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"Official Summary - Biggest Loser, Episode 4"
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11-19-04, 10:55 PM (EST)
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"Official Summary - Biggest Loser, Episode 4"
LAST EDITED ON 11-23-04 AT 10:05 PM (EST)

The Biggest Loser Episode 4 Summary
Stairway to Heart Attack

Last week on TBL, the 10 remaining contestants were faced with a truly evil challenge: in order to make a phone call to their families, they had to break their diets and eat a gi-normous cinnamon roll. However, everyone resisted temptation and they were each rewarded with an emotional 5 minute phone call home. Then, to continue the evilness, each team had to make up a song and dance routine and perform it in front of a live audience. They were given the moniker of ďOverweight Popstars.Ē Way to keep up the humiliation NBC! At the weigh in, thanks to the big numbers put up by Matt, the red team was the biggest loser of the week, defeating the blue crew by a staggering 25 pounds. Then in the WTF? Move Of The Week, the blue team eliminated Aaron, who had lost the most weight on their team to date. Hmmmm, interesting strategy, no?

Roll Credits!
I love this opening theme song donít you? It makes me want to danceÖ but not in front of a live audience.

This week, the show starts off with the blue team coming back after elimination. Gary is seriously peeved at Mo for voting off Aaron. He says that Mo stabbed him in the back because they had an alliance and had agreed to vote off Andrea. Gary is steaming mad Ė giving Mo the evil eye and shaking his head in disbelief. Kelly is shocked because she thought that she would for sure be the one going home. I must say, I agree with Gary on this one. It was a stupid thing for them to vote Aaron off, and now it will be very hard for them to bounce back with the team in so much turmoil and without the person who consistently put up the big numbers.

The next morning, the blue teamís trainer Bob shows up at the house. He takes a quick scan of the room and realizes that Aaron has been voted off. This? is what he looks like . The very first words out of his mouth are ďWhatís Kelly doing here?Ē After he said that, this? is what I looked like . If I were Kelly, I would have jumped up off that couch and kicked him in the baÖ umm, slapped him in the face. He is supposed to be supporting this team, not making them feel like they shouldnít be there. I had always like Bob in the past but now, not so much. He drones on and on about how shocked he is and how they made such a mistake. He says that they are going to have to step it up and work twice as hard now. Gee, thanks for pointing out the blatantly obvious, Bobby. Apparently he then decided that alienating Kelly was not good enough, so he turns his focus to Mo. He tells him that he isnít a team player, heís not working hard enough, he hasnít learned anything, and heís not committed enough. All the while Bob is going off on him, Mo sits there eating what appears to be a big plate of bacon and eggs. Bob tells us that the sound of the fork scraping and scratching the plate was driving him crazy and I have to agree with him here. It was very stupid of Mo to be eating that food at all, let alone in front of your trainer, and even worse when heís yelling at you!

After that fun-filled meeting, Bob takes the blue crew to a stadium to run up and down the bleacher stairs. Andrea, Kelly and Gary are running their butts off (quite literally) while Mo stands by on the sidelines, unable to participate because of an ankle injury. Running the stairs has also taken a toll on Garyís knee, but he doesnít give up even though he is hobbling very badly. Bob works them to the point of exhaustion, and then decides that now would be a good time to further lower moral, so he pulls the girls aside and continues to berate them for voting Aaron off. Please note: I said he took the girls aside. He didnít ask to talk to Mo as well, who also voted for Aaron. My hatred for Bob is growing more and more by the second. Kelly and Andrea have now broken down crying and Bob still persists in harping on them. When is he going to realize that he should be moving past this and trying to build the team back up instead of continuing to tear them down?? Now, both girls feel that Bob is disappointed that they are still in the game. Gary tries to console them and tell them that they all deserve to be there, but Iím not sure the girls believe him.

After the first commercial break, we finally get to see whatís going on with the red team. Jillian (the trainer) is concerned that the girls arenít eating enough. She says that eating less is not the way to lose weight. Umm, isnít your diet called the EAT LESS diet? These trainers are psychos!

The teams are in the exercise room working hard and both the trainers tell us that even though there are some injured people, they can work around that. For those of you keeping score, hereís the injury list
Blue: Mo has a bad ankle and Gary has a bum knee.
Red: Kelly and Dave both have foot/ankle problems.
Now, Iím sitting here thinking that maybe they shouldnít have been pushed to the point that they get injured. I can see how 1 or 2 people might have problems working out when theyíre not used to it, but 2 people on each team? I donít think these trainers or NBC really care about the contestants at all. Each week they seem to be torturing and humiliating them more and more.

As proof to my point, hereís the next evil challenge! The contestants enter the house to find a mountain of cupcakes and whoever eats the most will win a romantic date with a loved one. They have 15 minutes to decide what they are going to do. Everyone wants to win this challenge, not only to see someone from home, but to partake in the deliciousness that is cupcakes as well. They try to work out a plan that is fair to everyone and will not make them break their diets by eating a truckload of cupcakes. Ryan comes up with the idea to put scraps of paper in a bowl and have everyone draw one. Whoever picks the paper with the black dot on it gets to eat 1 cupcake and win the challenge. Great idea Ryan! They put the papers in a bowl and Ö Dave is the big winner! He eats his cupcake as the rest watch in agony. As the 15 minutes winds down, Mo is considering going up and wolfing down 2 cupcakes because it is his girlfriendís birthday and also, he loves him some cupcakes. He approaches the table and picks up one up. Everyone looks like this . Thankfully, Mo decides he doesnít want to cheat on his diet and replaces the cupcake. Phew, I really thought he was going to do it!

Daveís date with his wife Tia is pretty uneventful. She tells him he looks great and they exchange muchas smooches. (I.Heart.Asrai.)

After another commercial break, we move on to the next evil challenge. (Seriously, is Landru putting these challenges together? )The teams are going to race up 74 flights of stairs in the tallest building west of the Mississippi! My legs hurt just thinking about it. Since the red team has an extra player, whoever wins this challenge will get to decide who must sit out of the weigh in. The 4 injured people wonít be able to participate in this challenge, which leaves Kelly and Andrea for the blue team and Lisa, Ryan and Matt for the red team. To make it fair, Lisa picks a card to determine which red player will sit out the challenge so that there are only 2 people on each team. Ryan is the lucky guy. Lisa is pissed that it wasnít her and Matt is worried because he can usually only do about 15 flights.

Caroline Rhea starts the race and both teams start out really well, running up the stairs at full speed. I? am impressed! I know itís a race, but I thought they would just walk it to make sure they had enough energy to finish. By the 14th floor, the blue team has slowed to a walk, and a shot of the red team shows that they are on the 19th floor, but have also slowed their pace. Lisa is bent over and walking the stairs on all fours. All the team members are encouraging each other and providing support. Cut to a shot of the non-participating team members taking a leisurely elevator ride to the top. Evil I tells ya, pure evil!

The red team is now on the 25th floor where they get a water break. Blue is on 19. After another few minutes, team blue is still about 5 flights behind, but on the 34th floor Lisa from the red team starts to freak out. She is having trouble breathing, but instead of sitting down and trying to catch her breath, she starts moaning and wailing and crying and working herself into even more of a frenzy. Matt is being very supportive, trying to cool her down by fanning her and telling her to calm down, but to no avail. Lisa has a complete breakdown and the paramedics are called in. They say she must be taken to the hospital. This produces even more wailing and crying as she protests that she canít go because she must finish the challenge. Yeah, two minutes ago she was saying she couldnít do anymore.

Meanwhile, the blue team has reached the 55th floor! Andrea comments that she thinks the task is getting easier. Kelly makes a very odd face which kind of resembles a smile and looks a little like this . Now this is not something I would normally say, but I think it is appropriate at this point in time. *clears throat* YOU GO GIRLS!

Back on the street, Lisa is being loaded into an ambulance, still wailing and crying and screaming that she must finish the challenge. Iíve never had a panic attack and Iím sure itís very frightening, but at this point I just want to smack her and tell her to shut up. Well all know that she doesnít really want to finish the challenge, especially now that they are back on ground level and would have to start all over again. She just wants everyone to think that she doesnít want to give up so her team wonít be mad at her. Matt is there at the ambulance with her, telling her itís ok and they did the best they could.

Back to blue. They are on the 73rd floor! Only 1 more flight to go! The girls run up the last flight and the blue crew celebrate on the rooftop. They win the right to pick which member of the red team will not be included in the total weight loss, and they also win a helicopter tour of LA. Much like everything else this week, Mo decides not to go along with them. Andrea, Kelly and Gary all seem to truly enjoy the ride, boy did they deserve it! Well, not Gary, but whatever.

They go back to the house where Bob is waiting for them on the porch. He sees their smiling faces and knows instantly that they won. I wonder if he still wishes Kelly and Andrea were gone?

A dejected red team returns home to tell Jillian the bad news. We donít get to see much of her reaction other than her covering her face with her hands and saying ďOh my god.Ē Iím sure this is done out of sheer concern for Lisa. Pfft! I tried to type that with a straight face, but it didnít work.

Later that night, the red team is working out in the gym when Lisa returns from the hospital. She apologizes and says that she didnít want to let the team down. Every single person in the room tells her that itís ok and they arenít mad, but she doesnít quit. (Hey, at least thereís one thing she doesnít quit at Ė arguing!) She proceeds to basically blame Matt for her panic attack because he was going to fast for her and she was trying to keep up. Gee, from what I remember, Matt was constantly supporting her and slowing down for her. I can only hope that they put this chick on some serious drugs at the hospital and that is the reason for her complete delusion. She picks up with her moaning and complaining right where she left off, whining about how she still has to work out even though she just came from the hospital. At this point, Jillian tells her to shut up (thank you Jillian) because she never told Lisa that she had to work out. Lisa is the one who said that she wanted to do the treadmill, not Jillian. This is the only time that I have actually like Jillian.

Next, we have the Bash Matt portion of the show. Each red team member talks about how immature and annoying Matt is. Personally, I really like the guy. He is my favorite, but then I donít have to live in a house with him. Matt takes his turn to bash somebody and he chooses Dave. He says that Dave is two-faced and a liar and needs to go home.

The next morning, everyone is working hard in the gym. Well, everyone except Dave that is. His ankle is hurting him, so he stops working out altogether. Jillian says that he is getting lazier and lazier as time goes on and the rest of the red team seems to agree with her.

Itís time for another showdown! This time itís Jillian vs. Dave. They argue back and forth about how Dave isnít working out to his full potential and giving 100%. The fight ends when Dave proclaims ďCONVERSATION OVERĒ and throws some papers he was holding into the air. This from the guy who was just calling Matt immature.

After another commercial, itís weigh-in time! Caroline welcomes the teams and asks the blue team who they want to sit out of the red teams total. {dramatic pause} They have chosen {dramatic pause} Matt. He gets weighed and has lost another 10 pounds, bringing his overall total to 36 pounds! Here is how the rest broke down. If you want the full effect, insert {dramatic pauses} all over the place.

Ryan Ė This week: 13 Overall: 46 (the blue team made the wrong choice sitting Matt out)
Gary Ė This week: 11 Overall: 34
Lisa - This week: 6 Overall: 29
Andrea - This week: 8 Overall: 23 (the teams are now tied at 19 lbs each)
Dave - This week: 8 Overall: 25
Kelly M - This week: 10 Overall: 29
Kelly - This week: 4 Overall: 31
Mo Ė {dramatic commercial break} This week: 14 Overall: 35

Finally Mo puts up some big numbers and leads his team to victory with a score of 43-31 pounds lost. He is the biggest loser this week.

After the weigh in, Dave starts conspiring with the girls on his team. He tells them ďHeís going home and heís gonna think heís not.Ē Oh, how I wish he were talking about himself! According to Ryan, Dave is telling the guys that they are going to make up the final 3, but he is also telling the girls that. Very perceptive Ryan!

The next day, Matt and Mo have a discussion about who they think is going home. matt thinks his team is against him and he is a goner. Mo tells him he needs to strategize with the others and get Lisa out of there because she is a loose cannon. Then Matt talks to Dave, who assures him that the male alliance is strong and Dave will go along with whatever Matt and Ryan decide. Once Matt has left the room, Dave cynically turns to the camera and proclaims that Matt is a foolish, foolish boy. {Scooby Doo voice}RUT RO! {/Scooby Doo voice}. Allow me to refer you to an earlier portion of this summary: Dave is two-faced and a liar.

At the elimination ceremony, the contestants file into the room with their vote on silver covered trays. Caroline has a talk with them before they read the votes, but nothing interesting was said so we will skip that part. If anyone is even still reading this, Iíll be amazed.

Lisa says that one person is too self absorbed and is bringing down the team. For a minute, I think sheís talking about herself , but then she uncovers her plate to reveal that she votes for Matt.

Matt says that the person he voted for used to be his friend, but lately they have been trash talking him. He votes for Lisa.

Ryan says that the person he voted for is a great and trustworthy person, too bad he lied to your face. He picks Matt.

Dave feels that he has to keep picking this person up. He votes for Matt.

For those of you keeping score, that means buh-bye for Matt. Kellyís vote doesnít need to be read, but Matt requests that she show it. She also voted for Matt.

Before Matt leaves, he exchanges words with Lisa, each calling the other a backstabber. Kelly and Dave stick up for Lisa. *boggle* In his final confessional, Matt tells us that he is a changed person and he is going to miss Jillian the most.

His update shows us that he has lost another 22 pounds, bringing his total to 68!! He looks absolutely amazing! I am sad heís gone.

Next week: The contestants are feeling great about themselves, so they will have the most tempting (translation: evil) challenge yet. And we will get to see what the booted contestants look like now!

Handcrafted by RollDdice & Bouncey by Icey
Thanks for reading!
Edited to give credit where credit is due... thanks Asrai sweetie!

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11-19-04, 11:21 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Official Summary - Biggest Loser, Episode 4"
Great summary, baby! I was giggling throughout, but was also happy to know what happened since I missed this episode.

Lisa says that one person is too self absorbed and is bringing down the team. For a minute, I think sheís talking about herself , but then she uncovers her plate to reveal that she votes for Matt.

This line made me LOL so hard that I scared the cat! Thanks, hon!

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11-22-04, 07:20 PM (EST)
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2. "Great Summary!"
I lvoed it! There were so many funny moments (and it was a great episode to summarize).

Right now, my face looks like this:

Handcrafted by RollDdice!

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newsomewayne 9065 desperate attention whore postings
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11-23-04, 11:14 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Official Summary - Biggest Loser, Episode 4"
All the while Bob is going off on him, Mo sits there eating what appears to be a big plate of bacon and eggs. Bob tells us that the sound of the fork scraping and scratching the plate was driving him crazy and I have to agree with him here.

I agree as well. Should the blue team have lost the weigh-in, to masticate a huge pile of food while being chewed out by your trainer could have proved to be quite an egregious error.

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

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