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Well, totally different than last weeks dates.....
I was surprised at Rob! I guess there were a lot of bartenders voting last week.....let that be a lesson to us to always tip our bartenders! I f
5 messages
08-07-03 08:54 AM
I hope that Bi@ tch gets someone she hates [View All]
She is extremely rude and Bitchhy. I pity the guy that ends up with her! Hopefully it will be someone she cant stand.
23 messages
08-05-03 04:41 PM
Love's Cupid
Looking forward to see who lisa is going to let go. I hope one is robert. I just think he is just a wanna be to put his face out there on TV?
2 messages
08-05-03 09:45 AM
Favorite moments from Ep 4 ~ 8/30
What were some of your favorite moments from episode no. 4? I have several, but one that stands out is when Kimberly (not Laura!
4 messages
08-04-03 01:58 PM
Yep, I was right
As soon as the auditions were over this show got boring. Last nights show was a yawner at best.
12 messages
08-01-03 10:55 PM
Flaw in the Cupid search process?
I also thought there was another flaw with this show that makes it unlikely that they will stay married for a year and that the producers will ever ha
7 messages
07-31-03 06:37 AM
Cupid - E3 (7-23-03) Summary
The guys were split into groups of four for their group dates with Lisa. One guy from each group was sent home right after the date. Hank%
Schnookie Palookie
6 messages
07-30-03 07:16 PM
Help! I missed tonight 's (Wed-23) show
Okay, as much as I think that the premise is uber-lame, I will shamefully admit that I got totally hooked on this show after seeing the first two
9 messages
07-30-03 10:43 AM
Where Oh Where [View All]
do they get these guys? I watched this train wreck for about 30 min before finally giving up and deciding that whoever this bloated Court
25 messages
07-28-03 03:54 AM
Finally, a girl after Simon's own heart!! They'd make a good match! In my opinion, Laura is the star of the show here...
1 messages
07-24-03 06:14 PM
i guess lisa doesn't like black guys [View All]
i have seen some black guys in the lines outside but only one audition and she hated him.
22 messages
07-23-03 01:13 PM
What about him? ds/User_files/3f1c252b349be4e5.gif Any idea why she didn't pick this guy? *giggle
3 messages
07-21-03 06:02 PM
"Cupid" won't be shown in parts of NC
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-08-03 AT 03:27 PM (EST)[/font] The Bible belt tightens again. One and only one station in the
14 messages
07-19-03 09:59 AM
I shamelessly watched parts of the first two shows and all of the Miami segment. That was enough. 1. Simon probably has the hots for her%
probably clueless
0 messages
07-19-03 08:52 AM
Cupid... One picture says it all...
[marquee scrollamount=10]http://community.realit-[/marquee]
16 messages
07-17-03 04:27 PM
Robert from LA that is AUSTRIAN
I remembered this guy the minute I saw him as the guy who was on BLIND DATE last year, who was on a blind date with a blonde bimbo and sa
1 messages
07-17-03 10:43 AM
Simon Cowell's Cupid
Saw ads for this while watching Survivor last night but haven't seen it posted. ml?3
6 messages
05-28-03 02:02 PM
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