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Ep 7 July 12
Home Visits At this point, I always begin to feel bad for the finalists. Supposing they have true feelings for Ali, all but one of the
1 messages
07-13-10 10:53 AM
Ryan Sutter wants your money.
He just doesn't want it for himself. ry?id=5346288 http://commun
4 messages
07-12-10 01:40 AM
Remember Erica?
I know you do: I can hear your fists clenching... Well, VH1 remembered her too. And because she hadn't changed a bit since you last saw her %
0 messages
07-08-10 07:15 AM
Ep. 6: 7/05/10 [View All]
First a show, and then [b]Jake and Vienna: After the (almost) Final Insult!![/b] I won't spoil the show, but the
36 messages
07-07-10 02:56 PM
Bachelor Pad spoilers (and lots of them).
From Reality Steve, who would also like you to know that at this point, ABC's first and only casting priority for the franchise is 'How much t
3 messages
07-05-10 11:02 PM
The Bachelor Pad
Old rivalries and dramas from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will get new life this year as ABC is creating a spin-off show in whic
18 messages
07-01-10 09:23 PM
Poll: Is Ali Too Prissy For TV?
I was just curious what you think:
1 messages
07-01-10 09:16 PM
***Spoiler*** Who Ali picks
Just found this and thought I would share. Don't read if you don't want to know who she picks..
0 messages
07-01-10 02:28 PM
Ep. 5: 6/28/10
Let me just assure you that I am posting this for all the right reasons. I care about all of you, and after growing up in a family without RTVW,
16 messages
06-30-10 08:33 PM
Most of these guys after Ali give me the creeps...
Craig has to be the most clueless. Dude, don't suffocate the girl with your big hams. And Ty, can't you just see him smacking his little wifey
0 messages
06-29-10 03:08 PM
Bachelorette Viewing Parties?
Does anyone have Bachelorette Viewing Parties on Mondays? Do you play any special games or eat any particular food at them? Dress in certain cloth
4 messages
06-29-10 01:37 PM
Craig M. on the bachelor pad, is he kidding!!
I just heard that Craig M. is on the bachelor pad. Give me a F break.. If he's the next bachelor I will not be watching. That guy makes a skunk s
1 messages
06-29-10 12:16 PM
Place your bets! [View All]
How long will Jake/Vienna last? I give it 6 months before she runs off with a touring band.
54 messages
06-28-10 05:42 PM
Jake is still trying to "Go Hollywood"...
oh good gravy...notice the article on how he will be on Drop Dead Diva? (insert wretching sounds now!)
10 messages
06-26-10 10:06 AM
"Rated R" Sucks! (Justin-Bachelorrette 6) uartdelony/rated_r.jpg This guy really is getting on my nerves, I think he's a fake and
0 messages
06-25-10 06:58 PM
He said/she said.
For tracking the various stories, fabrications, minor distortions, outright lies, and purely accidental molecules of truth Jake & Vienna ins
3 messages
06-25-10 06:39 PM
Ep. 5: 6/21/10
I haven't watched it yet--I'm still celebrating Jake and Vienna breaking up.
10 messages
06-24-10 06:10 PM
Bachelor/Bachelorettes worst impressioners
Chandler: Bachelorette 4 - Does Duck Calls /Josie40_2007/thumbs_down.gif Rachel:
0 messages
06-24-10 05:03 PM
Jake should have known
I'm not surprised to see that it didn't work out I could have told him that from the start...... It's like they never knew...... He should have
1 messages
06-24-10 11:02 AM
Ali, the real mean villain on the show
I find it interesting that America has embraced Ali as their new heart rob. Especially when she is the true villain on the last Bachelor show. She i
11 messages
06-23-10 08:18 AM
Episode 4 - 6/14/10
I want someone to protect and guard my heart. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! She is questioning whether Kasey is
15 messages
06-16-10 07:48 PM
Justin's Injury
Reality or Reality TV? [ helorette-justin-foot-controversy-video/?icid=main|mai
2 messages
06-15-10 09:56 AM
Episode 3 - 6/7/10
First off, *whack MRC* for dragging me back to this addiction. Now, I didn't get to see last night, so I had to quickly look at
19 messages
06-11-10 07:47 PM
Episode 2 - 5/31/10 - ECST (show recap in one post!)
warning - I just finished watching this in Eastern Time, so those on the coast might see spoiler info in here. Be warned!! This week
15 messages
06-07-10 06:39 PM
Episode 1 - 5/24/10
Is not one shutting out their life to watch this??? Problem is, I already think she is a DORK! So Cutesy and UGH!!! She%
16 messages
06-01-10 11:36 PM
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