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Robert from Cupid.... AND BLIND DATE??!!!!!!!??
OK I know this is going to sound crazy........... But i SWEAR that i saw Robert Amstler on Blind Date this morning, on a re-ru
9 messages
08-17-03 01:24 PM
Robert Must Win!
Think about it for a minute people. Do you really care if the "right guy" wins? Of course not! What you do care about is good TV and that i
14 messages
08-17-03 11:33 AM
Great Hank/ Lisa moments
1)When Lisa is on the mountain with Hank after their picnic and says to him, I don't want to leave you. You never really see her do that with th
4 messages
08-16-03 02:05 PM
So who do u think will win?
I am betting it will probably be Hank.
5 messages
08-14-03 03:30 PM
Laura Rocks!
I have to say....I already loved her style, but tonight Laura made my week ~ she said the things I've been harping on all week (egads...I'm
5 messages
08-14-03 02:56 PM
Top 3 - Good and Bad
Who are your top 3 Good Guys and Bad Guys (remember scott is gone). Good: 1) Hank 2) Dom 3) Joe %0
4 messages
08-14-03 02:24 PM
Based on latest dates (Ep 6).....who leaves next week (Ep 7)
I'm sure Lisa wishes it would be Robert A.....but we know it won't be, don't we? I kind of think it could be Renda this week....if not Rend
5 messages
08-14-03 01:59 PM
Tonight's Loser will be.....(who do you think)?
I think Joe is the one going bye bye.
5 messages
08-14-03 11:13 AM
Laura is a babe
I know that Lisa is really cute. She is, but her choice in guys (like evan) makes me wonder. Laura needs a new haircut, but I real
0 messages
08-14-03 11:03 AM
Robert has got to go...
I was really glad to see Scott go this week, but I was shocked that Robert wasn't even in the bottom three! He may be entertaining, (I wa
3 messages
08-13-03 03:06 PM
Lisa keeps missing the point about Dom
Last week Kim said it, this week Laura said it, he isn't ready for marriage. Both times, Lisa got defensive and said she didn't want to hea
7 messages
08-13-03 02:48 PM
Boring dates?
Gotta give props to the guys who didn't just buy Lisa some sexy black dress, high-heeled sandals, and take her out to eat and drink. At least a
0 messages
08-13-03 11:05 AM
Robert's a Stalker
I expect Robert will be voted off next. He was scary from the start. He has a lot of indicators that he is stalker material: infatuated, convin
13 messages
08-13-03 01:40 AM
Robert A's web site
Uh huh.....Fitness Model and ACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!! Like we didn't know!
7 messages
08-12-03 01:01 PM
Ummmm...they forgot to give us Laura and Kimberly's picks!
I rewatched last weeks episode this morning, to see if there was anything I missed the first time through. At the end of the show, Chief Wanna-Be
4 messages
08-12-03 10:36 AM
Official SB Summary, Cupid, Episode 5
[b]Cupid, Episode 5 - "Ten Little Indians"[/b] [i]*takes a puff from the peace pipe and begins singing*[/
Schnookie Palookie
11 messages
08-11-03 03:59 PM
Wow how???
Oh, my how on earth did Robert get to stay. He would have been the one I would have asked to leave. I think that he is more in love with Lisa
4 messages
08-11-03 03:52 PM
More reason to question Paul's motives
Paul lists in his bio, and he mentioned during his second date with Lisa, that he has a play opening soon. Here is a write-up I found from last N
2 messages
08-11-03 01:08 PM
Let's hear your opinions...rank the final 9!
I want to hear your opinions on the final 9! Who do you think is best for Lisa, why do you like, dislike them. Rank them and tell us what your
11 messages
08-11-03 09:42 AM
A little thought about Scott.....
As I browsed the feature on Lisa in US magazine, I noticed (I had forgotten this) that Scott's occupation is listed as strategist. Hmmmm....w
4 messages
08-08-03 03:59 PM
Lisa in the new US magazine
There is a short feature about Lisa (and Erin from For Love or Money 2) in the Aug 11th US magazine. It has a photo of her, and a short blurb a
3 messages
08-07-03 05:58 PM
Show Format - Eliminated Persons Date
Question about the show format. Let's use last weeks show as the example. It started off with a (supposed) live eviction.
Wacko Jacko
1 messages
08-07-03 03:47 PM
Those friends and Marriage
Has anyone thought of what it would be like to be married to Lisa. You aren't just marrying her, you are marrying those friends of hers. Everytime
2 messages
08-07-03 12:46 PM
WHERE IS EPISODE'S 5 Review?????
3 messages
08-07-03 11:17 AM
Official SB Summary, Cupid, Episode 4
[b]Cupid, Rhymes with Stupid.[/b] What the heck happened to Cupid? This show is going downhill fast! I turned o
13 messages
08-07-03 10:12 AM
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