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FYI..Lisa and Robert both worked the reality circuit
Remember that lisa was discovered from her surviver tape. Robert..well robert is just busy working all of the reality shows that he can.
0 messages
09-11-03 12:13 PM
Evan is a classy guy!
I have not always been Evans biggest fan, but he showed real class last night! He was the only one not to bash Hank to Lisa, (just like Hank
11 messages
09-11-03 10:28 AM
Voting thread--- do you like voting threads
Put yes or no in the subject line :)
7 messages
09-11-03 09:24 AM
Teasers? Or is something going on we don't know about yet?
On the last episode, Brian (Spike) McFayden said that if America picks the right guy, there will be a wedding on that stage in two weeks. Thi
9 messages
09-10-03 11:49 PM
Hank and Lisa
They're just great together. It's understandable why Hank was questioning Lisa. He wanted to make sure that he was her first choice. If he wasn'
1 messages
09-10-03 09:55 PM
Vote for Robert!!!! 1-866-463-6702
ROBERT MUST WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-866-463-6702
16 messages
09-10-03 03:42 PM
What makes Kimberly and Laura Experts?
Are they married, single, dating anyone? Just curious. I can't see how either of them would be able to keep a guy for very long. All that cr
7 messages
09-10-03 12:26 PM
Final Vote Numbers!!! VOTE!
EVAN 1-866-463-6701 ROBERT 1-866-463-6702 DOMINIC 1-866-463-6703 HANK 1-866-463-6704 http://communit
8 messages
09-10-03 07:22 AM
Lisa does not have a choice , AMERCIA let's choose her groom
She still thinks she is going to get hank. Not a chance.
6 messages
09-09-03 11:40 PM
bag the sketchy loser
Ok, so we all know now..Lisa Shannon is your typical slut turned runway model...and a huge idiot for letting America pick her husband but come on!
3 messages
09-09-03 11:22 PM
I'm not sure if ya'll know this, I'm sure SOME of you out there have seen it, but Robert was on an episode of Blind Date Unscensored and BOY
1 messages
09-09-03 10:15 PM
Robert will win!!! [View All]
Hank said it himself! His own friends are voting for him. And Laura and Kim have ensured that he will continue to get the simpathy vote! He had
42 messages
09-09-03 09:35 PM
Yankees pre-empting the show in NYC metro area.
What are all the fans in this huge viewing area doing tonight when they can't catch Cupid at the regular time? My friend in the area and I
5 messages
09-09-03 08:35 PM
SB Official Vote Thread, CUPID, Episode 10
[font color = blue]Hi CUPID fans! It's that time again... I know, I know--it seems like we're voting all the time. Last w
16 messages
09-09-03 07:20 PM
Lisa Deserves Robert
Anyone who idiotic enough to think that allowing our country to pick her husband will lead to a happily-ever-after fairytale deserves to get a loser l
4 messages
09-09-03 07:09 PM
Redial America!!! [View All]
The calls made to vote for one of the guys on Cupid's televised phone # 866-463-67_ _ are [b]free calls[/b] when you call from a land-ba
27 messages
09-09-03 04:39 PM
What is the date situation for the upcoming episodes?
Does anyone know?
1 messages
09-08-03 11:03 AM
The little things...
Since I tape the shows, I seem to catch some of the little things that not too many people may catch, (The Hank and Lisa moments that is...)%0
7 messages
09-07-03 06:39 PM
Show me the money!
Down to the nitty gritty...<g> Once Lisa and her choice get married (live on the show, I presume)how "married" do they have to be to col
3 messages
09-07-03 08:25 AM
Who's gone now?
Please put the name of the man you think is getting the shaft then the other botton two. please don't use this thread to discuss/argue theres a th
9 messages
09-06-03 03:53 PM
A review of episode 9 from Lisa's hometown news....
Strangely, it doesn't mention Evan or Dom......hmmmmmm The writer did a pretty decent review, but of course she's no Schnookie or S
6 messages
09-06-03 02:20 PM
Do we know for sure only one will leave next week?
Just seems so strange for us to go into the last episode with four guys left. If they took out the entire bottom three next week, t
12 messages
09-05-03 05:27 PM
Official Summary – Cupid Episode 9 – Sideshow Extravaganza
Ladies and gents, step right up. Come experience Cupid’s Sideshow Extravaganza. ds%2
Schnookie Palookie
7 messages
09-05-03 04:50 PM
I knew I was obsessed with Cupid when... [View All]
Just for fun, finish the sentence. I knew I was obsessed with Cupid when... I raced to the phone after the phone lines
24 messages
09-05-03 09:53 AM
Official vote thread Time [View All]
List the bottom three as you see them now that we have another show under our belts. This means that we will have two top dogs and the bottom three.%0
26 messages
09-04-03 05:35 PM
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