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Alexandra & Antoine are dating.
Hmmm... ndra-white-dishes-on-her-brief-the-biggest-loser-experience-9572.php h
9 messages
09-30-09 09:10 AM
Season 8, Episode 3 (9/29/09)
Oh my, I thought I liked Tracy, but I'm beginning to think she is Vicky 2. Or she's just Bananas! LOL at Jillian. Maybe she sat
0 messages
09-29-09 09:45 PM
Season 8 Contestants [View All]
And one should be very familiar to us. [ gest-loser-season-8-contestants|Contestants]
21 messages
09-20-09 03:52 PM
Season 8, Episode 1: 9/15/09
Did anyone watch? I worked late then watched part of BB. What happened? ds/User_fil
20 messages
09-18-09 03:43 PM
The Jillian & Filipe fight
Very interesting. Seems Filipe accused Jillian of giving her team drugs to help lose weight. A full investigation found all contestants drug free.%
4 messages
08-12-09 04:12 PM
Finale, 5/12 [View All]
Well? What did everyone think of the winner? First I have to say.... 3 hours was way tooooooo long. That was painful. On J
44 messages
06-08-09 03:09 PM
5/5/09 Episode
Another long-winded episode. Amazing Tara and Helen were able to complete the marathon. So, below the yellow line are Ron and Mike. I w
19 messages
05-12-09 09:15 AM
TBL contestant cheating on marathon?
I found this thread on a triathlon training site I use occasionally and found it intriguing. About 3/4 of the way down is the whole story. Wow,
10 messages
05-09-09 05:01 PM
Episode 17, April 28th [View All]
This is a new twist. Was it just me or did last night drag onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I was falling asleep. Also was I the only one
27 messages
05-01-09 06:59 PM
BL Couples: The Finale-Now What?
OK, we're down to the Final 4, Ron, Mike, Tara and Helen. Not really sure what happened in the final vote. Was Mike able to cast the only
3 messages
04-30-09 07:03 AM
A Question About the Weight Bonus
Every season, there are challenges where contestants can gain a 1 pound or 2 pound advantage in the weigh in. Does this only affect them
3 messages
04-29-09 01:55 PM
Episode 16, April 21, 2009 [View All]
Expressions of bitter disappointment in Ron and/or Mike go here. ds/User_files/48ee56
31 messages
04-28-09 05:02 PM
Isn't it cheating if you cut off your leg?
I hope it is just a bad photoshop job, but man does it look like she lost a bunch of weight by removing one of her legs. http://cov
1 messages
04-24-09 08:31 AM
week 16
omg I love Ron and Mike but they made me super upset that they sent Kristin home. And then they mention that Mike already has it in his head that he w
2 messages
04-22-09 10:28 PM
Episode 15, April 14, 2009 [View All]
I can no longer call Tara by her name. From here on out, she is "Head Case." I thought that was the most selfish move on the part of
41 messages
04-21-09 09:52 PM
Episode 14, April 7, 2009 [View All]
Our Tivo didn't record, so I only saw the end of the challenge where Sione lost to Tara. What happened before that? Oh,
21 messages
04-10-09 07:54 AM
Episode 13, March 31st
Raise your hand if you thought Nicole threw the weigh in so she wouldn't have to deal with the crazies? *raises hand* Sh
20 messages
04-07-09 06:30 PM
Episode 12, March 24 [View All]
Did anyone stay up to watch? I saw bits and pieces including them going to individuals and picking trainers. I then saw the weigh-in,
42 messages
03-27-09 04:55 PM
Episode 11, March 17th [View All]
So they had them all run a half marathon. Interesting. That's a huge feat. While it did drag on way longer than necessary I was inspired by some
33 messages
03-27-09 04:36 PM
Ep. 10, March 10 [View All]
Ok... I don't know how the time differences effects who see the show when, so I don't want to say anything that will get me into trouble...%0
55 messages
03-17-09 07:08 AM
No New Trainers, Please!
I don't want to see new trainers. I like the trainers they have already -- meltdowns and all. Whether or not you like Bob and Jillian, you have
5 messages
03-15-09 10:56 AM
Episode 9, March 3rd. [View All]
I'm not sure what to say. Last night's episode pissed me off to no end. There is absolutely no reason for it to be continued, none. This show
29 messages
03-05-09 03:38 PM
Biggest Loser Time/Cost
Whenever I watch this show in particular, I have to wonder how the contestants can AFFORD to participate. From comments made and discussions, it
20 messages
03-05-09 02:06 AM
This site is a discussion forum. If you are simply posting here to plug your own site/blog, your posts will be deleted and your posting privileges
0 messages
03-04-09 08:55 AM
Episode 8a & b, 2/24 and 25th [View All]
Ok that whinefest was awful. Seriously. Awful. Except for the cool 24 hour challenge, I wish I hadn't even watched last night. Kudos
36 messages
03-01-09 05:24 PM
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