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Conferences Boot Camp Rant/Rave Forum (Protected)
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Anybody have the 1st episode on tape?
I'm looking for some help. I have every episode on tape EXCEPT the 1st show. Does somebody have it and could you possibly make a copy of it for me
4 messages
09-03-17 07:01 PM
request them to upload the whole season of Boot Camp
I found a website where you can request them to upload the whole season of Boot Camp. I keep requesting them to upload it but for some reason they hav
0 messages
05-14-17 04:26 PM
Looking for the whole season of Boot Camp
Does anybody have the whole season of boot camp that they are willing to burn me a copy on dvd. I'll buy for s&h.
0 messages
05-14-17 04:24 PM
BOOT CAMP returns to Reality Show Network July 4th 2005
Hey hello - it's Whitlow... from the show BOOT CAMP = The show will re-air on FOX's new network "The Reality Channel" - on J
4 messages
01-25-16 04:50 PM
Sign this petition if you are interested in a spoiler/speculation board [View All]
Post here if you would be interested in a spoiler/speculation board for this show...I think it might be kind of fun to try and ruin this one as well
shakes the clown
23 messages
05-04-15 05:57 PM
This will be the first and last time i watch this show its kinda bad when someone bust there butt and popularity wins out why even try just suck up
1 messages
03-11-15 01:10 PM
What do we have here? An old abandoned Reality show set. Spooky. HELLLOOO!!! Anybody here?!! What the hell....
4 messages
03-04-15 06:44 PM
If you like Boot Camp, take my survey...
Hey There, My name is Mike Todd and I'm conducting a survey for school about reality TV shows and the Iraq War. Sound interesting?
0 messages
04-20-05 10:20 AM
When losers become winners.
This is exactly what's wrong with our society. People spit on those who are successful and hardworking . How was Wolf more arrogant than Whitlow who
16 messages
03-24-05 02:12 PM
Loved Boot Camp
My entire family loved the show and want to see it come back o Fox TV network. I guess I am just want to know if there will be another bot camp and w
2 messages
11-29-04 03:02 PM
Very Poor Ending(Read)
This ending was horrific, and the format needs serious editing.. I have watched this show for the last however many weeks with guys in my frate
3 messages
11-25-03 06:32 AM
Read new interviews with DI Rosenbum and DI Francisco
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-11-02 AT 01:38 PM (EST)[/font] Hello BC Fans, I just conducted some great exclusi
2 messages
12-28-02 09:58 PM
Media-Whore Boot Camp
Just in case I'm not the only one stupid enough to be watching this (It was either this or watch future [i]Celebrity Boot Camp[/i] parti
18 messages
11-07-02 03:17 PM
Celebrity Boot Camp OFFICIAL SUMMARY: "Sorry, Wrong Number"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-24-02 AT 03:02 PM (EST)[/font] [center][font size=“4” color=
11 messages
10-29-02 03:18 AM
no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wolf lost no!!!!!!
no fair .u bastard!!!!!! bring on boot camp 22222222222
4 messages
09-03-02 04:20 PM
DI Rosenblum's New Career
He's doing ads for the new Harris Teeter summer promotion! Seriously...he explains to the recruits in the audience how they can win lov
5 messages
05-25-02 01:09 AM
Boot Camp 2?
It looks like they are at least looking for applicants for a Boot Camp 2. That doesn't mean it is going to get made, or that if it IS made that i
1 messages
05-24-02 05:13 PM
Test ds/User_files/3ce33bcb5c4a9766.html
3 messages
05-19-02 01:22 PM
This is dumb
I think this is the gayest reality show ever! Other than Temptaion Island. Ok, whoever watches it obviously likes to watch people being tortured%2
8 messages
05-10-02 12:29 PM
Celebrity Boot Camp?
Don't laugh...according to AICN, it's being discussed. I've posted the entire article on the Other Reality Shows board: http:%
0 messages
04-17-02 04:27 PM
I wish Fox would reconsider and try this show one more time. I thought the format was great, the game was tough, the challenges were interest
3 messages
11-27-01 07:06 PM
did bootcamp get the BOOT?
awwwwwwwww poor little bootsey wootsey... BOOT CAMP RULES! :) lb
0 messages
11-26-01 06:17 AM
Please do not respond to this post...
...or ever post in this forum again... but I was just looking at the main page (where it lists all the forums) and I saw that there were 665 messa
2 messages
07-19-01 00:03 AM
2the hazemonzter...
pleezethanku naame the toon2 recruitmeyerzzz... keeper....yes~~~~~ -woof woof..
4 messages
06-08-01 07:37 AM
My friend Whitlow does it!
To all those doubters, eat my dust and Whitlow's too! Jen oulled thru, Wolf tried his best, but sometimes physical ability isn't the be al
9 messages
06-01-01 04:19 PM
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