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Conferences Push, Nevada Clue & Hint Forum (Protected)
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I'v Finally Got It!
Don't read if you don't want to know.
15 messages
04-04-16 10:45 AM
My best guess and what to do next for fun
Hey, well, my money is on deciphering a phone number with extension out of the letters in the clues we've got. in order. I th
7 messages
01-15-16 05:56 PM
Deciphering the Clues
Anyone have any leads? I can't figure it out. Do you think the final clue on MNF will help us? To summarize: 1: $1,045
4 messages
01-15-16 05:54 PM
so the question still remains....what was the answer?
now that it's all said and done i'm curious, what was everyone's guess? i was personally banking on it being Suriname, South America. ever
18 messages
12-11-15 02:58 PM
East Coast Clue Thread
***************************************- **********
4 messages
04-17-15 06:04 PM
hmmm not disney
[b][font color="purpil"][i]why doesn't anyone think about elis dry lake it is southwest of push. if you count the number of letter
3 messages
03-12-15 06:08 PM
push nevada's remaining episodes
Nevermind Money! Anyone got an idea where we can see the rest of the episodes? THere's a golden rule in every mystery story and that is NEVER le
3 messages
03-23-04 09:24 AM
I've read on this board about entering the contest--and so am assuming that some board members have done so. I'd be deeply grateful
5 messages
11-05-02 06:12 PM
i can't stop looking for clues!!!
does anyone else still have an uncanny urge to continue the search for clues in your everyday life...or is it just me? i often cat
3 messages
10-30-02 08:32 PM
Anyone got that??
The clue happened so fast here in Alaska, that I missed most of the number changes.... did anyone tape it??? What happened??????%0
9 messages
10-28-02 11:53 PM
Monday Night Football - Don't miss it! For the Final Clue Watch ABC's Monday Night Football October 28th 9 PM ET Don't Be Late %
5 messages
10-28-02 10:47 PM
Toyota Commercial Last Night
Anyone notice the toyota commercial last night? Funny how it was broadcast at exactly 10:45.
3 messages
10-28-02 07:35 PM
so what's with the puzzle on is there a message therein? hmmmmm . . . .
1 messages
10-27-02 11:33 PM
Recap of clues in tonight's opener
Damn. Just when I thought I had the game figured out. I got all excited when I saw the morse code in the credits, figuring that this was gonna be
7 messages
10-27-02 04:45 PM
Morse code weather in
DUH! I knew something was fishy. Ever notice how the highs and lows in Push, Nevada on the weather page were always 100, 101, 110, or 111%
2 messages
10-25-02 09:17 PM
The Final Answer
I think I have got the final answer. It really makes sense. First, the money is not in Push, Nevada and anybody who thinks it is will be sadly m
2 messages
10-25-02 09:10 PM
What were the 5 key words from last night?
I didn't have a pen(or good enough memory)to catch them all. I think I remember "underwear" being the 2nd word and I know Eliot was the las
1 messages
10-25-02 01:22 PM
The Push Experiment Book
Wow, someone spent some time writing this: iment.pdf
2 messages
10-25-02 09:56 AM
Did anyone catch anything Tuesday night on ABC? There was a flash of the word Tuesday at the end of the last episode and I was wondering if anything
2 messages
10-24-02 01:44 PM
Episode 5: Clues and Hints
I thought for episode 5 I would start the clues this time. The episodes title is The Letter of The Law. At the beginning credits, they listed the
10 messages
10-23-02 07:41 PM
"Crazy" theories
:: The 1,045,00 is in the IRS agents trunk. Think about it. :: The IRS agents ex-wife just called him (EP 2) from PUSH, NEVADA.
14 messages
10-23-02 01:36 AM
Final Clues Info
Everyday at work we get an update of news reports that are about our company (Disney) and all the industries we are involved in. Here is an articl
3 messages
10-22-02 05:47 PM
Has the Game Already Begun??????????? [View All]
Have they already given the first clue.....The Population of Push Nevada is 10623 and the elevation is 1023. HHMMMMMM...........%0
21 messages
10-22-02 05:47 PM
Sloman's Dance Club Clue?
Here's something that looks fishy... In Sloman's logo, it looks that the dance couple are pointing something out. Look at
8 messages
10-22-02 05:17 PM
Jim's E-Mail
If anyone signed up for Push Comerance or, you should have recieved this nice e-mail last Firday: Subject: The Mystery
4 messages
10-22-02 03:27 PM
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