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Conferences Spoiler Island Fantasy Game Forum (Protected)
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What's up with the game?
Don't know who's doing the Island Fantasy game, but getting it updated and corrected would be nice.
2 messages
03-09-16 06:43 PM
points for Cirie
Does anyone know why the points weren't awarded for Cirie winning the reward challenge? It was still an individual win. Thanks
NWGA (Guest)
2 messages
03-09-16 05:46 PM
I'm in second place with 1 week to go. I can't believe that after years of playing this game, I might finally actually win
6 messages
03-09-16 05:45 PM
New Season?
Is SB Spoiler Island closed for good? I haven't seen a post since 2009, so the clues point to "Yes, it's gone." But... Is the
9 messages
11-12-13 01:30 PM
Forum restored
This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
0 messages
11-13-08 10:06 PM
Big Congrats SIsland winners!
1 vince3 20750 2 unklegilly 20500 3 Gloworm 20000 you rock!
1 messages
09-30-08 02:10 PM
Good luck
WOW!! I'm in a 5-way tie for first with only the final episode to go. Good luck to Flowerpower, ginger0226, la30172 and pjsptl
2 messages
01-02-08 10:19 AM
Episode 8 reward challenge winner
In episode 8, there were 4 winners of the reward challenge (JR, James, Todd, Amanda). Why aren't the people who chose any of those 4 sur
0 messages
11-11-07 10:12 PM
how can you invite someone to join your league?
0 messages
09-09-07 09:20 AM
Did anyone get any points for last weeks picks?
I didn't, even though the picks were thereand correct....something going on I don't know about?
2 messages
04-08-07 11:39 AM
This weeks picks
Can anyone tell me why I am only being allowed to pick who gets booted? Why not reward and immunity? I have tried to email the webmast
4 messages
03-28-07 03:24 PM
Big Congrats la and Mike
Tied for top honors for a difficult spoiling season, Big Congrats! Oh, and Webby, not that it will change my score much, but I di
1 messages
05-24-06 10:52 PM
A reminder for Webby
This weeks Final Four episode [b]will[/b] have a Reward Challenge. The prize is speculated to include a trip to the Panama Canal. %
0 messages
05-06-06 00:36 AM
Post-merge RCs scoring question
Hi, I'm wondering if the individual RC's run in teams or pairs are not going to be scored as having winners. I see that the 3-person teams RC f
5 messages
04-28-06 03:15 AM
Episode locked
Why is this week's episode locked???? It's only Tuesday. vor/rudy.gif%0
1 messages
04-11-06 04:32 PM
Episode 7 still locked
anyone else having problems with Episode 7 still being locked? The posting states it would be re-opened on Friday, March 24 and here it is Tuesda
6 messages
03-29-06 01:46 PM
Ep 4 scoring glitch?
Hi, I know sometimes the scoreboards aren't fully updated the evening of the broadcast and can show some weird results, but tonight it appears u
6 messages
02-25-06 00:34 AM
Season 12 begins on Thursday
When will Spoiler Island open up for the new season? It begins on Thursday, remember?
2 messages
02-01-06 00:52 AM
Locked already?
Dang! I was in striking distance of the lead. Sigh... For what it's worth my picks are: Lydia eliminated/Rafe wins immun
Piqles (Guest)
0 messages
12-11-05 03:59 PM
Is Epsiode 13 going to open up?
I just tried putting my picks into the island, and it's still locked for this week. I decided to wait until now because I thought maybe last week
0 messages
12-05-05 08:14 PM
When will Episode 12 be open?
This is at 11:00 on Saturday 11/26/05. So far, I'm unable to make a pick. I'd like to get something in sooner than later 'cause I tend
0 messages
11-26-05 11:02 PM
Is there no week 10?
Is it just me, or is week 10 (this week) missing from spoiler island? Dave_W6DPS
Dave_W6DPS (Guest)
4 messages
11-15-05 10:08 PM
trouble making picks
Again I am having trouble making my picks, last week I had trouble as well and refreshing the page seemed to work, and a few weeks ago I couldn'
Uelson (Guest)
2 messages
11-15-05 02:58 PM
Episode 6 format
Hi Webby: The webpromo is up. Ep6 will have tribal RC, individual IC, and both tribes going to tribal council. Just in case you fee
2 messages
10-17-05 01:09 PM
Ep 2 picks
Hi Webby, I'm really confused about what happened to my Episode 2 picks. My scorecard shows No Picks for Week 2. My picks weren't ver
3 messages
09-26-05 09:20 PM
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