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Vicky's interview.
Believe it -- or not. ds/User_files/48dfe4
7 messages
01-08-09 10:24 AM
Biggest Loser - Season 7
The biggest ever comes next week. Biggest woman. Biggest person, who appears to post a 30-pound loss for week 1, and the oldest couple, who ap
13 messages
01-06-09 07:46 PM
On Bravo TV today, Jan 1, 2006 Biggest Loser until 10pm--for 2009 inspiration :)
You can see a Jillian-free Biggest Loser until 10pm today on Bravo. This is the one with Kai, Eric, Wiley, Ken, etc. Rig
2 messages
01-06-09 02:58 PM
Where are they now? g=3#TDY_BLoser_WATN2 Shows a lot of the previous contestants - who has kept the wei
1 messages
12-20-08 11:33 PM
Biggest Loser Finale - 121608 [View All]
Please, please, please let Michelle be the winner! ds/User_files/49220712dbb90db6
102 messages
12-18-08 12:39 PM
Things more whipped than Ed
For Estee. ds/User_files/4924a653f9cec036.gif
9 messages
12-18-08 11:37 AM
Which movie?
Icky's sister said last night that she looked like a movie star. Your task is to cast her in the perfect spot. http://co
16 messages
12-16-08 10:19 PM
Time to Vote!!!!!! [View All]
So, America. Who ya gonna vote for? Do you vote to keep Ed in, pissing off both him and his wife that they can't throw the game?
65 messages
12-16-08 10:08 PM
Episode 12
Interesting to hear about Ryan from way back in season 1 and the fact that he pretty much put all the weight back on. I've always wondere
18 messages
12-11-08 06:40 PM
Voting allowance
I have been voting on and I know it let me vote more than 10 times! I, of course voted for Ed, for many reasons, but I kept thinking i
0 messages
12-10-08 01:34 PM
Episode 11 [View All]
OMG, Vicky is such a baby. Just drop down already. I'll edit my post when the episode is over. http:/
44 messages
12-04-08 12:25 PM
Episode 10 [View All]
I was jumping for joy and nearly screaming when Renee and Michelle both smashed the 4 blue team members numbers at the weigh in. One
31 messages
11-30-08 09:06 PM
New Prevention Magazine-Does it Reveal Final 4?
Did anyone see the issue of Prevention magazine. It was out over a week ago and featured Renee and Michelle on the front cover together, smiling an
2 messages
11-28-08 01:51 AM
Episode 9 [View All]
Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy. What have you let them do to you. IMO, she only voted Coleen because she felt like she had to make up for last
29 messages
11-26-08 08:46 PM
Amy C really missed her chance last week
She was kind of dumb not voting vicky off. Vicky is a manipulative person and she is very mouthy with her F this and F that. Not ladylike at all. If
0 messages
11-25-08 08:25 PM
Episode 6.08 [View All]
Well thank goodness somone grew a pair. I think I might have turned this show off if the voting hadn't gone down like that. Two guys left and you
23 messages
11-24-08 03:06 PM
Shame on NBC
Jerry was on our local Cleveland news last night and he confirmed what I suspected while watching the show last night, they set the whole no voting
17 messages
11-24-08 01:02 PM
I was just curious if anyone else has visited Vicki's myspace page? If so, did you notice that she has been blogging alot about how she was mad
10 messages
11-21-08 05:50 PM
Episode 8 speculation
Are two contestants coming back? So we've got two weeks before the next episode of TBL, if I heard the voice over correctly. In the
13 messages
11-14-08 11:08 AM
Episode 8
wow, I was thrilled to see that brady went home....what a smack in ICKY's face! O good lord it's a good thing I wasn't there, I would hav
0 messages
11-13-08 09:41 PM
Episode 7
Ack! I pretty much missed it for a bunch of reasons, and I can't watch because one of us unTivo'd it. I saw the food challenge. I
13 messages
11-05-08 11:12 AM
Three Drama Queens
I think three people are being a little less than truthful. Heba says she isn't "in charge" but then tonight she said she "made the team bum
5 messages
10-30-08 09:23 AM
Ok is anyone else totally annoyed by the three of them? They drive me INSANE I hope they all lose!
11 messages
10-29-08 02:13 PM
Episode 6 [View All]
If she smirks at the camera one my time I think I will scream. You know who I am talking about. I cannot stand the three of them. Wow. %0
56 messages
10-28-08 10:53 PM
thics of jillian
14 messages
10-27-08 04:58 PM
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