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Did anyone watch this series? I watched season 1 and really liked it but then I had to catch the next 3 seasons on Crave where I watched only the k
0 messages
07-23-20 10:31 PM
Impossible 6: fallout
Mission: Impossible 6 is back on track with plans to begin production this spring Tom Cruise has chosen to accept his next Mission. According t
0 messages
01-30-19 10:33 PM
Breaking Bad
AMC is running all 33 episodes of this great show starting Wed. Dec. 8th and running through March 2011 (2 eps each Weds.) http:/%2
6 messages
04-12-16 03:28 PM
146.Wanna date?
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" BC5-xqI8KSQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
0 messages
03-11-16 04:12 AM
American Horror Story [View All]
[font color=brown]Please tell me I'm not the only person watching this. If I am, that's a shame. The fact that I'm actually watching a s
22 messages
02-23-16 06:50 PM
Almost Human
Watched the premier last night, and I'm cautiously optimistic. I love SciFi, and it's been so long since there's been a show worth watching.
1 messages
02-23-16 06:48 PM
NCIS Season Finale
Does anyone watch this show? I catch it every so often, and I like it. Mark Harmon is good, always cracking on that other guy. Anyway, did any
11 messages
02-23-16 06:46 PM
Anybody watch HOUSE M.D. ?
I love this show! This Doc is such a riot. I missed the first couple of episodes but have been a die hard fan since the first time a saw it. Hugh
11 messages
02-18-16 04:06 PM
The Dead Zone
New season starts Sunday. Just as I was bumming on the Gilmore Girls ending for this season, all my others are coming back. Have been hooked on TD
7 messages
02-18-16 04:04 PM
Reno 911 is back baby!!!!!
I LOVE this show who watches? it's a new season and so far fan-fricken-tabulous-ly funny
1 messages
02-02-16 12:08 PM
Is this show's premise about the end of the world or something? Keep seeing the commercials for it on NBC.
15 messages
01-14-16 05:06 PM
Steve Harvey Show
I watched The Steve Harvey Show (once). It is lame. The Ricki Lake and Jeff Probst talkers were cancelled. Wonder if the same will happen to SH
1 messages
01-14-16 05:04 PM
Well, lets see what happens.. ds/User_files/531d3a1b23496a90.gif [font size%3
5 messages
01-12-16 04:35 PM
Am I the only one watching this new show? Two episodes so far, and I have to admit, I'm really enjoying it. Lots of snappy bante
9 messages
12-11-15 04:38 PM
Alias [View All]
Please tell me that the rumours of Bennifer2 appearing on Alias are not true. Anyone got any scoop? What happened with Jen and Michael Vartan?
45 messages
12-11-15 04:35 PM
What? Nothing here about OUTLANDER? That's OUTLANDISH!
2 messages
05-17-15 01:55 PM
Blind Justice
I don't usually watch cop dramas, but this one seems interesting. Series premiere is tonight-- anyone else planning to watch? http:
5 messages
03-15-15 11:24 AM
Under The Dome
Anyone watch besides me? Sometimes? Anyone? [font size=1]Bueller? ckalan1? :P
16 messages
03-11-15 04:03 PM
The Walking Dead [View All]
Premiered Oct 31 on AMC anyone watch? I really liked it. I thought the acting was pretty good and the whole show left me unsettled. I
41 messages
11-07-14 05:56 PM
Community [View All]
Joel McHale and Chevy Chase star in this new half-hour comedy on Thursdays. Did anyone watch? We thought it was ok. A little too "Van Wilder" fo
23 messages
11-23-13 11:53 AM
Doctor Who [View All]
Is anybody watching? Can you watch? I know that Great Britain aired its third episode and Canada is going to air the second episode on Tues. I
35 messages
11-23-13 10:05 AM
The Blacklist
I think we should discuss! ds/User_files/46b761dc12208255.jpg [font size =%2
15 messages
11-20-13 10:18 AM
Once Upon a Time [View All]
I am loving it!
32 messages
11-09-13 11:12 AM
Glee! [View All]
A couple of cast members gone. Did you miss them?
23 messages
10-07-13 08:15 PM
How I Met Your Mother
Loooove this show so much... I just wish they would play it more... Once a week just isnt enough for my Neil Patrick Harris fix!!!
14 messages
09-23-13 07:46 PM
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