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** ECST - 6/09/09 **
Okay.. no excuses tonight... start posting now! Please keep all posts here until those on the West Coast have a chance to recover freom this we
13 messages
06-09-09 06:34 PM
Easiest Drinking Game Ever....
Normally we come up with 10 rules to drink during this train wreck of a show. I think for the sake of our health, we should narrow it dow
16 messages
06-09-09 06:26 PM
Deanna & Jeremy
Picking up a recent copy of US weekly (May 18th issue) I saw a picture of Deanna & Jeremy with a comment they were seen kissing at a Bachelor Al
2 messages
06-09-09 02:18 PM
Jason what a fool [View All]
Molly will be a bigger fool if she has anything to do with Jason. Second choice hmmm! He apparently cannot make a commitment to anyone. He should ha
26 messages
06-08-09 03:08 PM
** ECST - 6/1/09 Post Spoilers Here **
Please keep all posts here until those on the West Coast have a chance to recover freom this week's train wreck.... For those who are willing t
9 messages
06-04-09 08:59 PM
Definition of a Man
IMHO, I think Jillian should wind up with Jake since he's a real man,as in he's sincere, intelligent,well-mannered and secure and TOTALLY
3 messages
06-04-09 05:03 PM
The Man Code
Add your own Man Code laws: 1. If you don't take shot, you get strapped to a tree and get the ##### beat out of you. %
2 messages
05-26-09 02:16 PM
ABC reveals identities of Jillian Harris' 'The Bachelorette' bachelors
a 29-year-old restaurant designer from Vancouver, Canada who was rejected by Jason Mesnick, the star of The Bachelor's most recent thirteenth se
1 messages
05-18-09 11:07 AM
Bachelorette Jillian
Apparently, she was the producer's [i]third[/i] choice....... First they w
14 messages
05-04-09 06:50 PM
Since we are a threaded community, we ask posters to join existing topics where possible instead of starting new threads. We're getting a lot of
13 messages
04-30-09 10:04 PM
jason is a jerk
jason is a jerk for let Melissa go what he did to her on tv so he could be molly that look SL*t so she can
0 messages
03-08-09 09:17 PM
Photos of the new couple!
I love Jason no matter what others think of him. He did what he did because his heart wanted Molly and he is an honest man. Him and Molly are going to
0 messages
03-06-09 09:32 PM
Glad for Molly
I'm glad for Molly. I thought she was the best one for Jason. They sparkled together. I thought he had made a mistake when he chose Melissa. I a
10 messages
03-06-09 06:33 PM
Pleeeze - find some new blood for the Bachelor/Bachelorette!!
Yuck - I can't believe ABC is going further down the road of recyled reality people, and having Jillian as the next Bachelorette - we go from the
0 messages
03-06-09 02:17 AM
Other countries heard from.
For cataloging the reactions of the media and assorted DAWs to the finale's events -- starting with Trista and Andy, who decided this was the perf
12 messages
03-06-09 00:19 AM
The Bachelor
Jason may have been experencing cold feet, however if molly rushes in, shesure is going to rush out. as for Melisa she needs to heal n
1 messages
03-05-09 06:23 PM
Did anyone notice that Melissa did not have the ring on her finger from the beginning. Also, why did she give the ring back? She should have kep
7 messages
03-05-09 06:32 AM
How many of you have never had to end a relationship? End a marriage? Realize you make a mistake. At least He had the courage to end it quickly. A
0 messages
03-05-09 02:40 AM
Chris Harrison was rude
I've learned to put up with Chris Harrison's canned lines such as: "Ladies, Jason, this is the final rose of the evening....Jas
0 messages
03-04-09 10:02 PM
I find it disgusting the way so many people have their claws into all three of these people. Have none of you ever made a mistake and when you did,
0 messages
03-04-09 09:25 PM
deanna's advice-molly or melissa
deanna said she should have picked the safe one...who was the safe one for jason, molly or melissa?
0 messages
03-04-09 08:25 PM
Batchelor Finale 3/2 ECST [View All]
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of tonight's finale and the After the Rose Show on this thread until 2 am (or when the show finishes airin
58 messages
03-04-09 08:21 PM
Huge ABC & The Bachelor Dissapointment
Bottom line for me regardless of who he choose...ABC absolutely should not have aired the break up between Jason & Melissa. I'm shocked they stoo
1 messages
03-04-09 03:32 PM
ABC made a Bad choice/do you think they alternate and inserted new scenes
Do you think someone crying on the balcony could do such a quick about/face and joyously give a ring and propose? Da Do you think the expre
0 messages
03-04-09 03:23 PM
After the Rose 2 East Coast Spoiler Thread.
Please keep all discussion of ABC wringing as much drama as possible out of this season of the Bachelor on this thread and this thread only until afte
14 messages
03-04-09 03:02 PM
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