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Cupid 2
Just thought about something totally brilliant (at least I think so). What if Hank wins Lisa and Robert is the runner up?
Wacko Jacko
7 messages
09-04-03 05:22 PM
My opinion
I will admit i am a Hank fan. I think people are being a little too critical of small comments and actions. You can't fool somebody's family esp
7 messages
09-04-03 04:52 PM
What about Lisa
For someone who is looking for that special someone, she seems to be connecting with everyone (Dom, Hank, Renda, and Evan). How serious ca
14 messages
09-04-03 12:30 PM
Finally ~ Hank gets appreciation for being a mature man! [View All]
For weeks he has seemed like the only man among a bunch of frat boys, and it was nice to finally hear that it hasn't gone unnoticed by Lisa, her
36 messages
09-04-03 01:29 AM
Renda just got himself booted
I think Renda is done avoiding being kicked off by the skin of his teeth. Lisa's comments just broke his arrow for sure! It's kinda funny
8 messages
09-03-03 10:59 PM
I was wondering how many people saw the show Blind Date that Robert was a "date" on. He was all over his "blind date" and was completely disc
4 messages
09-03-03 10:02 PM
how are they going to end the show with the last two guys
Any thoughts?
8 messages
09-03-03 05:56 PM
To Dominic's credit
He handled his criticism very well last night...much better than he has in the past. This time it even included Lisa basically cutting him loose (s
1 messages
09-03-03 04:52 PM - That would be great!
We need to start a revolution. Robert needs to stay on this show all the way to the end! Hopefully somebody will get a website going soon!
20 messages
09-03-03 10:49 AM
More of the guys at home
Now that we are getting to fewer and fewer guys, i would like to see more than a couple of seconds of interchange between them at the house.
6 messages
09-03-03 10:43 AM
i need Voting Numbers!
i missed the voting numbers tonight! can anybody pass them on? this is getting interesting!
2 messages
09-03-03 10:42 AM
Robert on the show blind date
Did anyone else see Robert on the blind date program...the one where it is x rated. The man really is a creep.
4 messages
09-03-03 10:21 AM
The way Lisa Shannon walks.
Since the girls are able to be so critical of the guys in every aspect. Lets talk about the way Lisa Shannon walks when she first comes out. Lets hear
6 messages
09-03-03 09:23 AM
Lisa "milk toast"
I think "America" has it right. Lisa is a very boring woman. Yes, she's very attractive, but depends upon her frien
0 messages
09-03-03 00:42 AM
Speculation on Tonight's date
We guessed last week about them meeting the boys' families. What are some possible dates for this week. 1) at some point, the boys ar
10 messages
09-02-03 11:34 PM
SB "Official" Vote Thread, CUPID Episode 9
Hi CUPID fans! I hope you all had a nice Labor Day. Now let's get to work! It’s time to see if we can use our insights to predict which sui
17 messages
09-02-03 11:08 PM
Do you think Lisa looks like Niki Taylor?
Hi, Am I the only one that thinks Lisa Shannon sort of looks like model Niki Taylor ?
11 messages
09-02-03 10:48 PM
The dates we didn't see....
I posted this message yesterday but I think it got lost in cyberworld so I'll repeat. (Hopefully I'm not double posting:() Anyway...%
1 messages
09-02-03 01:40 PM
Cupid edits to cause trouble?
I think Hank is coming off bad to a few (very few...he's still sooo special:)) people because of editing. I mean I think the whole football
8 messages
09-01-03 12:53 PM
Who is voting for Joe? [View All]
I haven't seen anyone here on this board who is a Joe fan and personally don't see why he is still there. I see why people are voting f
Wacko Jacko
24 messages
09-01-03 12:36 PM
Renda ~ some things just bother me....
Aside from all the long kisses performed for his family's entertainment (creepy is a word that is so overused....however, I feel the need to use
16 messages
09-01-03 11:04 AM
Producers casting out votes
I was re-watching the last episode of Cupid and I saw a disclaimer in the ending credits that said something to the effect of the producers of the sho
2 messages
08-31-03 02:54 PM
Hank's the real deal, here's why!
I'm totally behind Hank in this! I think he sweet and genuine on his dates. If he stepped it up a notch last night then good for him! That'
7 messages
08-30-03 11:04 PM
Official Summary, CUPID Episode 8
[b][font size = 4]“Everyone Loves Lisa”[/font][/b] ds/Use
9 messages
08-29-03 11:20 AM
Hi everyone! This is my first time to post. I don't understand why Laura and Kim give Dominick such a hard time. How else can he let them know
11 messages
08-28-03 07:36 PM
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