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there's gotta be SOMEONE that likes Evan!
OMG...I really don't understand why so many people don't like Evan. Okay yes, he seems very much like a player...but when I see him with Lisa,
17 messages
08-24-03 09:51 AM
Which girlfriend would you take between the two
If I had to pick, I would take Laura. Kim is something else. They both would be high maint.
11 messages
08-24-03 09:45 AM
Don't let Laura win,, show her that she can't be a b*tch to everyone. Prove to her that america doesn't like her.
28 messages
08-23-03 01:18 AM
Seriously guys, it took me a year of watching these bloody addictive reality shows to realize that the votes are alwways altered or not counted at a
1 messages
08-23-03 00:51 AM
Re Robert A.
I have to ask if Lisa chose hime or if he was put in by the producers./ Right now unless Lisa starts telling america that a ddate was terrible and
1 messages
08-23-03 00:49 AM
Robert on Blind Date
I'm sure everyone has seen or heard of the Reality Show Blind Date, well I was watching it tonight and Robert (The Austrian) was on the show.
2 messages
08-23-03 00:47 AM
Oh My God!!! IO just saw Robert on a "Blind Date" commercial. Now I know he's weird. Something wrong with him. Get rid of him.
5 messages
08-23-03 00:46 AM
Laura and Kimberly should move into the guys house!
After last nights "Hank bashing" video from the guys leaves questions. Is Hank really a Jekyl & Hyde (I doubt it, I'm betting
8 messages
08-23-03 00:45 AM
Where is Lisa's profile
Does anyone know?
2 messages
08-22-03 03:28 PM
Shifts in Popularity
Dom's "date" with the kids will be slowing down his popularity. He did not do so well with the kids and really showed that he is not ready for k
12 messages
08-22-03 09:24 AM
Lisa....please girlfriend...listen to your friends!
Is it becoming obvious to anyone else why she says she has a track record of picking the wrong guys? For the most part, she's doing it again.
4 messages
08-21-03 12:28 PM
Vote for second place losers
If you don't have a favorite, vote for the guy who got the second least votes (that would have been Renda on the last show). This "vote for
0 messages
08-21-03 10:22 AM
The "problem" with the voting
Sorry if this has been discussed before... Whether the producers had this in mind or not, the voting procedure: voting FOR your "favo
5 messages
08-21-03 10:19 AM
Lisa made it clear with Robert
I love how Lisa told Robert that she did not appreciate him trying to set up a kiss in front of the kids. The only thing this guy is getting is face t
5 messages
08-20-03 03:44 PM
Anyone think Lisa is a bit high on herself??
Just asking the question. What do you think?
8 messages
08-20-03 03:27 PM
LOL! You people
A lot of you people say you want Robert voted off when 75% of the topics on this board are about HIM! Why don't you or CBS realize if he is vot
1 messages
08-20-03 11:19 AM
Stop the madness
I really would love to see these three idiots at their local watering hole in Michigan trying to land a guy. First of all Laura is a HAIRDRESSER! Wa
3 messages
08-20-03 09:55 AM
Paul was great!
I hope there is a way Lisa can call someone back out of the people who have been voted off. Paul was a great guy and they obviously cared for each oth
8 messages
08-20-03 08:46 AM
I've been watching this from the beginning and am now realizing that there is something wrong with LISA! What is wrong with her? Sh
0 messages
08-20-03 01:05 AM
RobertA on Blind dates
yes! I definitely saw RobertA on Blind Date Uncensored last night on TV. He's a dog! He is a two different guy between the 2 shows. I don't li
1 messages
08-20-03 00:23 AM
Paul-blicity ho!
Apparently mentioning it over and over (not that he is promoting his career!) is not enough.....Paul is going to take Lisa to the play that he i
6 messages
08-19-03 10:23 PM
Lisa was in NY when the lights went out....
Lisa was on a date in Manhattan when the blackout happened....wonder which one of the guys she was with? Anyways, the article says that they had f
0 messages
08-19-03 05:51 PM
So who is going bye bye?
Renda...I hope.
13 messages
08-19-03 12:07 PM
Lets see your current ranking of the guys
This is how the guys are ranking for me: 1) Hank - of course 2) Dom - still think he has alot to offer 3) Joe
9 messages
08-19-03 11:52 AM
Cupid, Episode 6, Official Summary
[font size = 4][b]Night of the Living Dead.[/b][/font] I love live shows! So nitty. So gritty. You never know wh
8 messages
08-19-03 11:48 AM
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