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The Where are They Now Ep
I saw a commercial for it, but I usually dvr TBL and watch it in about 20 minutes so didn't really see when it was on. Has it already aired? A
4 messages
12-23-09 10:37 PM
Jenny O product placement
Haven't noticed much product placement so far this season. Except for Bob's Jenny O rotisserie chicken on this past episode. He's pushed Jenny O
9 messages
12-21-09 02:19 PM
LIFE at STAKE Are you or someone you know a chain smoker, Heavy drinker, overly stressed, overly worked, over weight, under weight or j
0 messages
12-18-09 03:04 PM
Matt Hoover
Season 2 winner Matt participated in the Ironman World Championships this past weekend. I don't think he made the 17 hour cut-off and have been sif
7 messages
12-14-09 01:08 PM
Season 8: Episode 12 - 12/1/09 [View All]
Didn't realize this was starting late tonight. No spoilers here YET - just getting us ready for lots of discussion later :-)
26 messages
12-05-09 08:51 PM
Shay's Dramatic Moment Of Transformation Being Completely Ignored.
The producers overstretched their two-hour running time with the World's Longest Weigh-In (now with even more commercial breaks!) and forgot t
20 messages
12-02-09 09:32 AM
Season 8: Episode 10 11/17/09
For everything else except Rudy :-). I loved seeing Tim; thought he did great with choosing their clothing. Wonder tho why he put Da
12 messages
11-19-09 09:48 AM
The key to Rudy's game strategy.
'There's no jury. As long as I keep losing enough weight to stay above the line, I can do whatever I want.' The last couple of weeks have sh
5 messages
11-18-09 10:30 AM
Season 8: Episode 9 11/10/09
2 eliminated. 2 lines; regular yellow with 2 below it - usual elimination. A red line at the bottom and the person who falls below it is gone
12 messages
11-17-09 12:53 PM
Two go home tonight
Per the previews last week, two contestants go home tonight... who do you think the two will be and why? http://commun
1 messages
11-11-09 10:21 AM
Season 8: Episode 8 11/03/09
Washington DC. Interesting trip. Seems like in past seasons Bob & Jillian didn't go on their special trips with them. Course this be
14 messages
11-10-09 03:03 PM
Ding. Dong.
The first-ever elimination vote to come in at 12,000,000 to 0. ds/User_files/48dfe4
10 messages
11-07-09 11:49 AM
Dear Biggest Loser
Please stop making me cry. I can't watch anymore if you don't knock it off. Thank you ever so much, moon %
9 messages
11-04-09 03:29 AM
Season 8: Episode 7 10/27/09
Missed a few minutes at the beginning. Was Rudy upset that Black voted out Dina? Liz (is that her name- the 50 yr old) has quite
11 messages
10-31-09 08:34 PM
A new show for Jillian???
I just found this website from the NBC site... looks like Jillian is going to have her own show....this could get interesting! http:/
6 messages
10-28-09 04:04 PM
What's wrong with fruit?
I couldn't believe what they were saying about fruit last week! Shay couldn't order bananas, grapes, or pineapple, but berries were okay%3
8 messages
10-26-09 02:00 PM
Season 8: Episode 6 10/20/09
I didn't feel sorry on whit when Tracy walked back into the room after elimination. Shay made me laugh. Sand/box elimination - I thoug
15 messages
10-26-09 12:45 PM
Tracy is not the worst person in the world
Last time I checked EVERY single person tracy picked had the opportunity to lose enough weight. But of course they blame tracy because they are all v
6 messages
10-23-09 01:57 PM
Season 8: Episode 5 10/13/09 [View All]
Gotta stretch this out because I think the west coasters are still watching this episode............................... T
24 messages
10-22-09 04:36 PM
Tracey gets some more special treatment.
Look around. Do you see any other contestant with their very own loathing thread? No? That's because Tracey is special. Only Tracey managed
9 messages
10-18-09 10:41 AM
Season 8, Episode 4: 10/6/09
I've been waiting for someone to come in and tell me what happened! I set the DVR to record last night, but DH is technically challenged and st
14 messages
10-09-09 08:36 AM
Season 9 spoiler
I found this article in my local paper this weekend. It has some information on one of the contestants and about the show. Season 9 will be airing t
1 messages
10-05-09 08:33 AM
Go, Sean!
I know who I want to see win either: 1. The 100k. 2. The return ticket back to the ranch (or a cast slot on the next season).%
9 messages
10-01-09 10:29 PM
Season 8, Episode 2: 9/22/09
Was everyone over in Hell's Kitchen? Or the DWTS studio? I know I didn't watch TBL all alone, did I? And even at that,
16 messages
10-01-09 10:19 PM
Season 8, Episode 3: 9/29/09 [View All]
I missed the first hour and a half, so I can't say much about the episode. If you want to fill me in, here's the thread. ;) htt
29 messages
09-30-09 06:55 PM
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