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Cox DVR spoiler?? Romber wins TAR??
I have a DVR through Cox Cable. I have been looking at all the threads on here about the Regis/Kelly guest annoucement that Thursday they have Romb
18 messages
05-10-05 08:47 AM
Not A Close Finish?
In the past, we've been told when the race to the finish is close. Take this from the TV Guide listings from TAR 6 as an example: [
Devious Weasel
50 messages
05-10-05 12:09 PM
Email TAR contestants your questions...(plus a vague spoiler)
Kristen the Eonline TV Diva ( is covering the TAR finale party in NYC Tuesday. If you go to eonline, TV section, and then Wat
4 messages
05-10-05 03:21 PM
e talk daily preview of tonight's finale
Not much of a spoiler but here's what it was. Lynn and Alex will be on tomorrow. Each of the 3 teams was asked why they will win and wha
1 messages
05-10-05 07:39 PM
TAR 7 FINALE Preview vidcaps
These frame grabs and dialogue are from the preview shown at the end of Episode 11. Jamaica, here we come. But will we be golfing? Watc
117 messages
05-10-05 08:23 PM
TAR 7, Finale ... TAR Fans, It's Time To Vote!
Welcome, everyone, to the final voting thread of the season! It's the last episode of the season and your job is to tell us the finish order o
78 messages
05-10-05 09:46 PM
Any West Coast viewers here? Want to talk...
I just saw the first hour and was surprised that it was a non-elimination round. Whoo hoo
1 messages
05-11-05 02:21 AM
Wasn't someone supposed to lose a clue?
Did i miss something. I thought someone was supposed to lose a clue. All i saw was rob almost losing a shoe.
0 messages
05-11-05 08:50 AM
In the end, it was fixed. CBS knew that they had to get at least two couples on that flight from San Juan to Miami so they pulled some major string
2 messages
05-11-05 08:50 AM
Which team loses their clue??
We see two teams at the PR airport in the Raceygirl pics. It's assumed that this is after Jamaica pit stop and that Puerto Rico is in the last leg
11 messages
05-11-05 10:23 AM
Spoiler or no???
Just heard on the CBS channel morning news: "A contestant in the Amazing Race is in the tristate area today to talk about his darker days as a pri
18 messages
05-11-05 06:36 PM
London Bridge in Pitstop Background(Big Post Ahead)
Flight Time and Possiblities... I was searching to see where the bunching could happen see we saw in the video caps.. Fifth time
18 messages
05-11-05 07:04 PM
2 More "Spoilers"....
I am not going to say what these spoilers are claiming, but if you want to check for yourself--go to the survivor sucks board, TAR page, Tar spo
8 messages
05-12-05 01:27 AM
Rob lost...but did he really?
Going out on a limb here. Turns out the betting spoiler really came through again. One fact about it is really glaring though...most of the bets cam
4 messages
05-12-05 06:23 AM
TAR7 Finale East Coast Update Thread
Please discuss tonight's episode only on this thread or the VidCap Preview thread until 11:00 pm when, the folks on the West Coast have a chance
266 messages
05-12-05 02:49 PM
Next Race
Hi all. I think this was a misprint but thought i'd ask anyways to be safe. In my monthly cable guide that lists shows for the month it lists an Ama
2 messages
05-12-05 04:24 PM
Is it me, or was it fixed!
I have to get this off my chest. 1st. I have flown for business and pleasure for over twenty years and have never seen a plane reopen its do
1 messages
05-12-05 11:19 PM
What do you get out of spoiling?
I am curious into why you all seem to spoil the finish to reality shows. Why do you want to know who wins the race before it even airs? I personal
Wacko Jacko
19 messages
05-13-05 11:01 AM
Tv Guide Article with Uchenna and Joyce Regarding the Plane
TVG: It's amazing you were able to get on that plane bound for Miami. Be honest now ó the producers didn't provide any help with that?
1 messages
05-13-05 12:24 PM
Betting Spoiler for TAR 7
okay I got this off of Reality Fan Forum, thanks to Trevor hp/topic,4871.0.html Reali
33 messages
05-14-05 00:31 AM
Official TAR7 Finale summary posted
A tag team effort in two parts: Finale [ s/DCForumID54/1099.shtml|Part 1] Finale
0 messages
05-16-05 06:35 AM
TAR8 Contestants
I've only posted a few messages here and if this thread deserves to be locked please do so. I am from Connecticut and there is a minor le
14 messages
05-16-05 09:32 PM
Recently I've started seeing commercials for the first season of Survivor on DVD. Does anyone know if there are any plans to release TAR series on D
2 messages
05-16-05 11:53 PM
RaceyGirl's Pictures Thread
Letís consolidate - instead of having multiple threads, from now and on, I think it is most prudent to post everything related the U/J in Port
94 messages
05-19-05 08:26 AM
I was doing a search on google for the family amazing race and this page came up with pictures of teams and it had the cbs logo and the all rights res
0 messages
05-24-05 08:59 PM
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