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Nov. 20 - East Coast Thread
It starts.
Earl Colby Pottinger
11 messages
11-21-07 01:55 PM
Its so obvious that Sam and Nicole are going to win. But in fact, I would like to see Jasmine win because I think she is the most amusing of all the
1 messages
11-20-07 08:31 PM
help me. Nov 13 SPOILERS (east coast thread)
I missed first half hour... what happened? Please please tell me Sam didn't win another challenge
8 messages
11-14-07 07:36 PM
Nov. 6 East Coast Thread
No, recaps please!
Earl Colby Pottinger
20 messages
11-13-07 09:15 PM
Jasmine or the Blondes?
okay, I'll be the first to admit it. Jasmine is dumb. Really dumb. In fact I find it astonishing that she can buy groceries, unless she's
3 messages
11-07-07 07:05 AM
Oct 30. East Coast Thread - No Spoilers
Today I start at the beginning and it is all recaps so far! HELP!
Earl Colby Pottinger
10 messages
11-06-07 10:42 AM
Oct. 23 East Coast Thread - No Spoilers
ARRRHHHHH! Missed the first 30 minutes and the geek test! Watched the beauty test, and think the logic used on who is sent to the el
Earl Colby Pottinger
3 messages
10-24-07 07:34 PM
Oct. 16 East Cost Thread - No spoilers
Is it just me or did Sam's win looked a little fake in how hard a time he had. Mind you as a boy before he got caught up in the goo
Earl Colby Pottinger
13 messages
10-22-07 08:58 AM
Oct 9. East Coast Thread - No Spoilers
Hopely, we see more interaction between everyone this week compared to last week's episode.
Earl Colby Pottinger
16 messages
10-12-07 03:04 PM
Thank Goodness
I'm SOOOO relieved that Becky and Will are gone. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I was much more annoyed by Becky and Sam than by Will's ego
2 messages
10-12-07 11:28 AM
Beauty & The Geek 3- Need Help With Song When Jennylee left
Can anyone please tell me what the name of the song was, and/or who sang it when Jennylee's team got voted off & Nate came to say goodbye to h
0 messages
10-09-07 06:37 PM
Oct 2. East Coast Thread - No Spoilers
Left - Right! This is a contest, it matters. Complaining about a learning new things, why? $125,000 is enough reasons to me.
Earl Colby Pottinger
10 messages
10-05-07 09:16 AM
East Coast - NO SPOILERS
The point was raised that some of the girls may have pretended to be dumb than they really are to get onto the show. Well, it is clear th
Earl Colby Pottinger
14 messages
10-04-07 03:37 AM
Hot Guy Geek Girl!!
Did anyone notice that the Hot Guy is and actor... Ive seen him in TV shows.. Sam Horrigan Hes been in ''Little Giants, and
7 messages
10-02-07 08:03 PM
Beauty and the Geek 4 [View All]
The new season starts tonight with a surprise twist: one beauty is a man and one girl is a geek. That should make for some interesting dynamics!
26 messages
09-24-07 03:08 AM
This show has too many commercials.
It seems as if the commercials take up more time than the show.
2 messages
09-23-07 05:43 PM
Hottest cast so far?
Is this the hottest cast of beauties so far? Check out the latest cast for Beauty and the Geek 4. Each beauty is hotter than the next. The produ
0 messages
08-28-07 06:38 AM
next season
I heard that one of the best looking bartenders from harrahs is going to be on the show? If it is you have my vote...
0 messages
08-02-07 06:12 PM
Notes on the reuion.
One of the beauties comments that the show is about dumb beauties and geeks, but thinks that if you got onto the show then you must be doing somethi
Earl Colby Pottinger
19 messages
05-22-07 09:57 PM
Tyson of BATG 2 on "Identity" 4/6
Tyson Mao of season 2 appeared on "Identity" on Friday, 4/6/07. His "Identity" was "Rubik's Cube Record Holder" %0
0 messages
04-07-07 00:57 AM
jennylee & nate!
i love them they are so cute together! and i really love nate because in the end he did the right thing..his partner cc was annoying and i simply di
0 messages
03-05-07 02:39 AM
Nate Never Used Deodorant!
Was anyone else as shocked by this as I was? It was nice of Drew to be so cool about it when Nate asked to use his deodorant because I know he was s
9 messages
02-22-07 03:19 PM
Drew - Tripping The Light Fantastic!
My favorite part of the reunion show was the scene where they were all dancing. Especially when Drew busted out the light sticks! He was bugging out
2 messages
02-22-07 11:41 AM
Who got married?
The previews say "Find out Which Beauty and geek got married". My TV instincts tell me this doesn't mean a Beauty and geek got married to each o
7 messages
02-22-07 11:38 AM
Nate and jennylee are no longer dating
Not sure if they ever were. Anyway according to scooter.
3 messages
02-22-07 08:59 AM
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