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This Week's Show
I have never posted an opinion before but I was so disappointed in this week's episode that I just had to put my two cents worth in. But it seems I
1 messages
01-23-08 09:28 PM
Betti Sue
I was totally disappointed in last night show and loved Betti Sues parting comments. The idea of this show is for everyone to lose weight not slack o
0 messages
01-23-08 09:52 AM
Does anyone know where Kim is?
Sorry if this has been discussed already. My hubby and I were wondering if anyone knew why Kim isn't back this season? I'm not really missing he
2 messages
01-21-08 02:46 PM
Biggest Loser Couples...Great so far! [View All]
I have just tuned in tonight for the first time to watch the first couples losing the big lbs.Betty Sue....She definetely made me chuckle...I am predi
42 messages
01-19-08 01:25 AM
Week 2 Couples, 1/15 [View All]
OK, I've got lots of holes for ya'll to fill. Out of the 2 hours, I saw maybe 20 minutes... they broke to primary coverage every 2 minutes!
40 messages
01-18-08 02:22 AM
They Were on Ellen
So the team that got voted off. They are doing so well. And they are still losing weight i think that they are going to do great I hate that they were
0 messages
01-17-08 09:56 PM
Anyone have a guess as to what the "twist" will be? The "ganging up" thing?
4 messages
01-17-08 08:43 PM
Week 2 Couples, 1/8 [View All]
Ok the week 2 numbers were pretty low, very low. Do you think it's because contestants are rumored to water up before they show up? Or do you
38 messages
01-15-08 08:30 PM
Week 2 Stats
WEEK 2 Stats- I'm also going to add total weight loss and total % for each person [COLOR="Orange"][B]ORANGE[/B][
1 messages
01-09-08 09:10 PM
week 1 stats
For anyone intested in where they started and where they ended this week- start weight, end weight, amount lost, total % lost listed by the te
2 messages
01-05-08 09:29 PM
Couples - Week 1 - Jan 1
Interesting new twist. Those were some hefty numbers this week - course it is the first week, so....... I'm glad the BL Club couple got to s
3 messages
01-04-08 10:35 PM
Help! I need to see the finale
I watched The Biggest Loser this past season and missed the finale. I cannot find anywhere on the internet that I can watch that episode. It's the o
1 messages
01-01-08 12:39 PM
Your thoughts on the finale last night
i was WOWED by Bill and Julie!! holy cow, they looked so awesome. Izzy didnt look much different, and her neck still scares me. I thought Holl
20 messages
12-31-07 01:15 PM
aussie season 2
tried to find it in utube but didnt.. anyone know where else i can find it... i would love to see more of bob and jill.. thanks diana
1 messages
12-27-07 02:39 PM
Finale tonight Dec 18 [View All]
Can't wait to see who wins The Biggest Loser and I hope it is Bill. From our company's website: "When Bill Germanakos first became
22 messages
12-20-07 04:19 PM
How many losers will have corrective surgery?
I realize that during the competition they can't have corrective surgery done but how many do you think went on to have extra skin removed? %
14 messages
12-20-07 04:07 PM
B looks like Cuba Gooding Jr.?
Anyone else notice this?
2 messages
12-20-07 01:57 AM
can someone please help with these lyrics?
i was wondering if anyone could help me with this song, i fell in love with it but can't find it anywhere... it was on an episode last year and on
2 messages
12-19-07 04:29 PM
Another BL contestant sighting...
Lime-helmet me if this has already been posted.... Was at my in-laws the earlier tonight, and on in the background was American Idol Rewi
4 messages
12-19-07 03:31 PM
Week 14, Dec 11th [View All]
Pretty emotional night for everyone. Julie's felt more like playing a drama queen though. I hope Isabeau uses that $10Grand wisely.
33 messages
12-17-07 03:12 PM
How do they stay motivated?
I have been wondering this like forever and a day. Does anyone know how they stay motivated? They are pushed at the ranch, then they go home and c
7 messages
12-10-07 12:40 PM
Week 13, Dec 4th [View All]
Trigirl was right, Nicole is a pretty girl. I thought last night was very interesting. It would have been torture to work at a pizza pla
36 messages
12-10-07 12:21 PM
Breaking Bonaduce/The Biggest Loser
I have searched for endlessly looking for this song. I have seen others looking for it but no one seems to know the answer. It was played during the c
2 messages
12-09-07 09:57 PM
Week 12, Nov 27 [View All]
What happened to Nicole? It is like she became good looking in a week. Plus, what a good sport. Toothless and I feel a positive edit
43 messages
12-07-07 04:53 PM
Dec 4th - "Can I Call in Sick?"
Won't say too much in case there are any around who haven't seen the full ep yet; Going to work was pretty good tho. They will have those
4 messages
12-07-07 04:26 PM
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