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Bachelor Ben episode 5 [View All]
Well, how much more can I possibly hate Courtney? I'll let you know afer I see the episode, which I will see live tonight. As per usual, use
Round Robin
49 messages
02-11-12 08:37 AM
Is Courtney a brunette Vienna?? [View All]
Raise your hands if you think Courtney is this season's Vienna? Question is,wil Ben smarten up and pick someone he could have a real relationshi
26 messages
02-04-12 07:06 PM
Bachelor Ben episode 4 [View All]
I'm not gonna dodge the bullet this week. I'm definitely not gonna get to see the episode live. I'm putting the thread here for you guys to post
Round Robin
28 messages
01-26-12 06:28 PM
Immortality in misery.
0 messages
01-24-12 06:15 PM
Shawntal's Appearance
In my opinion the ladies were wrong in their attitude regarding Shawntal's appearance. If they were smart, they should've encouraged Ben to keep
8 messages
01-21-12 07:08 PM
Bachelor Ben episode 3
Won't see the show tonight, but I'm instigating the thread for you guys to spill the beans as soon as they show it. Use this like an East Coast
Round Robin
11 messages
01-17-12 11:40 PM
Courtney and Monica
Courtney is a stuck up beyotch, but Monica's a mean troll. I hope he axes both of them soon.
3 messages
01-13-12 12:29 PM
Bachelor Ben 2nd episode [View All]
I hope in time Jenna sees tonight's elimination as the act of mercy that it really was. An inarticulate, awkward, emotionally damaged woman like
Round Robin
33 messages
01-12-12 07:48 PM
Emily the next bachelorette? -maynard-reportedly-near-done-deal-for-next-the-bachelorette-12458.php Oh Goody! How m
6 messages
01-12-12 04:27 PM
Do you prefer the Bachelor Blogs or Podcasts?
Does anyone read the official website? There's lots of blogs on there from former contestants. My personal favorite commentators
0 messages
01-12-12 02:53 PM
Bachelor Ben season premiere. [View All]
In which ABC stops pretending this is about love and just goes for the maximum possible number of catfights per hour. The standing record i
33 messages
01-09-12 08:02 PM
Chris Harrison, game show host.
The show is called [b]You deserve it[/b], and up until now, ABC has been burning it off on Sunday afternoons as we-can-never-beat-footba
4 messages
01-05-12 05:18 AM
Bachelor Ben
Anyone else think they picked him just cause his name flows "Bachelor Ben" :D Gotta figure out how to get him to submit to a c
9 messages
01-04-12 04:16 AM
Things you'll see on network television before a non-Caucasian Bachelor/ette/
The Cubs winning a World Series. A human footprint in Martian soil. A Hantz wins [b]Survivor[/b] after ninety hundred
0 messages
01-03-12 01:45 PM
Another "Bachelorette" relationship bites the dust. /ali-fedotowsky-roberto-martinez-split_n_1105745.html?ncid=webmail5 http:/%2
7 messages
11-25-11 11:24 PM
Casey is an A-hole
Casey is an A-hole, and has some real psychological problems, but his woman, Vienna, needs a psychiatrist for her problems. Jake is a master m
7 messages
11-09-11 03:22 PM
F4, F3, Finale [View All]
Missed the first half hour. Saw the last few minutes of the challenge; Michael & Holly won. Then Ella & Kirk are sent home as do
23 messages
09-16-11 05:47 AM
Sept 5th [View All]
No idea what episode this is. Vienna & Kasey fighting about sex is hilarious! Erica is so icky! That stupid tiarra, the
36 messages
09-10-11 08:15 PM
Okay, you guys were right
Melissa really is a nut job. Hey, west coast folks, I'm not giving anything away. I'm just agreeing with you that she's an emoti
15 messages
09-01-11 02:20 AM
the bachelor pad
i think if any one of these people left dont ready any of these message boards they r dumb .... casey what a joke he only in it for himself he dosent
0 messages
08-30-11 02:28 PM
Good bye, Jake [View All]
Well, that sucks. I wanted to get a better look at his package. I was thinking Jake and Kasey were the two best looking guys. Why don%
36 messages
08-28-11 01:12 AM
Bachelor Pad #2: choose one and onlyone. [View All]
1. Three-hour premiere. 2. Personal waterboarding.
56 messages
08-27-11 03:24 AM
Who Should be the Next Bachelor
Hey guys! I just started my own blog a few days ago, and trying to run with it and get some ideas. Please go check it out and let me know you thou
7 messages
08-26-11 12:51 PM
Can't wait for Emily
Batting her big eyes, using her southern belle charms. I can only imagine the guys fighting over her during her season. A lot of the guys during t
19 messages
08-18-11 07:21 AM
Would you drive a Bentley?
If so, where would you like to drive it to? ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif%0
4 messages
08-10-11 07:52 AM
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