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Couples on the Today Show
The Couples that we will be seeing this evening were on the Today Show this morning. Did anyone else catch it? I thought it was kind of odd to have
4 messages
01-19-06 03:03 AM
Biggest Loser: Special Editon Episodes 1 & 2 Summary
Biggest Loser: Special Edition, Episodes 1 & 2 Summary “How Many Losers Are In Your Family?” Welcome to the first-ever spe
2 messages
01-18-06 02:05 AM
Anyone know where to sign up to be a CONTESTANT?
My daughter would be perfect to go on the show and I want to find out where I can find an application to be a contestant.
5 messages
01-18-06 01:43 AM
Suzys Frames
Who makes them? I want them thanks
1 messages
01-17-06 08:36 PM
A long time without a job?
Does anyone know if the Biggest Loser pays a weekly/monthly stipend to its contestants? The concept of the show is great, and I (and quite a
2 messages
01-14-06 07:42 PM
NBC needs to rethink this show
I'm a fan of The Biggest Loser but I feel that the men against the women is so ridiculous. It's a known fact that men lose weight much quicker an
2 messages
01-11-06 10:39 PM
Matt & Suzy are dating
Just found it out today. So what do you think? Are you surprised or did you suspect? It was hard for me to tell at the finale since everyone was h
17 messages
01-11-06 10:29 PM
Anyone know how to get intouch with the show
myself and my son would be excellent contestants for the show..i think it would be a good show idea for family members trying to lose weight for the s
1 messages
01-11-06 02:28 PM
Biggest Loser Viewer Roll Call / Summary Signup Thread [View All]
Who's going to be watching? The season starts tomorrow. If you're watching, do you want to write a summary? This is a great way to get su
36 messages
01-10-06 09:46 PM
Biggest Loser special! TONIGHT!
I see on tivo that it is next week, too. Not sure how many weeks it is running...
9 messages
01-05-06 02:44 PM
Biggest Loser 2 Finale - Half the Man I Used To Be?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-02-05 AT 05:40 PM (EST)[/font] [i]This summary is brought to you as a joint effort of [b
6 messages
12-05-05 10:37 PM
How Tall?
Does any one know how tall these folks ar?. Puts their weight in better perspective.
1 messages
12-05-05 03:43 PM
suzy, your so awsome
hi suzy, i watched the show , and even in the begining you were an awsome girl. i from day one thought you were beautiful. now your so hot. i am
las vegas guy
0 messages
12-05-05 01:53 PM
Only Diet and Exercise?
They said that all of the contestants lost weight through the use of diet and exercise ONLY--no gimmicks or quick fixes. I know they literally worked
9 messages
12-04-05 11:12 PM
Thoughts on episdoed 12 - finale
It's over. We're done. Already? Darn! Wasn't it a great show? I really loved all the comparisons between "now" and "then" to reall
2 messages
12-01-05 01:18 PM
who won
Who won tonight? I taped the show and my damn tape cut off right before they weighed Matt.
7 messages
12-01-05 08:08 AM
Total Weight Loss?
Does anyone know how much weight was lost by everyone from start to finish?
1 messages
11-30-05 10:43 PM
timeframe of weight loss
I saw Matt on Regis & Kelly this am and he said it took 9 months for him to lose the weight. How long were they at the ranch and how long at home?
2 messages
11-30-05 08:39 PM
The Biggest Looser 2 Ep. 3 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all info about the tonights episode till midnight! Your also stuck with me for more b/c I've got to write the summary for
11 messages
11-30-05 02:55 PM
Auditions for Biggest Loser 3
Hi, I just read that NBC will be doing a third installment of this show in 2006. I would REALLY like a chance to audition for the show.
1 messages
11-30-05 01:21 PM
hostess dress
I forgot to add, did you see her boobs. They were so fat they were popping out of her dress.
0 messages
11-29-05 09:58 PM
Hostess dress
Did you see her dress? It was rolling up around her waist.
0 messages
11-29-05 09:56 PM
How can they put that hostess on this show. I was just watching again and she really has gained weight. I know I said this before but come on, hoste
0 messages
11-29-05 09:50 PM
Biggest Loser Episode 11 - Spare Change?
We are almost to the finish line, only two episodes left. After seeing Dr. Jeff leave the ranch last week, there are only four losers left: Mat
2 messages
11-29-05 06:12 PM
age disparity...
Is it just me or does anyone notice a big age disparity between the women and the men? The women's average age is about 27 and the men's is abo
1 messages
11-29-05 01:49 PM
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