I t
3 messages
11-09-05 06:12 PM
100 lbs in 6 weeks?
Is that correct? HAve they only been there 6 weeks and have lost 80+ lbs? And Dr. Jeff (?I think?) lost 100 POUNDS in 6 weeks? Is my
cantbeleeev iwatchit
0 messages
11-08-05 10:47 PM
Thoughts on Episode 8
I am continually amazed at how well the eliminated players are doing in losing weight. Mark's loss was amazing. He looked great! And it was neat t
8 messages
11-08-05 06:20 PM
The Biggest Loser Episode 8 Summary: Makeovers, Photoshoots and Family Visits Oh My!
Previously on The Biggest Loser everyone lost lots of weight, the teams were dissolved and there are now 4 sets of two competing as couples. Get it%
3 messages
11-04-05 07:16 PM
Biggest Loser 2, Episode 7: The Lost Summary
Welcome to my summary of the Biggest Loser – Episode 7: The Lost Episode. No, the episode really wasn’t lost, but I just didn’t have the
2 messages
11-04-05 04:32 PM
Weight Loss By Percentage
I think it would be more interesting if they could give consideration to each contestant's weight loss as a [b]percentage [/b]of total bod
17 messages
11-02-05 08:57 AM
Thoughts on Episode 7
Oh my gosh! I am amazed at Pete! Wow! The man looks GOOD! I just don't know what to say. What an incredible change in him. Way to go Pete!
14 messages
11-01-05 10:22 PM
Thoughts about episode 6
I thought it was interesting how emotions played a role this week. (not saying they haven't before) The girls kept saying they wanted respect fr
2 messages
10-26-05 01:25 PM
Message to Contestants "The Biggest Loser"
I just finished watching the episode "let's do the twist". I really wanted to send a message to the players on this seasons show. I%
0 messages
10-26-05 00:52 AM
Hi All!
Does anyone have a clue who passed away on Biggest Loser? Can't wait till tuesday 2 find out!
4 messages
10-25-05 04:52 PM
Biggest Loser Episode 6 Summary - Climb Every Mountain
The Biggest Loser - Episode 6 - “Climb Every Mountain” As we open, we see panoramic, snow-capped mountains. Music swells and we hea
4 messages
10-23-05 03:44 PM
Biggest Loser 2, Episode 5 Summary - Sugar Free Jell-O. It's What's for Dinner
Welcome to the The Biggest Loser 2, Episode 5 Last week on the Biggest Loser, the teams were in Vegas. Did you miss it? Do you wan
3 messages
10-17-05 09:24 PM
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