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Okay... Where's the East Coast Spoiler thread?
Hey... I realize that I'm probably getting annoying, however, can we get a volunteer to post a weekly spolier thread? The reason I like t
10 messages
05-10-07 03:00 AM
Please help me find the brand of the bathing suit in one of the episodes
now i do not watch the show very often but i was watching it with my girlfriend and she absolutely loved the bathing suit in the show. it w
2 messages
05-10-07 03:01 AM
The ##### of the Batch
How come we always get a raving lunatic in each batch? Lindsey certainly let us all know just how juvanile and dumb she was. How do you go back home
2 messages
05-10-07 03:05 AM
Bachelor Replay
If you missed the episode, has it in its entirety posted on thier web site. I haven't figured yet how to save it, so I will welcome any
1 messages
05-10-07 03:08 AM
Winner spoiled in today's New York Post
This is a spoiler. Be forewarned. Do not continue reading if you do not want to the Bachelor outcome is, according to "Page Six." *
5 messages
05-10-07 04:31 PM
Is the math off for Bevin?
Last night when she admitted to the divorce, I caught a couple of "math" discrepancies. Did I "hear" right....or did I misunderstand?%
7 messages
05-11-07 01:03 PM
Ok, this thread is to post all those snarky comments that just need to be shared. Housekeeping issues: Please post the name of t
18 messages
05-12-07 11:55 PM
The bachelorettes
What is up with all of the drunk idiots desperate for a date with the bachelor who can't find a woman on his own. How desperate and humiliating for
14 messages
05-12-07 11:58 PM
Is that really HIS car? Yacht?
I am confused. Here we have this season's bachelor..Andy...physician, friendly-neighbourhood do-gooder...and he works for the military. The last t
18 messages
05-13-07 11:58 PM
Game for The Bachelor - An Officer and a Gentleman?
Here's a game to play in to make the show a bit more fun. The other reality games are pretty fun so this one should be pretty interesting too.
3 messages
05-14-07 11:40 AM
I wonder if I am the only person who thinks Andy was being very domineering with Danielle over the banana thing? He seemed pretty controlling I tho
1 messages
05-14-07 10:04 PM
Vicious, vindictive, petty, judgmental, and borderline evil.
Or in other words, just your average viewer: ry?page=bachelor/review1
14 messages
05-15-07 12:06 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread
Even though everyone knows who receives the final rose (it's been all over the internet since the one who receives it spilled it in an interview.
7 messages
05-15-07 05:19 PM
It's just as well that Danielle was let go last night
That then makes it much easier to dump Bevin next week. If for some reason Andy suffers a brain spasm at the last-minute and does something
0 messages
05-15-07 11:44 PM
The final 2.....
Does anyone know where Andy takes Tessa and Bevin in Hawaii on the finale? I heard it was to Kona Village Resort and wondered if anyone knows for s
2 messages
05-18-07 11:51 PM
Tessa doesn't love Andy
I guess Andy fell in love with Tessa, but she says she needs time to get to know him. Andy seems as if he feels love/attraction/infatuation. The
9 messages
05-19-07 03:30 PM
East Cost Spoiler Thread
Okay... so I guess that there is some controversy swirling around whether the "winner" of the final rose really spilled the beans. That
15 messages
05-21-07 11:03 PM
Grandpa Knows Best
He's right, in the end, when all a husband and wife can do is sit and talk while watching the sunset, it is better to have someone whom you ca
10 messages
05-22-07 09:37 PM
Andy Baldwin
Aloha all, From what I hear the show will start on 04/02 It should be really good. I know Andy and he is such a nice guy. He has done
12 messages
05-23-07 02:14 AM
Bevin from Heaven?????
Please, this girl has been around the block a few times don't you think? Married, big honking tatoo on her shoulder, stringy dirty hair,
15 messages
05-24-07 04:16 PM
Andy's "I love you" to Bevin
Andy, Andy, Andy, don't try to make yourself feel better for breaking Bevin's heart by saying it was "permissable" (in your words)
1 messages
05-29-07 05:35 PM
Andy's teeth
I read that when Andy was 10 years old, his brother pushed a shopping cart into him. He fell down and his four upper front teeth were knocked out. H
3 messages
05-29-07 06:34 PM
Andy and Tessa on the View; Amber on the After the Rose Show
I didn't see Andy and Tessa on the View. But, on a website, someone who saw the video, wrote that Tessa didn't seem into Andy touching her%3
7 messages
05-29-07 06:43 PM
Saying "I Love You" Twice
last night watching the final show and listening to Andy say "I Love You" to both girls may not have been believeable to some of you, but I can
5 messages
05-29-07 06:51 PM
Official Bevin Powers Fan Club
If you are a fan of Bevins, she has an official fan club Just go to lBevinPowersFanClub
0 messages
05-30-07 11:42 PM
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