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Hank and Lisa....little moments from Episode 10 [View All]
I still love these two! I'm going to be going through withdrawals after next week, LOL.....maybe we'll get a reunion show or something later o
27 messages
09-17-03 06:36 AM
Cupidcruiser...Can I have the Cupid inspired beanies too?? [View All]
I can't stand PIPPIE's all caps posting either; can I be part of the Cupid Beanie Club? Remember I even said the Dom was the cutest guy on t
41 messages
09-16-03 10:34 PM
Memories, Memories!!!
Topic: Cupid memories. Discuss. ds/User_files/3dd2e4dc402fadbf.gif
11 messages
09-16-03 07:54 PM
Match dot com
Any of the single ladies here sign up for the contest to date one of the leftovers? http://community.survivorblows.
Drive My Car
4 messages
09-16-03 06:00 PM
If Robert wins, could Hank still propose
Just wondering, if Robert wins the most votes, my guess is that Lisa will say no, or Robert will not want to propose. Does this mean that Hank
1 messages
09-16-03 05:39 PM
Poor Lisa [View All]
She hasn't seen what we've seen. Hank is a beligerant, bossy. east coast guy... don't choose him! She's so soft, he'll boss her i
120 messages
09-16-03 04:25 PM
Multiple choice -- Where are they next year?
Just a little survey to see what kinds of things we can come up with. 1. Where do you see Dominic a year from now? A. Bachelor on Fo
13 messages
09-16-03 04:13 PM
How old is Hank??
I always thought that Hank was 33 (or so) but I have been reading in other posts that he is only 25. He seems much older than 25. Does anyone ac
2 messages
09-16-03 03:16 PM
Official CUPID Vote Thread--the Finale! (note changed voting format)
[font color = blue]The end is near, Cupid fans. I thought we should end things with one big, blow-out vote thread that answers everything%2
15 messages
09-16-03 12:38 PM
Rebound info...Anybody know?
Anybody know how long ago Lisa's 6-year relationship ended? Doesn't Kimberly using the movie "Someone Like You" to depict Lisa's romantic
5 messages
09-16-03 11:53 AM
Poll ~ The Million Dollar Question
Okay Cupid fans....two more days until the moment of truth. Since I know we haven't voted on nearly enough things lately ;-) ...Whether you lik
22 messages
09-16-03 09:54 AM
What Twist?
What is all this about a twist? I saw someone write "Hank may be getting cold feet." I hope that's not all we know cause that's definitely n
1 messages
09-15-03 05:17 PM
Your Wedding Invitation
What's that you say? Your invitation to Lisa'a wedding was lost in the mail? Well, fear not--on behalf of the Shannon family I would like
7 messages
09-15-03 03:22 PM
Robert on Girls
Robert was on Girls Behaving Badly (Oxygen channel) as a male stripper. He had a G-string on...more than I ever wanted to see!
4 messages
09-15-03 01:54 PM
Article about Joe from Chicago paper
I didn't have a very favorable opinion of Joe before I read this article (the grandstanding, the flashing money, the hitting on Laura while hu
7 messages
09-15-03 00:16 AM
I have to say it...Laura still rocks!
LOL, did anyone else hear her call out to Robert, at the end of his date segment "Go on a Blind Date"? Guess the girls know about his past
5 messages
09-14-03 08:01 PM
Is Hank wrong for Lisa [View All]
Options traders work very hard. Income around there circa 125k. Many Options traders are single because they work all the time. Lisa
26 messages
09-13-03 11:22 PM
Vote [View All]
Put who you're voting for in the subject line and let's see who SB would have Lisa marry. d
56 messages
09-13-03 06:54 PM
Vote - Are u watching the wedding Yes or NO?
Hey u know how it works by now.
14 messages
09-13-03 04:35 PM
Official Summary, CUPID, Episode 10
[center][font size = 4] [b]Fantasy Time. Fantasy Worlds.[/b][/font]
7 messages
09-12-03 10:12 PM
Lisa's hometown news, review of Episode 10
Well, this week the writer at least remembered Evan and Dom as "also ran"....last week (a different writer) didn't even mention them. Not
3 messages
09-12-03 05:13 PM
Did you know?
This seems totally absurb to me but you can in fact vote as many times as you want. Last night, after the show, I kept dialing and dialing and fi
12 messages
09-12-03 11:43 AM
A prediction re: Cupid 2
I don't know if this show has enough ratings for them to plan a Cupid 2, but if they do, here's my prediction: Hank will be the o
9 messages
09-12-03 01:38 AM
Cupid #2 - Evan with friends Robert & Dom
The boys are back.
4 messages
09-11-03 06:06 PM
blah blah blah
People this is only a show. For them it is life affecting, but for us it is only a show. Repeat the mantra.."only a show, only a show, only a
2 messages
09-11-03 12:49 PM
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